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Know-it-alls are just the smartest idiots

I can't stand know-it-alls.......

They think they are geniuses, but in actuality, they are just people who think their opinions are fact because they are blinded by their ignorance to face the truth. They think they are holier than thou and deny to realize the fact that they are just another human made up from the other 6 billion humans on this planet.

Hmmmmm, did someone say Hitler?

Know-it-alls are easy to pinpoint. Obviously, first thing is they always tell you that you are wrong even when it's completely obvious you're speaking about matter of opinion, rather than who the baseball MVP was in 1962 (although they'll be quick to correct you even if you are relatively close by stating the said MVP was in 1963). Secondly, they typically don't have many friends (usually 2 at most that they "actually" have physical contact with, i.e. going to movies, bars, shopping). Third, they will try to tell you they have MANY friends, but in reality they know the truth deep down. You can't count people as friends just because you talk to them over the internet or talk to (more like annoy) people at your workplace. Again, physical contact (meaning face to face, not sexualy) only counts as a TRUE friend. And lastly, if they are anywhere near you when you're trying to have a conversation with someone other than the know-it-all, the know-it-all will make it their absolute goal to pry their way into your conversation only so that they can tell you you're wrong (again, doesn't matter even if the topic is soley based on matter of opinion), sometimes they are very good at doing this (which sadly makes them think they are smart) because they will talk in a way that is so persuading, you tend to agree with their opinion (maybe it's just to please them and hope they will go away).

There are probably many other tell-tell signs of know-it-alls, but these are definitely some important tips to use when trying to identify some of these weaker-minded, pathetic people.

I'm so glad that I respect other people's opinions. My life is so much more grand because of it.

I'm about to get a re-fill on new games to play

I happened to notice a few days ago that a lot of the Xbox 360 games on my shelf I've already played, beat, and conquered. In other words, I'm really looking forward to Christmas so I can get some new games. I know for a fact that I'm getting COD: MW2. The rest of games I'm getting are up in the air. Just have to wait and see. I just can't wait. I feel like a little kid again. I'll find out Friday what games I get and if I can remember (or find the time, lol) I'll post my new games on here. Oh, and when I say new games, I don't mean like brand new games. My family is a bunch of cheapskates just like me, so they usually buy me used games from Gamestop. So that means I'll be getting some games that are at least a year old, if not older.

The next part is all about Fallout 3. If you're not interested, just skip all the stuff between the bold text.

Fallout 3 is finally complete. I beat all of main story, all the side quests, and all of the expansion packs. If I had to put in order my opinion of each expansion pack, from best to worst, here's what it would be:

-Point Lookout - It definitely had a creepy tone to it. The environment was awesome. Quite a bit of places to see in Point Lookout too. The imbred enemies were scary as sin and just plain ugly; One of them looked like Sloth from Goonies, LOL. The story itself was entertaining. Best part was seeing the mansion blow up.

-Mothership Zeta - I thoroughly enjoyed this one. I know that many thought this was the worst. I can understand how many didn't like the close-quarters fighting, limited V.A.T.S. usage, and the lack of story. However, I was able to look right past these flaws and found the mystery to it all to be pretty cool. The combat did have it's frustrating moments, but it also made me really feel like I was a fugitive on this space ship; i.e. I was constantly on the run because my V.A.T.S. would be drained and I was outnumbered 5 to 1. Having the space battle with the other ship at the end of this was awesome.

-Broken Steel - Awesome story, but some forgettable parts to the overall quest. It's cool that it continues the main story even further. The last mission is awesome, feels like a true battle. The ending is pretty sweet too.

-The Pitt - Don't get me wrong, I liked the Pitt, but it had some dull moments (like searching for those stupid ingots). While the story might have had a lot more involvement than M. Zeta, it was just too bland for me. I mean, I felt like I was playing the Sims: Slave Edition for a while. And the fights down in the pit? Com'on, totally lame and boring. However, once of the coolest weapons from the game is only available in the Pitt: The Man Eater. 'Nuff said.

-Operation Anchorage - YAWN! The story was completely boring. Did not really enjoy much of this one. Felt more like a chore. No challenge what-so-ever. The freaking health stations were just too close together, taking away any sense of "need to stay alive" mentality. I did like playing sniper in the first part of this expansion. Plus, blowing up the tank deeper into the quests was pretty cool. But that tank was too easy. The battle against it was so simplistic. Would've been much cooler had they either given me a tank, or if the tank would've been scripted to get me pinned down and then I had to take it out somehow. But when I can easily just hide behind a wall when the tank starts shooting at me, wait for it to stop shooting, and then peek around long enough to either toss a 'nade or shoot it with rockets just made it WAY too easy. The junk you get after beating is also pretty much useless, save for a couple of things.


Oh, did I mention that my fiance bought Tiger Woods '10 for me? Yeah, back in June. Surprised the hell outta me. She's the same as me, meaning she doesn't think spending $60 on a game is a wise investment. Well I just came home from work one day and she had it at the house waiting for me. I'm a lucky man, LOL. So I already beat all of Tiger Woods (or should I say Cheetah Woods, LOL). Which that leads me to another subject, but more of that in a minute. As you all know, I'm somewhat of an achievement whore, so I played Tiger almost non-stop trying to get all the achievements. It was slow-going at first, wasn't getting many achievements, but then once I started getting into the thick of it, they starting pouring in. Hardest one to get wasn't really hard at all, just very time consuming: Earn $5M in online tournaments. Funny story (and hint for some of you): Once you earn $5,000,000 in the online tourneys, you'll get the achievement. Then if you want to give a friend an easy, free achievement, go ahead and log in to your profile, then have your friend turn on their controller and sign into their own profile. Start up Tiger Woods '10, then go straight to the online tourney area. BA-DUP!!! Achievement unlocked for your friend, and they didn't have to play a single match online to get the $5M achievement.

So back to Tiger......

I've been a huge Tiger fan ever since he started becoming the face of the PGA. His dominance is nothing short of another Michael Jordan or Nolan Ryan. I have also loved his video game ever since they got rid of the old 3-click standard swing and started using the analog sticks for the swing instead on Tiger Woods '02 for the PS2. That was the first Tiger game I bought . I've also bought Tiger Woods '04 (PS2), Tiger Woods '06 (PS2), Tiger Woods '07 (PS2), Tiger Woods '07 (Xbox 360), and Tiger Woods 10 (Xbox 360).

As you can tell, I was a big fan. Am I still a big fan? Dunno. Tough to say. We aren't going to see him golf at all for at least another year. We're all human, even Tiger. So mistakes are something we all make. Us guys can easily get horny, especially if our wife isn't around. But seriously? 11 women (that's the last total I heard from the media). Now the media loves to make stuff up, especially the tabloids. But still, if the media is saying 11 women, I'm going to decide in my mind that at least 4 of them were most likely true. That's just too many. Com'on Tiger. I guess you could say that I'm still a fan of Tiger. I think it's obvious that I'm still a fan of Tiger when I start to wish that none of this would've ever happened to him. I guess the appropriate and most deserving thing for me to say about Tiger right now is that I'm disappointed in him.

Anyhoo, back to video games. I'm back to playing Mass Effect...........for two reasons actually. 1. So I can get the rest of the achievements and 2. So I can have my mind refreshed of everything since the sequel comes out in about a month. Who's excited? THIS GUY ------------> JASON!

Word of wisdom: Buy Terminator Salvation and play it once thru with a buddy on co-op on the hardest difficulty and then immediately sell the game, but only do this if you're an achievement whore. Otherwise, avoid this game completely. It's just so dull and it only takes like 4 hours to beat it. I bought it on ebay for $16.50 including shipping, got all 1000 points on it, and going to sell it as soon as the holidays are over. It is worth nothing more than that.

Well that's enough rambling for now. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and hope that everyone gets some great new games too. Later!

What I've been up to in the last several months

I'll start off with talking about the game I've been waiting for ever since I saw a rumored video on youtube over 3 years ago. I'm talking about GHOSTBUSTERS!!! I bought the game the same week it came out (not something I do very often, as I am a cheapskate, lol). I enjoyed every single moment of the game. However, I will say that the online play is fun at first, but loses its punch after a few hours. The story itself is great and funny, but once you play through the game once, you might not really care to play it through again. I will most likely play through it again and I'll never get rid of the game due to the fact that I'm a huge Ghostbusters fan, but I will admit that I would only give the game a 7 outta 10. Dunno if it was worth 60 hard earned dollars, but I wouldn't becomplaining one bit if it would've been only 40.

Now lets talk about the other brand new game I bought (OMG, I bought two brand new games in one month. I might have to shake away this cheapskate title). I got Red Faction Guerilla and I have to say that even though a lot of the missions are just re-hashed from previous missions, the game is still an absolute BLAST to play. I've never had so much fun blowing stuff up and destroying entire buildings. Not to mention, you actually have to destroy the buildings the way you would have to in real life. You can't just throw a couple remote charges inside of it, hit the switch, and expect the building to crumble. In fact, setting off a couple remote charges inside the building might take out a few windows and the ceiling above, but unless it's a dinky little building, chances are that building barely has a scratch. Red Faction online is great too! If you're a COD fan (which you probably, who the hell isn't?), don't play this game online the way you would play COD. In fact, you pretty much don't have a choice, the online matches won't let you play like it's COD. Instead, this game has a nostalgic feel of the original Unreal Tournament online deathmatches, but with much, much sharper graphics. Then there is Wrecking Crew mode, which I'll leave the explanation of this mode up to the quote of Game Informer magazine (quote may not be word for word): "I haven't played a multiplayer play-and-pass mode (passing the controller) that was this much fun since Burnout's Crash mode." I would have to say that as much as I love this game, I have to give it somewhere between a 9 and a 9.5 outta 10. LOVE THIS GAME. (sorry this paragraph was so damn long, lol)

So I've been playing Tiger Woods 07 online quite a bit again lately. I just love golf. Too bad I'm not good enough at it in real life, otherwise I'd be playing other people for real money instead of playing digitally over the net. Last Friday night, it was 2:30 in the morning and I was playing some guy who had sent me an invite to play a match. However, I didn't realize he invited me to play 18 holes on stroke play (you Tiger online golfers already know how long this can take). I will say that I was somewhat tired when I started this match. I thought it was only going to be 9 holes on stroke play. Of course I figured out it was 18 holes after we started the 10th hole. Now the meat of this story: This guy I was playing was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO terrible, he took at least 5 strokes just to get on the green on just about every hole. The last hole I remember playing was the 13th. I fell asleep somewhere during the 14th hole I think because I was getting so bored waiting on him to get on the green. I've never fallen asleep during a match before, but lemme tell ya that it sucks. So of course I got a loss for it because I had too many shot-clock violations. I woke up about 4 hours later with the results screen the only thing showing on my screen. Oh well, just take my advice: Pay attention to exactly what game you're about to join, and then assess how long you think it's going to be, ESPECIALLY if you're getting tired.

Then there is Fallout 3. Great game, very similar to Oblivion, but I like Fallout even more because it's got guns, lol. I will admit though that I started to get a little sick of the game after 130 hours of gameplay, but that's because it was the only game I played during that whole 130 hours. I should've took a break from it for a while. For now it's just chillin' on the shelf, but I will play it more after a while.

I would type more, but my lady is ready for me to start helping cook dinner. Yeah, I know, I'm so whipped. LOL

I'm still here!!! Sorry for the hiatus

Hello fellow bored people that have nothing better to read than my worthless little blog. LOL, just kidding.

So where the hell do I begin. Let's my 360 still hasn't RROD'd, and to give you an idea of how much I play it: I bought it December of '07 and I already have over 20,000 gamerpoints. Although there was a point in time when Prey locked up on me twice within 15 minutes. The first time it did it, I was pissed because I had played nearly two hours without saving (which is really my own fault for disabling the auto-save feature). But yeah, Prey was a pretty good game. However the makers could've put a little more effort into explaining more about the alien race and maybe an option to discover this HUGE spaceship they have (called the "Sphere") more than the game allows you to. Also, I noticed that there weren't a whole lot of bad guys in each level until near the end of the game. Still a good story though and still lots of fun to play.

Civilization Revolution has got to be one of the most addictive games ever. I had to force myself to put it back on the shelf. The game is friggin' awesome, whether you like Civ games or not. I am one to admit that the PC versions were just a little too complex for me, but Civ Rev is like Civ-Lite, it's much easier to get into and understand. My only complaint is that in the scenario "Beta Centuri", I wish that you could still actually research technologies so that you can take out your oppenents with some AWESOME futuristic weapons. That would've been BAD @$$.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance is a great action/RPG, especially if you're a fan of more than just the X-Men (as in the X-Men Legends games, which I totally loved). Now I'll admit, I'm not a huge no-it-all when it comes to other Marvel Comics characters, such as Dr. Strange or Iron Man, but I still had a great time playing the game. I'm now trying to beat the game on "Hard", which is turnging out to be quite the challenge, considering I'm doing it by myself this time through. The 1st time through I played with my friend Craig and we were able to easily beat it on "Normal" difficulty. Some of the achievments require you to buy some of their DLC, which I think is kinda crappy, especially since I'm kind of an achievement whore.

Bioshock is complete too. Great game, very creepy at some times, very challenging at others. What I liked the most was taking on the Big Daddies. The end boss was a little too easy I think, but he was still imtimidating at first. Also, I loved how the story had such a HUGE twist to it. VERY AWESOME!

Def Jam Icons up next now. The story line was really cool. I also liked how you get the option to sign certain artists and then the ones you don't sign become your enemy. The whole "spin your own beats" thing wasn't as bad as gamespot made it sound, and being able to hit the bass notes to make things explode was freakin' tight. I really enjoyed this game. I think you could probably find it for less than 20 bucks now, definitely worth it. The graphichs are absolutely amazing too. My only beef is the lack of weapons. I know that "Fight For New York" was a totally different game with a totally different style, and that EA wanted to try something different this time around, but there's just something really sweet and tender about picking up a pool stick and chasing after your enemy with it. It's down right precious.

For about the last two years now, I've always had this thought in the back of my head that says, "If you could make your own game, what would be it's premise?" Then more thoughts follow: "where would the story lead? What era would it take place? Would it be in the future? Would it be something that changed the past? Would it be a dark game (like Devil May Cry)? Or would it be a light-hearted adventure? To this day, I still don't know those answers. So until I figure those answers out, I couldn't even answer what most common gamers would ask: Is at an RPG, FPS, 3rd person action/adventure, flight sim, etc. I guess that's why I'm not a game-maker, because it would just take me far too long to put together my masterpiece.


Random stuff........

My vote is for Obama. I like his views, however I tend to agree with Clinton a little more on the economy issues. With that said, I think the possibility of having an African-American president shows that this country has come a long way in the war on racism. Now I know that there are still a bunch of racist bastards out there in the good ol' U.S. of A., and I hope that Obama gets elected as president and then hope that every one of those racist bastards puts a bullet in there head right after saying, "I'll die before I live in a country that is run by a (**racial slur**)." This country would be much better off without these racist a-holes. Sadly though, most of these racist p*ssies don't have the balls to put one in there head. I would be glad to do it for them.

(that was rather brutal, so let me lighten the mood a little, lol)

So it's almost baseball season! WOO HOO! GO CARDS!

Ummm, Blu-Ray is getting closer to being available for the 360, as I told all of you all along, it's pretty likely that it will be available eventually. Although, I didn't expect it to be coming so quickly. But then again, if MS takes too long getting Blu-Ray for the 360, it may be too little, too late and the hype for it could be over if they just sat on it, so maybe that's why MS is getting the ball rolling almost immediately after HD-DVD died. Of course, the whole talk about Blu-Ray on 360 is just rumor at this point, but sounds like some of these rumors are coming from highly-trusted sources.

I beat Dead Rising last week, that was fun. However, I'm probably only going to play it through one more time to see if I can get anymore of the achievements and then trade it in. I just don't know if I'll really ever care to play it anymore after I play it through one more time.

I started playing Oblivion, DAT GAME IS DA BOMB!!! I'm sure I'll be wasting countless hours playing the crap out of it. Only complaint is that I wish I didn't have to go to a different screen just to pull my map up each time. Wish I could put a little map in the corner of the playing-field instead.

Did I mention I bought a PSP? Yep, but still waiting for my Killzone to come in the mail from ebay. It's been over 2 weeks, seller told me to be patient. Ummmm, sure........ok. I'm about 2 mouse-clicks away from sending him a negative feedback.

Ok, I'm outtie.

I think I have a problem of buying games, but not playing them

Ok, so I just bought my 360 about 2 months ago and I've already bought 9 games for it. I need to just chill and play the games I have for now, and stop buying new ones. Because even if I do buy more new games, they will just end up sitting on the shelf, unopened for quite some time (just like some of my PS2 games, which are STILL unopened on the shelf).

I've been playing the hell outta Tiger Woods 07, and throwing in COD4 every now and then for some online action. Before that I had played a lot of Battlestations: Midway, but have yet to beat it because I'm playing the Challenges now and they are tough as nails. I was about halfway through the Challenges, but decided to give it a rest for a while. Plus, it really sucks wasting 45 minutes on a mission, only to fail and start all the way back at the beginning.

I also bought Dead Rising and I played that a little bit, but it's pretty damn tough, plus I haven't gotten my character built up hardly at all. Once I beat Tiger Woods 07 (100% game completion, that is), I'll probably start playing Dead Rising a lot more.

Then there's Def Jam Icon. It's still unopened, sitting on the shelf. It was actually the 2nd game I bought for the system. I heard it's pretty fun. The graphics are absolutely amazing, but the gameplay is kind of a hit and miss.....literally.

Gears of War is probably the best game I own. I play it with my friend via Xbox Live Co-op, but he works 2nd shift, so we hardly ever get to play together, except for the weekends, and half the time I have things I have to do during the weekends, so I don't always have time to play.

And lastly we have College Hoops 2K8, which I played the crap out of when I first got it, but don't really play much anymore. I'll probably bust it out again once college basketball season is over and I start craving some of it.

So anyway, I just bought Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion yesterday 'cause I heard it was a good game. I'm sure it will be at least 2 weeks before I get around to playing it though. I even told myself a few days ago that I don't need to go buy anymore games, I have enough for now. That sure didn't work.

I actually wanted to get Lost Odyssey instead, but since it's $60 (and I got Oblivion for $23), I figured I'll just wait until I can get LO for less than $40 on ebay or something. (Yeah right, I say that now, but watch.....I'll probably go buy it next week, LOL).

I finally bought a 360

Well after purchasing my original xbox a few months ago, I fell in love with the xbox. The ability to upload songs onto the hard drive and play them during certain games was just awesome. Yes, I know this is something all xbox owners take for granted now, but you gotta remember that I never even played an xbox before September of this year because I had always been loyal to Sony.

Well that has all changed since Sony wants to charge more than the 360. So what did I do? Bought a 360, of course! I bought the Xbox 360 Arcade package. Sure, it's the base package, but honestly I don't need the hard drive (yet) and I bought a headset (Microsoft brand) on ebay for $6 BRAND NEW! That's all I need. Also, I paid only $251.99 at CompUSA thanks to their liquidation sale because they are going out of business. It was only 10% off and they only had 2 left. I could've waited for them knock the price down even more (which wouldn't have happened until AFTER xmas), but guess what.......there were only two 360's left.........and I bought BOTH of them, LOL! The reason is because my g/f's brother-in-law wants one too, so were all going to chip in on it and get it for him for xmas (sure hope he's not reading this right now, LOL).

I also bought the only game I really need for the system right now (and everybody should own this game), Call of Duty 4. AWESOME GAME! I've just started playing, so I'm not quite as good as my other friends are, but I still play online with them. The package also came with the Arcade game that has UNO, Pacman, etc. My g/f loves playing Uno online, LOL.

I don't really have any beef with Sony, but it's just that money means more to me than being a fan-boy of either company, and this was a deal I couldn't pass up. I've played both PS3 and 360 (and even Wii), and if money wasn't an object, I would have to say that the 360 is stilljust barely ahead of the PS3 (in my mind) because it has better games out. The only two games that stick out in my mind for the PS3 are Resistance and Killzone (which isn't even out yet). However, the Xbox has Gears of War, Halo 3, Dead Rising, Mass Effect, Bioshock and Condemned.

A whole new perspective

So I went to a friends house soon after he had purchased a used Xbox (not the 360). He also got a bunch of used games for it. We started playing Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Right away I noticed how well the Xbox handles tasks and graphics. I'll be honest, before this, I had never really had any first-hand experience with the Xbox. I was impressed.

A week later, I got myself an Xbox as well. I have to say that I love it. The only thing I wish I could do with it is play my custom soundtracks on ANY game. I would just love to frag some baddies in Doom 3 while jamming to Linkin Park. So thegames I've got so far are Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Far Cry Instincts. I've only started playing Doom 3 a little bit. The game is pretty cool so far.

Also I've been playing Killzone A LOT on PS2. The game definitely has its weak points and annoyances, but overall I'm still having fun playing the game. Some of the small touches that are present just seem so cool. One of my favorite things is when "I'm in a fire-fight, but suddenly I've got to reload. So I duck behind a crate and reload and the camera pans down to show me reloading my gun. Everytime I see that new clip come out, I actually take my right hand off the controller and pretend I'm holding that clip and I knock it on my head a couple times, just like soldiers do for good luck in the middle of battle." It's just the intensity that each fire-fight brings is whyI have fun playing the game. And after the fight isover, I feel lucky to still be alive.

More news: My MP3 player bit the dust last weekend. It was an older version of the mass storage MP3 players. It was actually one of the first 20 GB MP3 players ever made. It was an Archos Jukebox. I got it for Xmas in 2001 and so it lasted nearly 6 years. Thing that sucks is that about a month ago I bought an external hard-drive and I was going to back up all my songs that were on my MP3 player onto the hard drive. My lazy ass never got around to it, so now ALL of my songs that I've collected since 1999 are gone. It really sucks, but I think I'll live through it, lol.

Movies lately:

Perfect Stranger - Good movie, very nice twist

Forrest Gump - Probably the 20th time I've watched it now, still one of my favorite movies

Cliffhanger - Only the 2nd time watching it, not as good as I remembered from the first time. Lot's of cheesiness

Die Hard Trilogy - The girlfriend had never seen them, so I bought it on DVD, and she loves them as much as I do

Broken Arrow - Great action flick, but some bad acting in some parts

Total Recall - LOVE THIS MOVIE!!!

A League of Their Own - I love baseball, so that makes this movie very enjoyable for me

Maximo completed! Why the hell was the last boss so easy?!

I have to say that Maximo: Ghosts to Glory is one of the most challenging games I've played in a while. I would literally go back to the very first level quite often because it was the easiest level whereI could rack up my coins and lives. Once you progress beyond the first world, you're in for a world of hurt. Especially the last world where frustration is a normal side effect. The only thing that doesn't make any sense at all is that the final boss was a breeze. SO EASY! However, I did like scary environment in the final boss level, very cool. I actually beat this game back in April, so I've been playing many others since then.

Shadow of the Colossus was next in line. I started playing it and really enjoyed it. I've already beat 5 of the Colossus, but I've put it back on the shelf for now. I don't know why either because the game is a blast, the graphics are FANTASTIC (especially in 480p widescreen), and the Colossus are just plain frightening with their towering size.

I decided to start a new franchise on Madden 07. I ended up playing through like the year 2013, but I've since put Madden back on the shelf. I started playing Tiger Woods 07 Online. I was doing pretty good too. It seemed like each night I would play 3 or 4 rounds and I would win most of them. I ended up putting Tiger back on the shelf too.

Now I am currently playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. I'm addicted like crazy. I'm already in San Fierro making some money. The only complaint I have is that too many missions have you traveling across the entire region and it gets a little boring.

Well, here's the usual:

Movies Lately:

Knocked Up - I heard it was hilarious before I saw it, but I didn't think it was as funny as everyone made it seem. Still really good though

Shooter - Not bad, pretty good story, but a little predictable

The Contractor - Wesley Snipes just isn't what he used to be, but the movie still wasn't bad for being Direct-to-Video

The Money Pit - This is a classic comedy with Tom Hanks. I loved it when I was a kid and still love it today

Predator - The g/f had never seen it before, so we watched it. Great classic

Black Hawk Down - I own this movie and already watched it a couple times before, but it's just so awesome. I had to watch it again

Tears of the Sun - I really liked this movie the first time I watched it, but even though I own it, I didn't think it was as great this time around

Cars - I finally saw this and thought it was pretty good

Patriot Games - Never seen it before until a couple months ago. Not bad for an older movie, but it's certainly nothing memorable

Music Lately:

I actually think I'm going to stop doing the "Music Lately" part because not enough new stuff comes out that I actually like a whole lot of. It's always just the same old bands that I like, so I'm going to give up this part for now.

Will I ever buy a PS3 or 360?

Ya know, I was just sitting here at work and I started to wonder........"Will I ever buy a next-gen system?"

The reason I say this is because I still have about 25 PS2 games I haven't even played yet (6 of 'em are still in shrink wrap), not to mention there are a few games that I don't own, but would love to buy them on ebay and play them through (Ace Combat 5, Devil May Cry 3, We Love Katamari, and Xenosaga II & III come to mind). Also, some games that have such a warm place in my heart (FFVII, FFX, MGS2, and Devil May Cry) would be a blast to play all over again.

On top of that, there are quite a few games for the PS1 that I started, but never finished such as FFVIII (I know, isn't that crazy!?!), Legend of Legaia, Pac-Man World, Ape Escape,and Carnage Heart. Plus, I got to the very end of Legend of Dragoon and Parasite Eve II, but the final boss on each of these was just too hard. I guess I just couldn't find the right strategy at the time, but since that was YEARS ago.....I'm ready to give it another shot.

Last but not least, there are some games that are just mindless fun to play whenever I need some quick excitement such as Burnout 3, Tiger Woods Golf, Ace Combat 4, and Katamari Damacy.

So with all of that said, I could easily be entertained for the next several years with all the games I either already have or could buy for cheap on ebay.

However, to debate with what I just said, there are plenty of reasons I want to buy a next-gen system as well. Let's start with the PS3: I love how it works with a wireless network; Resistance: Fall of Man; Motor Storm's Online Play; Tiger Woods Golf in HD; The next Final Fantasy game.

The reason I would get an Xbox360 is: Gears of War; Ghostbusters (if it ever comes out); Tiger Woods Golf HD; Dead Rising.

Even if I do ever buy a next-gen system, it's not going to be anytime soon because of their steep prices and lack of great games (each system only has a handful of "must-own" games). I guess I'll let you know in a couple years where I'm at with my decision. I could easily end up waiting until the PS4 or the Xbox720 hit the shelves.

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