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The Idiocy of Euro Force

So, if you didnt' guess already, I'm a massive BF2 fan.  Sure, my time lately has been dedicated to WoW, but regardless, I still play it.  With the release of Euro Force, I'm not really sure if I want to continue playing it.

For those who aren't aware, Euro Force is only available through EA Downloader, which is already a 2 hour install pain in the ass.  However, the software is account and PC specific.  Let's break that down into a little "math equation", shall we?

Bob downloads Euro Force on PC 1 and Mike downloads Euro Force on PC 2.  Bob plays Euro Force on PC 1, but it gets some kind of random Windows error and he has to restart it.  Mike has finished playing Euro Force, so Bob sits down to play on PC 2.  When Bob tries to log in on PC 2, Euro Force assets don't work for him.  Mike tries to log in on the freshly restarted PC 1, and he finds out he cannot use Euro Force assets as well.

Get the picture?

Here's my beef.  What if this becomes an industry standard?  Account and PC specific downloads?  It kills a lot of the overnights you spend at your friend's house, wishing you could play on his high-end gaming rig.  It really kills the LAN center and internet cafe industry, as random people wouldn't be able to play the games they want.  Is this really what we are coming to, where every game has to be individually imprinted to a specific player?

Retarded.  I'm hoping EA fixes this soon.