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Time To VOTE!!!

I you didnt vote in Nov., VOTE now for whats really important!LOL Happy Holidays to everyone out there in Gaming land!! I have been pulled away from GS for quite a while recovering from another fun trip to the VA...Now its time to get back to gaming and I hope to see you all out there!

Happy Halloween to all!!!

Hope everyone has had a great Halloween and stayed safe in the process! Soo many great games have released in the past few weeks!! GHWT...DeadSpace, Force Unleashed....Fallout 3, Fable 2.... Have you all tried them? What new games have you all been spending all your waking time on?

Ike and only 7 days...

Ike is saying hello to South Florida w/Wind and heavy rain as is passes near us. More importantly, there are only 7 DAYs left until The Force Unleashed hits the shelves!! How I love ripping through the demo... I cant wait for the game!!

13 Days!!!

Only 13 Days until the release of The Force Unleashed!!! I cant wait!! Things have been crazy the last few weeks and I am still waiting for my power supply to come back. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend!

Fay, Fay, go away!

Tropical Storm Fay has hit around 5am EST and we have been getting hit with rain, wind and more rain!! We have been lucky with this storm so far. The best thing is we haven't lost power. We have thunderstorms that have hit us worse. Hopefully the rest of Florida fares as well and just gets a few rainy and windy days out of Fay.

Clone Wars WEEKEND!!!

How was the movie? Was it everything you thought it would be? Have you seen it more than once yet? lol! I know I enjoyed it and of course the kids did to, prob. not as much as me though!!! Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Great Gaming!

Worth a peek!

Hope everyone is having a great week out there! One of my friends, vixdiesel, has posted a blog about this site that anyone that has an xbox or likes free microsoft swag needs to check out! It has worked out very well for vix and even scored a free XBox Pro package!! FREE is a great price for cool stuff that you have your eye on!! I will let everyone know what I find out as I get into it. I belive it links your existing windows live/x-box live account to this site since it recognized me when I went to sign in. If anyone else has news about this site, please remember... Sharing is Caring! LOL!


Fried Power Supply!

I am very bummed that my power supply on my gaming pc died over the weekend... The only good news about it is covered by its warranty. I feel like a part of me is empty now that I am down to my 'browsing/email computer' and my consoles... At least now I can get some gameplay under my new xbox gamertag... (All my origional acheivements got wiped out by 'mistake' allegadly!! My friends 7 yr old wiped me out before I got online with XBox Live. Talk about a rough move to my new place huh!!?) In a way, its been fun to pull out my favorites and start playing them again! Talk to everyone soon! Hope everyone is having a good week and great gaming!!

Rad Racer

I am a RAD RACER!! No more Atomic Punk, lol!! I also finally recieved my Electric SHEEP!! Well, I am off to work on my xbox gamertag!