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Been A Long Time

I don't keep this thing updated very often, but mostly because I'm a comment troll on here.  Regardless, figured I'd throw this out there for all the noobs in the audience.

Get over it.

That's right, get over your wishes for Sony's console to take a dirt nap.  Get over your wishes that Nintendo's console might do the same.  Get over Halo 3 beta, because it's not gonna be that much different.  Get over Blizzard's income and how you keep feeding them money.  Get over game delays, because they are trying to make these original IPs worthwhile.  Get over rehash material that EA and Ubisoft shove down your throats year after year.  Get over your Gamerscore, because the higher it gets, the more we realize you don't do a damn thing.  Get over the Burning Crusade, because level 70 still doesn't beat Laharl.  Get over all the idiots that post their ZOMG1337SAUCENOOBPWNCAKE comments, because if you are just talking trash back to them rather than educating, you aren't that much better.

Go drink some Brondo and live in a Mike Judge-created world, because that's where you are heading.  Until you start reading carefully, listening to the right information, and make a decision for yourself rather than biting off someone else, then your opinion is worth about as much as a hooker on Elm Street.