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So it seems that I fell off the face of planet in terms of GS there for a couple years...That was mostly unintentional. I had a lot of big things to focus on i.e. graduating from college. Plus, I didn't really have an income to support the gaming habit very well. But now I'm making decent money and looking to get back in the swing of things :D

So I just got an HDTV...

I've been wanting one for a while, and my uncle knew a guy selling one for $500. So my mom bought it for me :D. It's not like the highest end HDTV, but I think it's decent enough for me. Eventually, I wanna get speakers and all that jazz(even though I really don't know what to buy). First, I gotta get a new tv stand :).

I Wanna go Back to School

I know I'm a dork, but I love school. I miss it and my organizations and my friends. I can't wait to get back down there in a few weeks. The only place I'd rather be is back in Italy. God, I hope you all get the chance to travel someday. I just returned a couple weeks ago from a 6 week stint in Italy. It was insanely amazing and I loved every second. I can't wait to go back one day.

I haven't bought any new games in a while. I may need to correct that. Though I really need to finish some games. I have a bad habit of not finishing a lot of games.

Oy...Haven't Updated in Forever

So it's been many months since the last time I posted in here. I gotta say that this last semester has been ridiculously busy for me. I haven't even gotten to put in the time on my games that I'd really like to...well, except for Rock Band :D.

I've been out of school for a couple weeks now. I'll be starting my 4th year of college in the fall and I'll be living in my first apartment. It seems crazy to me. It doesn't feel like high school was that long ago.

I'm also 21 now. Huzzah!

I haven't been on the site much recently, but I try to keep up with the game news here and there. It seems to me that since they're adding drums to GH, they should change the name of the game...but that's just me.

Oh and I still want a Wii :).


Geez I've been bad about updating. I've been really distracted by family, school, and various activities.

I've been spending a lot of time playing Rock Band :D. It's pretty cool. The drums are different, but cool. I'm sending my guitar back though because it started freaking out after a few days....stupid So far I've beat guitar and drums on easy. I'm part way through guitar on medium. I'm just starting drums on medium. Me and my friends will probably create a band soon so we can all rock out together :P.

Hope Everybody is Having a Good Holiday Season

Things are going well here. I'm enjoying my break from school. Can't believe I'm more than halfway done w/ college...craziness.

I got some cool stuff for Xmas like a new digital camera, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, and Rock Band! Hoo and rah. I haven't played Uncharted yet, but I have been mastering the drums on Rock Band...or at least attempting hehe. I had good times w/ the family yesterday. My little cousins came over and got like a million toys. It was madness :P.

I'm taking four English classes next semester. English majors=crazy lol.

Holy Updates Batman!

God it's been a long time since I updated...

Speaking of Batman, I'm totally excited for the next one :P.

I went to see The Golden Compass yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I even went out and bought the books which I shall be reading over Xmas break.

One of my good friends is getting ready to leave for Iraq and it makes me very :(. She's already been to Afghanistan...*sigh.*

I plan to do some catching up with my video games over break. I should have a lot of free time.

New game purchases and Movie talk

So I finally made a decision. I really wanted GH III, so I went ahead and bought it. I still hate that they didn't get on the ball and get the blutooth in the guitar but I can deal with it for now. What I've played so far has been a pretty good time. Though the leaderboard is already crazy. And I thought I was somewhat crazy about Anyhow, I also bought R&C: ToD. I really had a good time with the demo, and I figured it was worth a buy. I think GS was on crack with that review...major crack.

In other news, I went to see Saw IV yesterday. It was pretty good imo. It wasn't like this awful movie that I think people are expecting just because they're up to number 4 *shrugs.* Seriously though, there's a ton of movies out right now/coming out soon that I wanna see, and it makes me wish I had even more money. For example, I wanna see Dan in Real Life, Why Did I Get Married?, Across the Universe, We Own the Night, American Gangster, Martian Child, August Rush, and Awake...and that's just stuff I wanna see in like the next month oy...

GH III/other game stuff, plus new hott guy

Decisions decisions...I always planned on getting GH III, but now I'm reconsidering what system I want to get it for. I really hate the fact that they didn't put bluetooth in the guitar...*sigh*...I might just get it for PS2...though I'm thinking, assuming that the Rock Band guitar is compatible with GH III, I might just hold off on buying GH III until after I buy Rock Band. Hmm....we'll see.

I know I'll be buying Uncharted and Singstar in the next few months, so I need to make sure I have money set aside for those and xmas presents...oy.

In other news, here's a hott guy for everybody

dominic monaghan

Ah Dominic Monaghan. Hottness+accent=winning combination

And since some of the guys asked ever so nicely, here's a girl for ya:

deanna casaluce

Instead of picking one of the regularly mentioned beautiful women out there, I went with my girl Deanna Casaluce. Some of you may recognize her from Degrassi: The Next Generation :).

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