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Renard Update

Gamespot has been really cool to me since I started to become active here. Lots of cool videos and info. I got some new emblems, leveled up a couple of times, and I'm now in 4 unions. This is gonna be fun.

All Things Nintendo Union

I would like to give a thanks to All Things Nintendo for recruiting me to the union. I cant wait to interact with everyone.

Today I read that Nintendo has another secret on the Wii to reveal. I wonder what it could be. Only time will tell.

The Death of Half-Life

Ever since Half Life 2 came out, there hasnt been much people online in the original Half Life. It's hard to find a server with people around your playing level online. Yesterday, I might of stayed up 3 hours last night trying to find some real people. But everytime I ran into some stupid bots. R.I.P Half Life

Counter Strike: Source and F.E.A.R

I decided to look at the Tournament TV Counter Strike videos. Nothing much to say except the guy was right when he said it's called the Gamespot's Ridiculously Long Counter Strike Tournament.

Now I looked at F.E.A.R I might need to buy this game. I almost shat myself atleast 10 time in a gameplay vid. Even though it has a some scariness in it, being the Half Life loser I am, I need to play this game.