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I finally bought a 360

Well after purchasing my original xbox a few months ago, I fell in love with the xbox. The ability to upload songs onto the hard drive and play them during certain games was just awesome. Yes, I know this is something all xbox owners take for granted now, but you gotta remember that I never even played an xbox before September of this year because I had always been loyal to Sony.

Well that has all changed since Sony wants to charge more than the 360. So what did I do? Bought a 360, of course! I bought the Xbox 360 Arcade package. Sure, it's the base package, but honestly I don't need the hard drive (yet) and I bought a headset (Microsoft brand) on ebay for $6 BRAND NEW! That's all I need. Also, I paid only $251.99 at CompUSA thanks to their liquidation sale because they are going out of business. It was only 10% off and they only had 2 left. I could've waited for them knock the price down even more (which wouldn't have happened until AFTER xmas), but guess what.......there were only two 360's left.........and I bought BOTH of them, LOL! The reason is because my g/f's brother-in-law wants one too, so were all going to chip in on it and get it for him for xmas (sure hope he's not reading this right now, LOL).

I also bought the only game I really need for the system right now (and everybody should own this game), Call of Duty 4. AWESOME GAME! I've just started playing, so I'm not quite as good as my other friends are, but I still play online with them. The package also came with the Arcade game that has UNO, Pacman, etc. My g/f loves playing Uno online, LOL.

I don't really have any beef with Sony, but it's just that money means more to me than being a fan-boy of either company, and this was a deal I couldn't pass up. I've played both PS3 and 360 (and even Wii), and if money wasn't an object, I would have to say that the 360 is stilljust barely ahead of the PS3 (in my mind) because it has better games out. The only two games that stick out in my mind for the PS3 are Resistance and Killzone (which isn't even out yet). However, the Xbox has Gears of War, Halo 3, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Bioshock and Condemned.