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I'm still here!!! Sorry for the hiatus

Hello fellow bored people that have nothing better to read than my worthless little blog. LOL, just kidding.

So where the hell do I begin. Let's my 360 still hasn't RROD'd, and to give you an idea of how much I play it: I bought it December of '07 and I already have over 20,000 gamerpoints. Although there was a point in time when Prey locked up on me twice within 15 minutes. The first time it did it, I was pissed because I had played nearly two hours without saving (which is really my own fault for disabling the auto-save feature). But yeah, Prey was a pretty good game. However the makers could've put a little more effort into explaining more about the alien race and maybe an option to discover this HUGE spaceship they have (called the "Sphere") more than the game allows you to. Also, I noticed that there weren't a whole lot of bad guys in each level until near the end of the game. Still a good story though and still lots of fun to play.

Civilization Revolution has got to be one of the most addictive games ever. I had to force myself to put it back on the shelf. The game is friggin' awesome, whether you like Civ games or not. I am one to admit that the PC versions were just a little too complex for me, but Civ Rev is like Civ-Lite, it's much easier to get into and understand. My only complaint is that in the scenario "Beta Centuri", I wish that you could still actually research technologies so that you can take out your oppenents with some AWESOME futuristic weapons. That would've been BAD @$$.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great action/RPG, especially if you're a fan of more than just the X-Men (as in the X-Men Legends games, which I totally loved). Now I'll admit, I'm not a huge no-it-all when it comes to other Marvel Comics characters, such as Dr. Strange or Iron Man, but I still had a great time playing the game. I'm now trying to beat the game on "Hard", which is turnging out to be quite the challenge, considering I'm doing it by myself this time through. The 1st time through I played with my friend Craig and we were able to easily beat it on "Normal" difficulty. Some of the achievments require you to buy some of their DLC, which I think is kinda crappy, especially since I'm kind of an achievement whore.

Bioshock is complete too. Great game, very creepy at some times, very challenging at others. What I liked the most was taking on the Big Daddies. The end boss was a little too easy I think, but he was still imtimidating at first. Also, I loved how the story had such a HUGE twist to it. VERY AWESOME!

Def Jam Icons up next now. The story line was really cool. I also liked how you get the option to sign certain artists and then the ones you don't sign become your enemy. The whole "spin your own beats" thing wasn't as bad as gamespot made it sound, and being able to hit the bass notes to make things explode was freakin' tight. I really enjoyed this game. I think you could probably find it for less than 20 bucks now, definitely worth it. The graphichs are absolutely amazing too. My only beef is the lack of weapons. I know that "Fight For New York" was a totally different game with a totally different style, and that EA wanted to try something different this time around, but there's just something really sweet and tender about picking up a pool stick and chasing after your enemy with it. It's down right precious.

For about the last two years now, I've always had this thought in the back of my head that says, "If you could make your own game, what would be it's premise?" Then more thoughts follow: "where would the story lead? What era would it take place? Would it be in the future? Would it be something that changed the past? Would it be a dark game (like Devil May Cry)? Or would it be a light-hearted adventure? To this day, I still don't know those answers. So until I figure those answers out, I couldn't even answer what most common gamers would ask: Is at an RPG, FPS, 3rd person action/adventure, flight sim, etc. I guess that's why I'm not a game-maker, because it would just take me far too long to put together my masterpiece.