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@stuff238 said:

@j2zon2591: Doesn’t sound smart at all if this strategy they are using now is causing them to fail LOL

I'm not sure what you mean.

Have there been reports of losses from MS and Sony directly due to this new current market of having a base and premium consoles?

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@emgesp said:

@j2zon2591: With 10 - 12 Teraflops being the assumed baseline, 2x that performance just can't happen even in a OG XB1 size console with 7nm fab without some issues with heat and power consumption.

Care to expand more? You can stack 5 Asus Zephrus that's gonna be at 3.5 inch vs OG XB1's 3.1 inch thickness and that's about x5 GTX 1070s (24 Nvidia TFLOPS?) crammed inside. This had been possible since last year.

I'm not sure how a souped up 2020-2021 "Pro" that has 20+ TFLOPS still improbable as far as engineering goes and with something like sub 1K pricing due to console's nature of really low or no profit margin per console hardware sold at least initially.

I can easily imagine that much space of 5 Zephyrus, only using 1 powerful 2020-2021 GPU with acceptable cooling that's no worse than the OG PS4 (still noisy IMO but didn't stop it being a final market success).

Throw away, the battery, keyboards, extra PCBs, displays, there's really a lot that can be crammed in something around the size of an OG XB1.

The only thing I can realistically think of is pricing and this is where it falls apart.

With the 1X, we only have some data with a $ 499 console. I guess Sony/MS later on might not go into a territory that's way above that price since it's untested with the current economy and with bad reception of the expensive PS3 way back when.

The only true market here is that there will be some aka the snob market. I believe Nvidia knows how to milk these people but doesn't that kind of market exist basically everywhere at any point in time. Can that be profitable enough without much damage to their branding?

Maybe produce something like 202,000 or 202,100 units only referencing the next gen release date/s for the first year at $ 899-999. Pretty much nothing in comparison to a few millions of base models made. Tag it with "Limited, Premium, Ultra, A Taste of the Future" for that extra marketing subconscious tactics.

Like I said, this is pretty much an impossible territory as far as layman terms go aka I'm pushing it and grabbing straws.

Anyway, I am surprised that there's this case called a DAN A4. It looks like that's 25% larger than the OG XB1.

Apparently with some mods probably made by 3-4 people, they can cram in an i9, 600 Watt internal PSU, 64 GB RAM, SSD and a Titan XP in that body and is available today. most if not all are off the shelf parts.

Price isn't the point exactly the point there since the XP and i9 are very, very expensive relative to more typical pc or console hardware but how much power we can already cram today in a small box.

I also think chips are a lot tougher than we think as I've had 80-90 degrees ATI/AMD Cards that were the 4870 512mb that ran for 3 years and never died, just retired the card; 5870 2GB Eyefinity for 6 years and never died, also just retired. Both about 2 hours gaming everyday.

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Didn't know about LABO. Wow that came out at $ 90? Seems too much.

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@Juub1990 said:

Movie games like TLOU and Uncharted 4 need not apply(though I will give Uncharted 2 a pass). So what Sony game in your opinion is better? To me it's the GOTY so far and absolutely the best Sony exclusive I've ever played. One of my most enjoyed games in a long time. Wish it were longer.

It's more of a game than TLoU thanks to more "gamey" rpg aspects. I prefer GoW 2018's gameplay compared to TLoU but prefer TLoUs story. I think I have a soft spot for something with some survival horror aspects.

In beyond 3d forum, which I assume are much more versed than most of us in 3d models, some of them are really loving Krato's cutscene model and true gameplay model and even comparing it to how bad RoTR cutscene to gameplay model is and Gears of War 4.

The axe feels great and the recalls are addicting. It's got some slightly fancy software tech with why it's so crunchy. Check it here:


Not even the venerated MH and DMC has it and For Honor doesn't have it too but at least For Honor's animation in general looks great and isn't needed all that much with some of the fancy animations during combat like characters defending/blocking.

I guess they can just blow their budget with more canned animations/motion matching to account for most hits though.

I bet more and more SnS/magic games/HnS/etc. are gonna copy that later on.

I really wish more games expand on it so it'll be more next gen feeling for crunchy melee combat, like very unique physics based hit reactions.

I think GTA V/4 is amazing at that as long as you take it in a true open world context.

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@blueberry_bandit said:

Yes, this will be one of the staples of VR games as time goes on. Characters that react to everything you do, from body language to interaction to verbal communication.

goodbye real world meme.

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@pc_rocks said:

Okay, let me first said that I loved RPGs for a long time however recently I started to not like them as much may be because I now get less time to play and they require a lot of time grinding.

I mean I can still appreciate the story, choices of your actions and consequences etc. since it doesn't really require grinding but I now come to hate the 'stat' based nature of RPGs where you have to buff up or level up before facing a certain enemy and some games even tell you're not up to the required level, I mean the game literally asks you to do repetitive side content/fetch quests/grinding unless a certain stat gets a higher value, it doesn't depend on your actual skill or how good you're at the game it self. It just ask you to spend more time in game to complete the game.

Anyone else getting tired of the grinding nature of the stat based gameplay rather than skill based?

Depends. It's very subjective.

It depends on your threshold of grinding and enjoyment of gameplay.

I'm thinking of FFXV where I wasn't too fond of (but don't really care all that much) with the locked enemy kill quests because of the party's low level. I'd rather them give me a level suggestion and then it's up to me to tackle it or not.

The progression system should well match the flow of the main campaign and I'm guessing this isn't easy to balance specially for a supposedly big game.

Why it's not so easy is what you implied. It's subjective whether a game overstays its welcome or not for rpgs. Guess we need more meta data harvested for this.

On a related note; can someone from the big three make a more fighting-esque (very skill based) open world rpg with at least 30 hours of main campaign.

I remember my first NG experience with Sigma.. the game had some rpg elements but the combat left like a fighting game for some reason. Encounters are pretty quick but intense early on; way opposite of a musou game.

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@hrt_rulz01 said:

I don't think so... especially not Sony (they'll be sticking to the old generation model I'd say).

But I can see MS maybe doing an updated version of XB1 X (maybe with a new CPU - which will become the base console), and release the more powerful new console alongside it.

Wouldn't they be better off with 3 true new tiers all with next gen CPU/GPU/APU rather than older GPU's limiting new techniques from the next gens, say an something like the base model ultra cheap like $ 299 but only a "1080p next gen machine".

Then again you might be onto something here. They could just turn off fancier things for that kind of modified 1X.

I doubt something like missing raytracing shadows, less particle effects, lower res would make the next gen games/ms exclusives unplayable.

I'm really interested in still seeing MS own both ends like current gen of having the cheapest and most expensive current gens. Sounds pretty smart.

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@appariti0n said:

@j2zon2591: I would guess by ps6 or ps7 gen at the latest, not just AI, but almost everything will be done via the cloud. Essentially it comes down to whenever a sufficient % of the target market has access to reliable enough internet to make streaming services viable.

Fiber internet is about to come to my area, and in theory the ping from the server would not be any slower than running it locally. At least not at any level that’s perceptable to me.

Nice. I hope Fiber there would be competitive in pricing.

I think there are gameplays that aren't as sensitive with latencies but I'm not sure if they'd okay for mass market of console gamers; turned based is one but may there are more real time games that can just que commands and the gameplay isn't really hampered much. At least for early AAA AI Cloud based games.

Might be also an interesting test bed if there are already enough consumers that can be profited upon that requires certain quality of connection.

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@emgesp said:

Not possible at launch. You can only make a console so powerful at a given size and limited power consumption. For a Pro version to offer a decent advantage over the base console at launch it would have to be drastically bigger in size. Unless it offers at least a 2x performance over base hardware there is not point of said console to even exist.

Unless you are assuming base hardware will be weak balls, like sub 10 Teraflops.

Made me think of an out-the-gate-pro as slightly larger than the OG XB1.

I think it's doable if the OG XB1 was a reference size, plus or minus, specially with an external PSU thanks to the actual existing "GTX 1080 Hot Rod PC" with an i7 made by a guy or two. While that doesn't have a BRD, it's not really made by Sony or MS and still mostly innards of off-the-shelf parts.


With a multimillion budget and crapton of inhouse, probably above average engineers I'm guessing they can and it's only a matter of price even if AMD counterparts have worse thermals than Intel and NV parts.

Then again, if the PS5/XB2 have the real top of the line as their base like the base "GTX 3080" (2 gens early top of the line after current Pascals?). Then I guess it's gonna be way less probable.

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@henrythefifth said:

Not really.

Offering high end and low end version of a console is so last season.

So back to the flavors of the past PS360 gen or older or would it have to be more than two versions?