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PC gaming or Console gaming? Who really wins?

So it's like this, I've been a console gamer all my life. From atari on up to this Gen. which I own a 360 now and I will get a PS3 sooner or later. Back in highschool I played some doom but didn't like the Kb/M. Played some FFXI online. But when it comes down to price, experience, user friendly, and controls consoles win hands down!

First I will start with price! I have heard it said time and time again on how if you by all 3 console systems it closes the gap on the compared price to PC rigs. The first thing this argument fails at is most 3rd party gaming developers are going multiplat. Games like FFXIII which the jaw dropping announcment was made at E3 in 2008. RE5 was a big "Sony" only title, another would be Devil May Cry series didn't hit MS until 360 came around! So it can be said one can completely experience this Gen only owning one System. The only games that you won't experience if you own one system is the First Party Devlopers, Games like Gears of War 2 which is strictly on 360, or God of War 3 which is strictly Sony or even Zelda which in Nintendo only! You get the point.

So with this being said I decided to do some research on this argument. I gave PC gamers the benifit of the doubt. I went on one website to layout prices to make it fair. The website I chose was since it's pretty popular amoung gamers to purchase things there. I used a "Pro Xbox 360" and a "80GB HD PS3" and the "Nintendo Wii" and compared it to the hardware they sell for PC gaming which is "Alienware". Prices and links go as follows...

New Xbox 360 Pro 299.99

New Sony PS3 80GB HD 399.99

Nintendo's Wii 249.99


Now lets look at setting up a PC Gaming rigs!

Alienwares Aurora model

The cheapest Rig which is an Aurora model (from alienware) starts out at 999.00 and goes up from there...

Alienwares Area51 750i model

The Area51 750i model starts out at 1,049.00 and goes up from there...

Alienwares Area 51 x58 model

Under "Standard" rigs(Alienware Area 51 X58 Model) the price "starts" at 1,649.00

Alienware Area 51 X58 Gaming model is 3,129.00 without monitor I may add. with a monitor it was 4,028.00. The monitor I chose was a 27" 2709WFP 1920x1200.

Under "High-Performance Gaming" the price starts at 5,229.00

So in the end even if you get the cheapest rig there is, PC gaming is more expensive! Standard and High-Performance rig I did not include monitors. This was all done from

All purchased new and from the same place ( PC is WAY more expensive!

That was a mid performance rig tower they broke up into 3 categorys. "Standard"; "Gaming"; and "High-Performance"

A High-Performance rig was far more expensive from the start it went as follows...

Alienwares ALX X58 model

ALX X58 the "Standard" starts at 3,799.00, then "Gaming" version is 4,929.00 and the "High-Performance" is 6,629.00!

*EDIT* You can also go to and check out their XPS and XPS Gaming models :) And you could also check out and check out the price of their FX Series Gaming Rigs ;) has a varity of price ranges to check out, but most don't include monitor or operating system, and some do include it.

Only one Rig did I include a monitor the rest I did not add the cost of a monitor and none of these include the cost of sofware needed!

I also did not include HDTV's because it's a house hold purchase item. TV's are purchased seperate from consoles they are not linked together as a monitor is to a PC!!

To be fair these are some of the best gaming rigs on the market but it's been said you can piece together a Gaming Rig for far cheaper. Well here is the major issue with that! If your buying 20 different parts from different places for cheaper = no warranty! And if the seperate parts do have a warranty you have to keep track of them and they can be for different lengths of coverage! If you purchase a pre-built rig you get a warranty as you would with a console. So you "can" make it a "little cheaper" but you take the chance with the parts being faulty or not. In the end Console gaming is WAY cheaper!! And i forgot to mention the upgrades you need every two or three years which can be anywhere from 200 to 400 dollars depending!

Next is ease of use! Consoles win by far with this! You buy a game from the store you bring it home put it in and play! No hassles! Pc games you have to download which is not "hard" but can be annoying! The hassel can be if the PC Gaming Rig you own is not up to specs with what the game needs to run properly. If not you have Frame rate drop problems, Freeze up issues, Bugs, even crashes. Not saying the ol console games can't freeze every so often but it's a bigger issue with PC games.

Controller vs Kb/M. Controller is easier to use it doesn't have 30 buttons to push as the Kb/M. Yes when games are developed they make all those buttons useful but it can be complex and annoying. The ol "Mouse is quicker than the analog" is an argument I don't buy. Until it is put to study and proven. Consoles were designed for entertainment and the controller was designed for gaming. PC's are used for work, home, tasks, it was not designed for gaming only. PC was designed more for making the game and testing the game.

Online is no longer an issue for Console gamers. XBL, PSHome, Wii Network. It's all a community of gamers. Multiplayer games are becoming more and more a factor every Gen. Now with the NXE came Community Games which is a place for Devs who are just starting out to try their games out and share them with the gaming community. PC's have Mods, Consoles in part have DLC. Most downloadable content is only 10 bucks to add whatever content has come out extra for the game.

In the end Console gaming wins all. Sales and other things can prove this point. PC gaming will always have it's fans, but is more of a niche, than a dominate platform which it is made out to be!


2008 Biggest Year Yet For The Next Gens....

I have watched E3 on G4! I have seen some of the best games yet for the hardware on these next gen systems! I am hoping it is just the begining of a great thing! I would be upset if they make an annoucment in the next year or two about new hardware. I would hope they planned ahead and gave those engines plenty of horse power! I am a Xbox fan! I wasn't always! My system used to be PS2! But when 360 came out I waited and I am glad I did. I saved up for an elite and got it and all the corks were figured out by then (red ring of death)! The things is when it comes down to it, its up to these software companies to push the hardware to the limits! And I see that happening! Like Mortal Combat verses DC Universe is looking gorgeous! Gears of War 2 is going to pull its weight like expected! Making your own avatar really personlizes you even more!

There are a lot of brilliant lights in the near distant future! I would be pissed if they start talking of new hardware anytime soon! We have good hardware now! Now it's time to let the software companies push them to the limits! Ive heard interviews say that their game pushes the system to the limits yet the game was choppy and the graphics were not at the peak as other games! This was a good E3! A good way to end the year from the software companies! I hope they stay on track with what they can do with whats in front of them now! We have all payed a lot of money for these systems! We should get another 5 years of software and each one getting better and more amazing! And if they kill off the Xbox 360 like they did the original Xbox I will have a hard time giving them my money ever again! So here's to high hopes! And a promising future!!8)

Story lines in games

I don't know how many games I have played where the story line has made no sense. I love games with a good well put together story line. Why? Cause it puts you in the game like your the character, I love games like that. God of War was a greek mytholgy /sci fi game with a great story line. Final Fantasy keeps it together well too. Prince of Persia's trilogy was keept together nicely as well. I want to feel like the character that I am playing. I like the games that give you that choice as well.