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It’s a dying tired franchise. There was nothing that stood out from its showing at E3, anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves. It’s more Gears as usual. Lems will eat it up but most people have moved on, it’s the same old tired shit.

kinda makes me think of uncharted with the wide view sailing (I expect a weaker version of UC4's chase cinematics) and implied verticality when the girl rappelled. I'd play the SP of GeoW5 if I still had my OG XB1 though since I want more AAA SP TPS.

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Have you ever had a moment SW where you were on the verge of becoming disenchanted with gaming and then a game comes out and saves you from that perilous road? I would say that game for me was Bloodborne. Up until that point, I wasn't sure what this gen was going to bring. But Bloodborne brought us hardcore gamers a unique game with an awesome setting, lore, and great game mechanics. It renewed my enthusiasm for gaming and is still considered one of my favorites. What about you, SW? What game(s) renewed your enthusiasm for gaming?

What's so unique about Bloodborne???


at least when it comes to gaming theres barely any Lovecraftian horror done as well as BB did it

Yeah, I definitely agree. Bloodborne had a unique, opressive, atmosphere and story, seeking to remind the player of their insignificance constantly, as opposed to most games being empowerment fantasies. Add to that the precise, tight Soulsborne combat and fantastic world design and you've got yourself one of the best games of the generation

I like how you described it. I appreciated it even more after watching lore vids when I beat the main story.

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I hope they get more money to fund MS' AAA versions of GoW, Uncharted, TLoU, Bloodborne, Gravity Rush 2, HZD on top of a possible open world FPS Halo with SP.

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I hope there's a very cheap streaming subscription but I hope they don't kill rental yet.

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Parasite Eve and Silent Hill.

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@zaryia: I guess you're hardcore then?

No. There isn't just non-gamer, casual, and hardcore. There's a lot in between. As a core competitive gamer, there is no reason to choose PS4 which is mostly about casual SP games (like Spider-Man).

@recloud said:

@boycie: he is not. He doesn't have a gaming machine, actually, as he doesn't post pictures of it. He is just a troll, we don't even consider him human.

There goes the fresh ban dodging alt (April 2018 join date, but posts about very old SW events and people) that continues to lie about me with no citation or proof. Attempting to turn every thread I post into a debate about my personal life by making up lies of what I own, were I live, my race, and how much money I make.

You're pretty creepy. Try to stay on topic for once, without turning the thread into your little e-stalker playground.

I kinda had a thread how Sony AAA, high ranking exclusives, are fairly easy to blaze through or less complex compared to the others in the genre like UC not having as heavy impact at Gears MP I guess, HZD and GoW easy even in highest difficulty (as a casual gamer I attest to this), less featured Souls like Bloodborne.

It might be even smart for Sony to be the gateway aka babies first AAA games since they're also fantastic with graphics and presentation to somewhat cover up for the simpler mechanics. Some even say less is more.

This will kill the game for adrenaline junkies that can only be placated by more complex competitive mp/versus and I think most are in PC.

Most of the high ranking AAA Sony games seem more like novelty experiences and I tend to value that more as someone from the non competitive crowd.

I'm guessing Nintendo's Mario/Pokemon/Smash have a higher mastery ceiling than most Sony AAA games too but that's mostly a guess since I don't have a Nintendo system.

I'm more of a Sony and PC person but think PC reigns supreme for having the highest base of the very competitive players that are less of a recluse that avoids high end pvp.

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Much better animations, hit reactions and more animation bones.

Much better hair.

Less clipping issues.

More buttons and/or better use of the Playstation's touchpad.

Faster load times.

I'm okay with 1080p/30fps dedicated most else to better shaders/lighting.

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Most AAA games. Mostly from Sony.

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Hmm.. Dragon Age 4 and all its DLCs.

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@HalcyonScarlet said:

No, the consumer is willing to spend at launch, at the most seems to be around £350. So if you're making a console, not at a loss, realistically, it's not going to knock anyones socks off at that price. There's nothing they can do, incremental consoles are the future.

They could get away with it in the past because there was a HUGE difference between consoles, PS2 to PS3 for example. But now not so much. This gen hasn't come close to making last gen feel obsolete in any way. There's very little I still wouldn't mind playing on my Xbox 360. On the other hand a lot of PS1 and PS2 games, can be a thing to get into because they haven't aged well.

I'd argue that the PC can still be better value than the increment updates. We only need to upgrade our graphics cards, for example, I just needed to buy a GTX 1060 6GB, which was around £230 for me at the time. But with the console, every thing is bought again, so the Xbox One X is over £400. And let's be honest, it is just used as a graphics card up date over the original Xbox One.

Now that you mention older gens, I heard there were various configurations last gen although IDK if they were available at the start. Something about HDDs with 360 and some USB port SKUs on the PS3? I'm not sure if these are true though. If that's true, then there could be enough wiggleroom for a more expensive product.

The more premium unit isn't targetting "most" consumers and more about the snob market but the system has to be done in a profitable manner which I am sure a lot of companies already how to manage this specific target specially in consumer electronics.

As with the PC statement, I definitely prefer PC because it's more open and I spend more time alt tabbed into the web while only running 1 machine. I tend to jump to multiple stuff while gaming so sometimes consoles feel cramped in that way. I don't like typing on smart phones though I haven't really bothered pairing a keyboard on our phones/tablets/phablets.