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Well, you will no longer know me as jackspicer022. From now on, if you are ever in a forum, look for InfernoLiger007, and that will be me. See ya'.


MY GOD! It's terrible! I've been engulfed by homework! I've got a short story unit to do, and literary terms, and plus a project to do on the book "Go Ask Alice" for my english class. Then, to add to that I've got a test I've got to make up for Social Studies 2. ROAR!

This is what I feel like doing to my English and Social Studies teachers:

ROAR! :evil:

Three Cool Things

Well lets get this started. I have a lot to say and so little time. Here we go.

  1. I made it to Level 19! :D YAY!
  2. Naruto movie is due out in select theaters in June and set to be released on DVD in the US in September!


People always want to know what perfection is don't they? It's so anonymous. No one even recognized it sitting right there in front of their faces. Do you want to know what it is? Look at the top of my profile! :D It's my banner! I finished the final version at long last. It features: Uzumaki Naruto, and the following Zoid types: Gun Sniper, Lightning Saix, and Blade Liger.  Then Zoids characters Leena Toros, Bit Cloud, and Brad Hunter. Then last and definitely not least, my user name. IT IS PERFECTION!

What Should Be...

The New Toonami and Miguzi Lineups? I really think they've screwed both of them over. For one, I like Pokemon, but it doesn't belong on Toonami or Miguzi, especially since all they're running is re-runs. But here's what I think it should be:




8:00-One Piece

8:30-Naruto (Encore)

9:00-Naruto (New Episode)

9:30-Dragonball Z (Edit: I originally had this at 10:30)


10:30-Prince of Tennis


4:00-Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

4:30-Code Lyoko

5:00-Yu-Gi-Oh! GX


6:00-Naruto (Edit: I originally had this at 5:30)

What do you about that line up I just came up with? Also, alternative, take GX off Miguzi and replace it with Zoids: Century Zero, or Naruto. Preferrably Zoids, since it doesn't come on anymore.

Naruto A Rip Off Of DBZ? How?

People say that Naruto is a rip off of Dragonball Z. Sure Kishimoto was influenced by Toriyama, but that doesn't mean Naruto is a rip off of DBZ. Sure DBZ is cool, but I was watching DBZ movie 13 (it's Wrath of the Dragon, for those who don't know) with my brother and I was seeing that there is no way Naruto is a rip off of DBZ. There's three things that set Naruto and DBZ apart. Naruto has better storylines, music, and character development. The only things that are similar are techniques and the timeskip thing. And GT wasn't even in the manga and that was the timeskip for the Dragonball series. Woopedy doo. Look beneath the attacks! Right? Who's with me?

March; Month of New Seasons!

Well CN is giving us a little present for the Spring of 2007. First off, Naruto Season 4 begins with episode 78, "Naruto's Ninja Handbook" at 9:00 on March 10. Also, Code Lyoko's fourth season will be coming at us in March as well, and I think all hell is going to break loose in that, if you've seen the official Season 4 trailer you'll know what I'm talking about. Next up, March 10 also marks the beginning of the tenth season of Pokemon in the dub. We've also got a few movies on Toonami coming up:

This Saturday, March 3, we've got the "Invincible Iron Man" at 7:00, and that lasts until 9:00 so that means no Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo at 8:30 on that day. But we've still got Naruto.

Then afterwards on March 10,  it's another movie called Stan Lee's Mosaic. Followed by a new episode of Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo, then at 9:00 we've got the Season 4 premiere of Naruto.

On March 17, we've got Hellboy: Blood and Iron, the newest animated Hellboy movie!After that there's an unknown episode of Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo, then a new Naruto.

So buckle up, March is gonna be one heck of a month for CN. I would also like to announce that the 9th Pokemon movie is scheduled to aire on March 23 at 7:00 on Cartoon Network.

Oh, by the way Bobobo-bo Bo-Bobo is a waste of space of the CN lineup.

The Countdown Begins!

Starting March 10, 2007, Naruto Season 4 begins in the US! I'm so happy. Aren't you? That means the "Return of Itachi" arc will finally be in the dub!!! :) Akatsuki is so cool. :) I can't wait for Season 4 to begin. And it will be here soon!
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