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I'm officially a hipocrit

I broke down and bought Madden '06. WHY!?!

I don't have a good explanation. The best thing I can think of is that I wanted to have updated rosters. Isn't that just pathetic? Oh well, it's kinda fun, but hardly any difference from the last Madden I owned (which was '04). What bothers me the most is that I told myself I wasn't going to buy Madden because they hogged up the NFL license. My favorite football game from last year was ESPN NFL 2K5. I had planned on just playing that even thru this years season, but I failed.

I'm planning on buying Tiger Woods '06 tonight, so I'll let you all know how that goes. I'm sure that if I like it, I'll be playing a lot (mostly online).

Baldur's Gate officially ticked me off. For some reason my saved game won't load. I can see the saved game from my memory card menu, but when I play the game and try to load it, it's not there. WTF!?! Screw it, I'm done with that game for now. I was more than halfway through the game, and I guess that's enough for me.

I think I'm just about done with Madden as well. Online play isn't much fun because everyone always quits after you score one touchdown on them, and the franchise mode gets too repetitive. Katamari Damacy is loaned out to a friend, but I've still gone over to my friend's house just to play it. That game is so damn fun.

As far as music goes, I've been listening to a lot of Linkin Park, Trust Company, and 50 Cent. Plan on getting the new Trapt and Disturbed albums soon.

Last few movies I've watched have been:

Indiana Jones Trilogy (which we all know is great)

Man On Fire (Denzel Washington - GREAT MOVIE)

Contact (Jodi Foster, and she's still hot. The movie is definitely interesting, especially for sci-fi buffs)

Resident Evil Apocalypse (Milla Jovavich, she's hot too, but the movie got killed by citics. Call me simple minded, but I liked it as well as the first one).

Baldur's Gate, Star Wars take over

Once again, no Headhunter; no Transformers.

I started playing Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance, and I'm having a great time playing it too. I'm not too far into it, but I've already put about 3 hours of play into it.

Star Wars: Battlefront is getting the other half of the attention. I've already beat the Galactic Conquest. Now I'm doing the Historical Campaign. And of course I've been playing online. I'm not too shabby, I usually get around 15 to 25 kills per session. I need to learn to move constantly and shoot at the sametime, and I would probably die a lot less, but I'm an eagle eye shot if they stand still for me, LOL. Favorite vehicle so far is either the AT-ST or that slim hover-craft on Tatooine with the blasters and the missle launcher. I kinda suck at flying the Tie Fighters or the X-Wings. I wish the dame game kept track of your online rank. I'm just curious where I rank. Oh well.

I think after I beat Baldur's Gate (Which may take a while), I'm going to still blow off Transformers and Headhunter. I'm thinking about going with Battle Engine Aquila or Zone of the Enders.

Bustin' out the sports titles

Kill.switch completed. Tough game, but lots of fun. Too bad the story sucked.

I've been playing a lot of MVP baseball and College Hoops, playing franchise mode on both. I don't know why I keep playing them, as it starts to get pretty repetitive. Oh well.

Tiger Woods 2004 Golf is on the shelf for good because they closed the online server. DAMMIT!!! I'll just wait for '06 to come out and I'll buy it. Also Gran Turismo is now collecting dust. I just kinda got sick of racing for now. I NEEDED TO BLOW SOMETHING UP!!!

I can't decide which game I want to play next. I'm thinking about Head Hunter, but I'm still not sure. Maybe Transformers?

Watched 50 First Dates the other night. Nearly busted a rib from laughing so hard. Last night I watched the first half of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie. Brings back great childhood memories.

Quick note:

Tiger Woods '04 - Final Online Record 392 - 40 on Match Play, 3- 0 Stroke Play. Yeah Yeah, I rarely played Stroke.

4 games at once!

Wow, I never thought I would be playing 4 games at once. I'm usually a "1 or 2 game(s) at a time kinda guy". Well, Kill.switch is turning out to be a "crack-heads" game (i.e. Metal Gear Solid 2). That means the game is absolute fun to play, but the story is just getting dumber and dumber as every level passes by. So don't get me wrong, the score I gave the game is every bit as accurate as my opinion goes.

GT4 is still on the list. The reason is because once I get sick of getting killed by the tough-ass AI on Kill.switch or get sick of fragging dude after dude on Project: Snowblind online, I switch over to GT4 for some good ol' racin'.

BTW: Tiger is officially back in business with me. I have been playing it about every other night online for the last week. I'm sure the superb golfer (Tiger) would be happy to know that.

And the movies I have been watching lately are the old Star Wars movies (New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, Return of Jedi). It's all thanks mostly in part to the lastest (and final) release, "Revenge of the Sith".

WHAT!? Tiger is on the shelf?

Well, Tiger has been on the shelf for about 2 weeks now, but I'm still going to leave it on my "Now Playing" list because I've been itching to play it again. I actually started playing Project Snowblind, but I beat it in about 10 hours. I played the hell out of the game. It seemed like it only took 5 hours to beat, and because of that I was a little upset. Though you have to remember that FPS games are usually the shortest games out of all genres.

So now I'm playing a lot of Gran Turismo 4. It's a great game, but still feels like there isn't a whole lot of new stuff since GT3. The car I cannot wait to buy on the game is the 80's Iroc Z Camaro. I used to think those were the coolest cars when i was little.


Nothing new to report, still playing Tiger Woods online non-stop. Still haven't chosen a 2nd game to play yet.

RE: Finished, more movies, what's next?

I beat RE: Code Veronica a couple nights ago. I have to admit that the game seemed to get just a little boring towards the end. I expected there to be a lot more monsters and zombies right around the last part of the game. The final boss posed a little bit of a challenge, but I had plenty of herbs and F. Aid Sprays with me, so I never got killed from the last boss. I even checked to see if maybe I was playing the game on easy, but there isn't any optional difficulty levels. Maybe Capcom thought they should keep the game somewhat easy so that it would appeal to all gamers. Still a great game though.

As I type this next paragraph, you might start to realize that I have a thing for zombies. I watched Dawn of the Dead last night. What a great movie. The special features on the DVD are very cheesey, but certainly still worth watching for the entertainment. If you really want to be scared, watch 28 Days Later, and watch the special features on the DVD. They have a small documentary on epidemics and outbreaks. They talk about stuff like the black plague, STD's, and all other things that are going around. They also mention that there is a good chance that some of these disease and viruses could evolve. The scariest part is when one of the experts says, "The question isn't IF we will have another epidemic, the question is WHEN we will have another epidemic." Now I don't think the dead will ever reanimate, but if you remember how the epidemic worked in 28 Days Later, you'll recall that nobody ever actually died before they became a zombie. The victim of the virus would be fine one second, but then suddenly they would have a semi-seizure and then turn into a crazed human. They never even reffered to them as zombies, let alone said the word "zombie". The characters all called them "the infected".

Ok, enough about that. Now I have to figure out what game I want to play next. I might switch over to Project Snowblind. I really want to play it, but I'll probably play some more Tiger Woods '04 again tonight while I think about which game to play next. By the way, if anyone ever reads this and wants to play me on Tiger Woods '04 online, my online user name is "jasonlc2023".


RE, Tiger Woods, movies

Well, I'm more than half way thru RE: Code Veronica. I was getting rather upset last night because I kept getting killed at a certain point, and I would have to start all the way back from my last save point, and even though it didn't seem like I was replaying a lot, the fact that it takes about 8 seconds of load time everytime you go thru a door can get really nerve racking. Oh well, at least I finally passed that point in the game and I'm moving forward.

Last night marked my 300th win online with Tiger woods. My record is now 300 - 40. That's pretty good don't you think? I'm ranked like 180 in the nation. Some guys online are ranked like 17, and they have over 1000 wins. THAT'S CRAZY! They must play the game online ALL THE TIME.

I watched Demolition Man yesterday. That was a great movie for it's time. I wish they would do some kind of a remake of the video game (the SNES, Genesis game sucked back in '95). It would be cool because you could have it as a 3rd person perspective game. There would be a museum mission where Pheonix is trying to acquire firearms, there would also be a chase seen with the futuristic cars. Anyway, I'll stop babbling about that crap, LOL.

Speaking of movies, don't go see "Cursed". IT SUCKS!


My first entry

I just beat Socom (the first one) just a couple nights ago. There is hardly a story at all (LOL), but the gameplay is just so damn good. I started replaying it again (finished the first 2 levels in fact), but then I realized that I have plenty more games that I haven't even played yet.

This is why I busted out RE: Code Veronica X - because I started to play it when I first bought it back in '01, but I only played thru the first 30 min. of it or so (Can't remember why I quit playing it back then). I just started playing it again last night and I'm about an hour and a half into it. It's a pretty good game. I just started from the very beginning again.

I bought Project Snowblind just the other day, but it's still in the wrapper. I want to play it so bad, but I need to play some of the other games I have that I hardly touched too. I want to get online with Snowblind sooooo bad, and I'm afraid that if I wait too long to open the wrapper and play it, there won't be nearly as many people online as there is right now.

Well, I called in sick to work today just so I could play some more RE, but I've been screwing around on the internet for about 4 hours now. So I'm going to end now so I can take out some more zombies. Wish me luck.


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