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So I picked up a 3DS

Picked up a 3DS yesterday along with Zelda OoT 3D. I'm enjoying the system so can't say I care for the 3D features though (oh well at least that's optional). Well here's my friend code 4339 2783 3732 feel free to add me.

Really now

So some user I won't mention any names didn't like the fact I didn't share his opinio in a topic so he reports me to the mods. Yet throughout the topic he's bashing everyone's post and I get marked down for disruptive posting? If you don't like the fact I found the Dragon Quest remakes to good so be it, to each their own I wasn't forcing my opinion on you (like you were to other users). But make a punk move by reporting me to the mods. Grow a damn backbone!

Gears 3 Beta!

It's pretty damn good although I suck at the game (it's been a while since I've played a shooter) :P. Mad props toLuxen90 for providing me with a extra code.

Really now!?

So just this morning I was browsing through the market place on Xbox live. While looking through the games I received a text from my bank stating a purchase was made. So I check my account to see whats up. Live seems to think I made a $19.99 purchase on Call of Juarez. The funny thing about this I was looking through the arcade titles when this purchase was made, and I don't play FPS titles for the most part. So I have to wait on the customer support to contact me back on the matter.

Thank you Valve!

Thanks for including a digital copy of Portal 2 with the PS3 version. It really came in handy since my PS3 decided it no longer liked disc based media lol. Don't PS3 pals I'll have another PS3 by tomorrow night and my buddies on steam how come we have not played Portal 2 together yet?

Good bye live

Starting next month I will no longer be using xbox live gold service. Now that I own a PS3 and play more PC titles I no longer feel the need to play the $10 bucks a month or $60 a year for online that I never use That's considering all the titles I pick up on the 360 on single player titles or I'm only buying them for single player.

Damn you Valve, I almost did it!

So I almost went a year without playing a single FPS title. Then Valve just had to have a little special going on steam, Left for Dead 1 & 2 for just $10.19. I couldn't pass on that offer even knowing my laptop couldn't run the games well (which isn't stopping me from playing L4D1 lol).

Arrggh school supplies

So in the past week I have spent $245 bucks on text books and close to $150 (so far) on art supples. Now I can understand spending that much on art supplies I'm use to it. On the other hand spending close to $300 bucks on text books is getting out of hand a bit. On the plus side the new semester is going pretty well so far.Well that's my little rant lol (went better than expected)

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