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Join meh Union!

I made a union all about kitties! I still need some charter members to accept (Yes and SSL) but yea when it is formed join!..if you wub kitties!

Viva La Pieboy!

w00t the new PB union owns my soul (thank you Chev). Everything pieboy..its seriously like heaven. Whoever loves the coveted Pieboy join!

Holy crap...what a great gift

Holy Mother of God my friend came over and she tells me she bought me something. Im thinking "What did she get me?". She freaking bought me World of Warcraft! Now i have Guild Wars and World of is that awesome or what? I dont know what to do to pay her back for what she did for me...

Yes!She is banned!

Yes! dantesgal was banned omfg i am so happy...yea i am kind of pathetic. I want to the shake the hand of the mod that banned her. Mission Acomplished

Wedding Crashers[ Review]

Wow i thought this was going to be a dissapointment. But it really really wasnt. Wow this movie was HIGH-larious. It has Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn so it must be good right? Well as you know they go to Weddings and pick up girls and have..err intercourse at their apartment. John Beckwith(Owen Wilson) falls in love with a woman he meets at a wedding and so does his buddy Jeremy(Vince Vaughn) Its turns out the girl John is in love with already has a she invites both Jeremy and John to her house on the beach. Thats where everything goes out of control and it starts getting hilarious.


-Good Plot
-Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson!
-Smart Comedy

-.......There are some slow parts that are boring


Im back!

Yep im back at Gamespot...for anyone that cares. Wow Florida was pretty awesome. Lets see....hmmmm i went to Disney World and went on Splash Mountain...(freaking awesome). I cant find my picture so i cant put it up. Then i went to Universal Studios and it was fun i got on Revenge of the Mummy. It was short but pretty cool. There was a big storm while me and my friends were there so we had the run out of sucked. Then i went to Bayside i bought a couple maiden shirts and then i seen the funniest thing. There was a reggae band playing and this random Jamaican dude starts dancing to the music. I have a video and i will put it up soon...i didnt meet any girls....that was the only bad part. Oh check this bags never got from Atlanta to California....i have no clothes to wear.....this sucks

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