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PSN! JakeTheSnake1591.

Ok everyone if you want to play games with me online add me as a friend my psn is JakeTheSnake1591, make sure to use capitals on the J,T,and S can't wait to play you guys online i'm mostly playing MW2 so ya talk to you guys later.

2011 is here!!!!!!!

2011 is here and so many great games are coming my three top games i'm looking foreward to is mass effect 2 coming to the ps3, and mass effect 3, and last but not least The Elder Scrolls Skyrim. So now that you know what i'm looking foreward to what are your top three games for 2011? Is this year looking better then 2010? well thats it for me i'll talk to you guys and girls later;)

Happy Christmas eve everyone!!!

Well it's the day before Christmas or Xmas and i don't know about you but i can't wait. I will go home to my mom and dads, for the holidays, and for christmas eve i will go to church to make my parents happy:P then we wiill watch a christmas story and go to bed. So i hope everyone has a great christmas eve and christmas!

All time greatest game villian.

Well i'm pretty late to the punch on this one. But how is everyones brackets holding up? Are your guys doing well are you angry about the joker and vadar doing so well? I must say that i'm am having alot of fun with this contest. I'm ranked about 4,571 or something like that it's been awhile since i lasted check it, what are you ranked? well thats all for now thanks for reading.:)

Assassin's Creed 2!!

Well i am going to try and get platinum on it! i've had it since christmas 2009 but never got all the trophys so i'm gonna try and get them all before fallout new vegas comes out wish me luck:shock:

All time greatest game villain!!!!!

well it seems that they are doing a greatest game villian, just like the greatest game hero! you can post your bracket by going to the top of the main page where the title shows gamespot next to it you should find the link to it! and vote darth vadar haha!!!

later and thanks for reading:)

fallout3 again!!!!!

well since i've heard about fallout new vegas a coupleof months ago, i have started playing fallout3. i'm doing alot of stuff i've never tried like i recently got the MIRV, which is a better verison of the fatman, that shoots eight mini nukes at once:oso ya theres alittle update for ya8)

well i'm back and active!!!!!!!!!

well i have been back for awhile now, but have't been doing ****:twisted: but now i'm doing stuff on GT-game-talk. now that i said that, let me ask how have you my buds been doing? good i hope;) well thats all for now message me i am now getting on daily!!!!!!!!!:) peace jake.