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Yes I hope so.

RE7 didn't spawn another AAA competitor.

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I prefer very high budget graphics. In fact, I'd like to see a cel shaded high budget game with amazing 3d models and art.

I'd prefer a more cohesive cel shaded look than what they're doing with the latest DQ and God Eater with those non cel-shaded backgrounds.

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Simulation Hypothesis.

Who or what the **** "coded" our perceived universal "laws/restrictions"?

I think no other hobby gets you close to connecting with that idea

The most complex game worlds are a marvel IMO. While rare, it could strengthen solipsism and nihilism.

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@npiet1 said:

@stereointegrity:i just upgraded from a failing hdd to an evo. Didnt really see the fuss until i installed it.

@j2zon2591: If you really want a ssd in your console just put it in yourself

Yeah that seems to be the popular choice and practical.

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@dimebag667 said:

Dual sku's is fucking terrible. The best move ps4 made was having only one.......until the they made a mistake with pro.

How so? Devs seem to optimize for the most popular base machine right? and just upticks stuff for the more premium console.

I'm not getting the impression that the PRO is hampering the base PS4 specially with games like the big first party games.

They're premium console seem to be mostly just there for that smaller market that wants extra oomph.

Large portion of the industry seem also used to something like harder like PC ports with far more complex combinations of hardware and setting configurations. A base to premium "up-port" seems relatively far more easier because it's just 1 extra hardware.

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@osan0 said:

@raugutcon: the price sony/MS would pay for a 500GB HDD would be lower than what you would be able to buy it for. it would cost you more to buy the HDD separately. not everyone has a spare HDD lying around. fewer again would know how to install and wouldnt have the inclination to learn.

the console also has to work out of the box. you cant release a console that wont work without an accessory thats not included in the box. thats like selling a console without a controller (which is a bad idea...mostly).

as for the topic: no. too expensive. when something is mass produced every little thing has to be factored. having a very small SSD (say 120GB) for caching could be an option but even if that only adds 10 bucks to the BOM...thats 10 bucks X millions of consoles. that mounts up and 120GB wont get you far. the best you could hope for is using a 7200RPM SSHD and even then.....pushing it.

the TC does raise an interesting point though: they have to do something about loading times, installs and data management. its getting silly. i mean installs simply shouldnt exist on any console (unless its purchased online of course). they should still be striving to just having the user put the disc in and get on with playing the game quickly. the reality is that games next gen will probably be going over the 100GB mark on a regular basis and thats going to but a strain on even a good HDD for loading times.

I asked some people here in SW one time about how horrible the console load times for RE7 but my ancient i5 2500K and 7200rpm drive almost triple the speed of loading from what I can remember.

Someone mentioned here that CPU power mattered a lot since that's the one throwing stuff into the RAM other than the HDD bottleneck.

I think they also implied that the i5 2500K prances around the 8 jaguar cores in the PS4.

Perhaps the PC port is really good though. IDK.

Here's hoping we get a much better CPU that could also help load times among other things next gen even if we start having 100+ GB games and maybe only 16GB (at worst) of total RAM.

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@stereointegrity said:

I just picked up two evo 500gb 860's for $215 new....

I don't want a $200+ add on cost for my next console. I'll just buy my own and swap at a future date.

If things calm down with the flash storage fiasco, I think Sony could strike a deal for $ 35 per 240 GB SSDs later on, past 2018, as long as it isn't among the best like the EVO or PRO Samsungs.

I've tried an Inland cheap SSD and the load times are a massive improvement compared to a 7200rpm drive.

I'm not exactly sure where the added $ 200+ figure is coming from since consoles aren't made for that kind of profit margin like a lot of other electronics such as the med-high end phones and tablets.

Still that's gonna be added $ 30-40 to the final MSRP regardless and that kind of money could be used for something more appealing.

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Good news?

Come join the system wars Google!

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@sakaixx said:

Personally, nope. I rather they use that resource for better gpu & cpu. A welcome addition tho

Yeah that sounds more traditional yet far more practical.

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@stuff238 said:

Waste of time/money for minor speed improvement.

Sony and MS will stick with HDD as they should.

PS5 and XboxWhatever are going to target 4K gaming....which means they are going to take up tons of disc space. Cheap space is more important than fast space.

Definitely makes sense.