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Gerst Getting Canned - Death of an Era of Integrity

So obviously, the big news over the weekend, aside from waking up Monday to the Activision-Vivendi merger, was that Gamespot editor Jeff Gerstmann was canned after 11 years at Gamespot.

There are tons of rumors flying around as to why.

I just wanted to say a few words, and hopefuly G-man will see what I've got to say.

I used to run BonusStage.com, and during my run at that site as Editor-in-Chief, I really didn't like any other gaming site or magazine. Why? They were the competition...the competition of opinions, if you will. We felt our opinions on games were better than theirs, and while we were small, I'm sure one or two Gamespot people checked out our site as some point (I'd like to think so) and said the same s***.

"These guys are quack jobs."

It's an industry thing. Regardless, while I was there, I could trust that two editors at Gamespot, Jeff and Brad, would always steer ya straight and give you the honest truth.

That's just what Jeff did, and in turn, corporate at CNET apparently used Jeff to make an example of what happens when you f*** with their piggy banks.

Gamespot employees...it sucks that corporate has cost you a reputation that you built for yourselves. I wish you the best of luck.

In all honesty, though...I'd tell the f***ing sales team to shove it and start writing the damn reviews themselves. Get Greg or Josh from CNET to start typing away.

I've dealt with the propaganda that can be thrown at you from advertisers before...but they don't sway a decision. Don't lose your integrity. If you have to rate Metal Gear Solid 4 a damn 5, do it. Don't lose your balls, guys.