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The Underestimation of Puzzle Quest

I recently picked up Puzzle Quest for my Wii. I'm trying to figure out why this isn't a top seller. I'm trying real hard to think of a reason. It's an immaculate package...although it can end rather quickly.

That doesn't mean there aren't a million side quests and things to do in the game, mounts and enemies to capture...and plus, the puzzles are always fun.

Despite that...it makes me wonder why people keep underestimating the power of good games that don't look next-gen...or the ones that don't seem like they are aimed for an adult audience because they aren't marked with an M rating or feature some dood's scrotum being used in a puzzle (c wut i did thur, Manhunt 2?).

I've enjoyed MySims...I've enjoyed Elebits...I've enjoyed Geometry Wars Galaxies...I've enjoyed Puzzle Quest...and honestly, I've played them more than Super Mario Galaxy and World of Warcraft combined lately.