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Song of The Week #2

For the week of May 13-19 we have the ending song of Fate/Zero "Memoria"

 Title: "Memoria"

Artist: Aoi Eir

Anime: Fate/Zero


Song of The Week

I haven't posted a blog in awhile and since school is slowly coming to an end i decided to start doing blogs again. And since I'm doing blogs again I decided to start my return introducing a new thing I'll be doing, and that is doing video, song and picture of the week.

For the week of Apr 28- May 4, I decided to pick a classic song i always listened to while growing up

The Real Folk Blues

By: Seatbelts ft. Mai Yamane

Been awhile

It been awhile since i posted a blog (2 years) then again there haven't been much to talk about, for me everything been going by smoothly :cool: , Since my last blog entry was about me making a new sig might as well make this be the same thing sort of. For the past couple of months i been showing the work i did on Photoshop on deviantart and been getting alot of feedback on what to improve on so comparing my last blog entry to the one today i think i made a great improvement :D

Devaintart account:

Most viewed:


Taking sig request starting tommorow

I decided to start taking sigs request again since i now have some free time but not next week since im going on vacation for the week.

Anyways the reason why i left gamespot (again:roll: ) was because of family issues and laptop died on me so i couldnt go back on anyway:P i started working at a best buy near my house hoping to make enough money to buy a new laptop it took longer than i thought:| once i made enough money i bought a new laptop i used a employee discount too. So now i more than likely stay and stay active in the unions again.

Black Friday to do list

List of stuff to buy

Well thanks to a bet i won a few days ago im able to go get the games i want to get

* UFC Undisputed 2009

* NBA 2K10

* Call of Duty modern warfare 2

* PS3

* Madden NFL 2010

* Left4Dead 2

* Xbox 360 wireless adapter

* And finally Assassin Creed 2

I would get more but i just recently got fired :roll:

NFL Results

Week 11 Results

Dolphins defeat Panthers 24-17

Colts defeat Ravens 17-15

(Colts remain undefeated 10-0)

Cowboys hang on to defeat there rivals Redskins 7-6

Lions defeat Browns thanks to Matthew Stafford late touchdown drive

( Even though the pass interference from the browns helped them:roll: )

Packers defeat 49er's 30-24

Jaguars defeat Bills 18-15 despite Terrell owens 197 yard game

Chiefs upsets Steelers in OT 27-24

Vikings defeat Seahawks 35-9

( My team cant seem to get awin these days:roll: )

Giants defeat Falcons 34-31 in OT

Saints keep there streak going with a win over Tampa

(Saints remain undefeated 10-0)

Cardinals defeat Rams 21-13

Chargers defeat Broncos 32-3

Patriots defeat Jets 31-14

Raiders upset Bengals 20-17

Sunday night Football

Eagles defeat Bears 24-20

Monday Night Football

Titans defeat Texans 20-17

Have a nice Thanksgiving:D

Photo of the week and some other stuff

This is one of the reviews i did on Naruto Chronicles 2

Ok i'll start off with the gameplay the gameplay i'll give it 9 out of 10. I really like the multiplayer and the action the multiplayer make it alot of fun because you can do the story mode with your freinds and it made the story easier because my partner take on the same amount of enimies as me. But the story shouldv'e been longer than 10 chapter that was a dissapointment right there.The story mode wasn't as difficuilt as i thought it would be i guess the hardest battle was the final boss all the other bosses were easy to take down to me.I also like the multiplayer versus mode i can now face my freind on the game with my favorite naruto character. Another thing i like was the missions some were callenging some not so much but it was a nice addition to the chronicle. The action was good the attack for each character was nice except the chidori for sasuke i don't see why he have to jump and do it maybe it might do more damage but it should just stay on the ground. And garras sand rain it wouldv'e been better if it was a wall of sand in front of him and then the wall of sand shoot sand kunais. The graphics were good the battle feild had a pretty good long area to fight in. The sound were great the opening part when you start the game couldv'e had a diffrent music. I was surprised to see naruto turn one tail when he turned kyubbi i was surprised because he doesn't turn one tail in the anime until his fight with sasuke and america isn't even there yet. But a dissapointment was that sasuke can't turn curse mark or anything like that i don't get why you have a one tailed naruto but no curse mark sasuke. I believe i didn' missed anything so this is the end of my review.

If you had to rate out of 10 what would you give it(to me i couldv'e done better 8/10 :o)

And heres the photo of the week


And any request for the video of the week?

I'm back>.>

Yeah i'm finally back after at least 6 months or so:shock:

School finally started for me -.-

So that means i probably only be active on the weekends

This week video will be Naruto shippuden opening 3 it will be up in 1 hour or less;)

But here's today picture of the week