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An Introduction To Me, and A Few FAQs Answered....

Well, I finally broke down and decided to start up a profile on Gamespot.  Don't really know why.  Either way, hi, I'm jakob187, and I'm a gameaholic.  I play games day, afternoon, night, and every minute in between.  I work at a gaming center called LanSharx my hometown of Waco, Texas.  It's 24 Dell XPS systems loaded with everything you need, four Xboxs on 10-foot projection screens with Dolby 5.1 Surround....yeah, it's a thing of beauty.  Oh, and we have a BF2 dedicated server, check it out:

Regular BF2 - IP:
Special Forces - IP:

Remember, if you see jakob187, Lord Taco, wizzle, Mongrel, Grimloc, or nmeMINE, you are in for a fight to the death.  We're not the greatest, but we're a great squad (LSX).

When I'm not working there full-time, I'm also working for my video game website, BonusStage.com.  You may have heard of us, maybe not.  We do video game reviews, previews, interviews, exclusives, press shows, you know, the norm for a video game site.  Either way, we've been live for about two years now, working on lucky number 3.  You can check the site out at http://www.bonusstage.com.  I'm the editorial director and owner of the site, and we are always looking for new writers.  Therefore, if you think you have what it takes to be one of our writers, shoot me an e-mail at joshua@bonusstage.com.  Only apply if you are serious about being dedicated.

Other than that, here's a couple of need-to-know facts about me, some answers to FAQs about me.  First off, my real name is NOT Jakob.  That is reserved actually for a special day when I have a son.  Jakob Gabriel....long story.  Either way, my real name is Josh, as you'll tell if you go to the site.  Second, I'm an a-hole, but not in the traditional "everyone hates me" sense.  I'm lovable in my own way, just happens I also like to raise hell and start debates.  Third, I like debating, and I keep an open mind about a lot of things, so don't be surprised if I go on the attack.

Now, as for games:  I love games.  I love all kinds of games.  My favorite game, ever, ever, EVER, is Vagrant Story.  There is still nothing, personally, that has as much depth as that game (YOU HAD TO BEAT IT THREE TIMES FOR 100% MAP COMPLETION!).  My second favorite would either be Battlefield anything or Dark Cloud 2.  I play a lot of games, and here are some of my handles if you wanna find me:

WoW:  Finley on Gul'dan server
Guild Wars:  Jakob The Fierce of The Burr Conspiracy Guild
Battlefield 2:  {LSX}jakob187

Other than that, if you want to know something, ask.  I'll make plenty of friends here, and probably twice as many enemies.