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A whole new perspective

So I went to a friends house soon after he had purchased a used Xbox (not the 360). He also got a bunch of used games for it. We started playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Right away I noticed how well the Xbox handles tasks and graphics. I'll be honest, before this, I had never really had any first-hand experience with the Xbox. I was impressed.

A week later, I got myself an Xbox as well. I have to say that I love it. The only thing I wish I could do with it is play my custom soundtracks on ANY game. I would just love to frag some baddies in Doom 3 while jamming to Linkin Park. So thegames I've got so far are Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Far Cry Instincts. I've only started playing Doom 3 a little bit. The game is pretty cool so far.

Also I've been playing Killzone A LOT on PS2. The game definitely has its weak points and annoyances, but overall I'm still having fun playing the game. Some of the small touches that are present just seem so cool. One of my favorite things is when "I'm in a fire-fight, but suddenly I've got to reload. So I duck behind a crate and reload and the camera pans down to show me reloading my gun. Everytime I see that new clip come out, I actually take my right hand off the controller and pretend I'm holding that clip and I knock it on my head a couple times, just like soldiers do for good luck in the middle of battle." It's just the intensity that each fire-fight brings is whyI have fun playing the game. And after the fight isover, I feel lucky to still be alive.

More news: My MP3 player bit the dust last weekend. It was an older version of the mass storage MP3 players. It was actually one of the first 20 GB MP3 players ever made. It was an Archos Jukebox. I got it for Xmas in 2001 and so it lasted nearly 6 years. Thing that sucks is that about a month ago I bought an external hard-drive and I was going to back up all my songs that were on my MP3 player onto the hard drive. My lazy ass never got around to it, so now ALL of my songs that I've collected since 1999 are gone. It really sucks, but I think I'll live through it, lol.

Movies lately:

Perfect Stranger - Good movie, very nice twist

Forrest Gump - Probably the 20th time I've watched it now, still one of my favorite movies

Cliffhanger - Only the 2nd time watching it, not as good as I remembered from the first time. Lot's of cheesiness

Die Hard Trilogy - The girlfriend had never seen them, so I bought it on DVD, and she loves them as much as I do

Broken Arrow - Great action flick, but some bad acting in some parts

Total Recall - LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

A League of Their Own - I love baseball, so that makes this movie very enjoyable for me