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Tomb Raider or Boob Raider ?

So i tried the demo for TR:U and one thing caught my attention ( :P ) the camera alwayz repositions it self on her boobs .

is this a bug or crystal dynamics made it this way in order to further yankee-izing/americanising the game ?

Bought Counter Strike : Source

im so ready to PWN or get PWNED . probably the latter. (been 3-4 years since i last played counter strike )

anyho i got guestpasses for cs:source and day of defeat source .

anyone interested , feel free to ask :)

Back from Suspension

im back from a 7 day suspension for "flamming" :roll:

This guy was trolling on & on and i just provoked him a lil bit and WTF i got suspended .

All these 7 days ive been been looking to get back at the MODS.

I made this video during these days(bout the mods), watch it and spread the message. :P

Got Tagged !

okay so ......

1. My favourite game

2. My favourite TV show

3. My favourite novel

Angels & Demons

4. My favourite band

5. My favourite football club

Bought a new mouse :D

This was really not a priority but i really had to.


After constantly getting abused by my team members (in a game of TF2 or COD4) that i was " spinning around and looking upwards", which was the problem with my old mouse - it would start spinning or rather the pointer would just move by it self - idk maybe coz it was a ****** microsoft POS mouse.


Tag, Tagging , Tagged ???

okay i may be lvl 17 but im still new to this "gs bloging" concept. what does tagging mean ? is it the same thing when ppl "track" you?

R tag and track the same thing ? plz enlighten me :)

I just Won a Business Quiz !

(i know the picture quality is **** , i took it with my mobile phone)

so i won the 12th annual inter house business quiz of my school. YAY.

the questions were really tricky e.g. who was the founder of IBM and what does NASDAQ stand for ( wtf ?)

One girl whu is 2 years younger to me (and was in my team) got it right .

Yeah but its not like i didnt do any thing - i gave the right answer to bout 4 questions.

I identified Steve Job's picture , Mazda's logo, founders of google and the name of microsoft's gaming system :lol:

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