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I'm about to get a re-fill on new games to play

I happened to notice a few days ago that a lot of the Xbox 360 games on my shelf I've already played, beat, and conquered. In other words, I'm really looking forward to Christmas so I can get some new games. I know for a fact that I'm getting COD: MW2. The rest of games I'm getting are up in the air. Just have to wait and see. I just can't wait. I feel like a little kid again. I'll find out Friday what games I get and if I can remember (or find the time, lol) I'll post my new games on here. Oh, and when I say new games, I don't mean like brand new games. My family is a bunch of cheapskates just like me, so they usually buy me used games from Gamestop. So that means I'll be getting some games that are at least a year old, if not older.

The next part is all about Fallout 3. If you're not interested, just skip all the stuff between the bold text.

Fallout 3 is finally complete. I beat all of main story, all the side quests, and all of the expansion packs. If I had to put in order my opinion of each expansion pack, from best to worst, here's what it would be:

-Point Lookout - It definitely had a creepy tone to it. The environment was awesome. Quite a bit of places to see in Point Lookout too. The imbred enemies were scary as sin and just plain ugly; One of them looked like Sloth from Goonies, LOL. The story itself was entertaining. Best part was seeing the mansion blow up.

-Mothership Zeta - I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I know that many thought this was the worst. I can understand how many didn't like the close-quarters fighting, limited V.A.T.S. usage, and the lack of story. However, I was able to look right past these flaws and found the mystery to it all to be pretty cool. The combat did have it's frustrating moments, but it also made me really feel like I was a fugitive on this space ship; i.e. I was constantly on the run because my V.A.T.S. would be drained and I was outnumbered 5 to 1. Having the space battle with the other ship at the end of this was awesome.

-Broken Steel - Awesome story, but some forgettable parts to the overall quest. It's cool that it continues the main story even further. The last mission is awesome, feels like a true battle. The ending is pretty sweet too.

-The Pitt - Don't get me wrong, I liked the Pitt, but it had some dull moments (like searching for those stupid ingots). While the story might have had a lot more involvement than M. Zeta, it was just too bland for me. I mean, I felt like I was playing the Sims: Slave Edition for a while. And the fights down in the pit? Com'on, totally lame and boring. However, once of the coolest weapons from the game is only available in the Pitt: The Man Eater. 'Nuff said.

-Operation Anchorage - YAWN! The story was completely boring. Did not really enjoy much of this one. Felt more like a chore. No challenge what-so-ever. The freaking health stations were just too close together, taking away any sense of "need to stay alive" mentality. I did like playing sniper in the first part of this expansion. Plus, blowing up the tank deeper into the quests was pretty cool. But that tank was too easy. The battle against it was so simplistic. Would've been much cooler had they either given me a tank, or if the tank would've been scripted to get me pinned down and then I had to take it out somehow. But when I can easily just hide behind a wall when the tank starts shooting at me, wait for it to stop shooting, and then peek around long enough to either toss a 'nade or shoot it with rockets just made it WAY too easy. The junk you get after beating is also pretty much useless, save for a couple of things.


Oh, did I mention that my fiance bought Tiger Woods '10 for me? Yeah, back in June. Surprised the hell outta me. She's the same as me, meaning she doesn't think spending $60 on a game is a wise investment. Well I just came home from work one day and she had it at the house waiting for me. I'm a lucky man, LOL. So I already beat all of Tiger Woods (or should I say Cheetah Woods, LOL). Which that leads me to another subject, but more of that in a minute. As you all know, I'm somewhat of an achievement whore, so I played Tiger almost non-stop trying to get all the achievements. It was slow-going at first, wasn't getting many achievements, but then once I started getting into the thick of it, they starting pouring in. Hardest one to get wasn't really hard at all, just very time consuming: Earn $5M in online tournaments. Funny story (and hint for some of you): Once you earn $5,000,000 in the online tourneys, you'll get the achievement. Then if you want to give a friend an easy, free achievement, go ahead and log in to your profile, then have your friend turn on their controller and sign into their own profile. Start up Tiger Woods '10, then go straight to the online tourney area. BA-DUP!!! Achievement unlocked for your friend, and they didn't have to play a single match online to get the $5M achievement.

So back to Tiger......

I've been a huge Tiger fan ever since he started becoming the face of the PGA. His dominance is nothing short of another Michael Jordan or Nolan Ryan. I have also loved his video game ever since they got rid of the old 3-click standard swing and started using the analog sticks for the swing instead on Tiger Woods '02 for the PS2. That was the first Tiger game I bought . I've also bought Tiger Woods '04 (PS2), Tiger Woods '06 (PS2), Tiger Woods '07 (PS2), Tiger Woods '07 (Xbox 360), and Tiger Woods 10 (Xbox 360).

As you can tell, I was a big fan. Am I still a big fan? Dunno. Tough to say. We aren't going to see him golf at all for at least another year. We're all human, even Tiger. So mistakes are something we all make. Us guys can easily get horny, especially if our wife isn't around. But seriously? 11 women (that's the last total I heard from the media). Now the media loves to make stuff up, especially the tabloids. But still, if the media is saying 11 women, I'm going to decide in my mind that at least 4 of them were most likely true. That's just too many. Com'on Tiger. I guess you could say that I'm still a fan of Tiger. I think it's obvious that I'm still a fan of Tiger when I start to wish that none of this would've ever happened to him. I guess the appropriate and most deserving thing for me to say about Tiger right now is that I'm disappointed in him.

Anyhoo, back to video games. I'm back to playing Mass Effect...........for two reasons actually. 1. So I can get the rest of the achievements and 2. So I can have my mind refreshed of everything since the sequel comes out in about a month. Who's excited? THIS GUY ------------> JASON!

Word of wisdom: Buy Terminator Salvation and play it once thru with a buddy on co-op on the hardest difficulty and then immediately sell the game, but only do this if you're an achievement whore. Otherwise, avoid this game completely. It's just so dull and it only takes like 4 hours to beat it. I bought it on ebay for $16.50 including shipping, got all 1000 points on it, and going to sell it as soon as the holidays are over. It is worth nothing more than that.

Well that's enough rambling for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and hope that everyone gets some great new games too. Later!