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5 reasons why we like fps games



Why we love headshot's.Who knows.We are humans.There's no explanation.You can kill enemy.Throat,leg,arm and stomach.But why head.Maybe because you love to see enemy headless falling down and he's eyes moving second after headshot.He's brain pieces falling while he's body is out of control.And then bloodstain.Can you fell it,boys and girls!!!!!!!!!

Look at that bloodstain make's you god for a second.You can smell blood from tv.But while you are thinking someone blows you head off and you are human again:evil::cry::P



Looking at guns you ask yourself do you need it.Of course you do.This is fps.Not real but ok.Why choosing beetwen uzi and barret.Because something is better.Yeah right.They are all same.Each with their flaws and good side's.Uzi is small but fast.Barret s super strong but slow.You are trying to achieve perfection but you will not.You will try them all because you think you can.



Just move analog and tap r1.You will be first sometime.There are a lot of players which are better than you.Like you care.If you can win like that that's ok with you.Even a biggest noob can win with camping and tommorow in school he will say:"yesterday i won three maches in row".Maybe you did but so did I.



Bazooka flying over your head,grenade exploding next to you bullet on your other side while you are trying to get that kill.Fps is most fun online.Batlling other players which are swearing just like you but this time you got airstike and you sweeped them out.Massive battles full of explosion's and adrenaline.That is something that only fps could deliver.



Because you can virtually be one.You can fight like one,make tactics like one and be winner lik one.But you are just couch potato.Get a life.:D:P

The comeback blog

Where to start.So much to say.To show.New games,E3 opinions,coming back to unions,things in my life,fourth platinum,coming back to ps1 classics and so much new things.Like i said where to start.Hope you guys missed me cause i am coming back with blog bigger than ever.So lets start guys.Now onto big blog.

Coming back to gamespot and unions

Guys i came back.Dont expect me to rampage over unions already.I need to catch up with things here.Next two days i wont be so active cause i am choosing school.But with one week i will be same old infamous poster.8)

E3 thoughts and games which i anticipate

I loved e3.It was awesome.Not so many things new but enought to interest me.I will rewiev whole E3 and say something about games i am interested in.Biggest boom for me was like wtf wtf wtf wtf................................................................

Sly collection

Cant believe it.Sly is one of my favourites series ever.So great game.Now all three on one blu-ray with three platinum trophies.Banzai.Dont know what that means but is is cool.Cant wait to kick off with Sly,Bentley and murray in new adventures.Ok not knew but i want to experience this game again.All three of them.


I am excited too but we need to wait litlle more sly.Just litlle more.

Now onto Naruto:ultimate ninja storm this guy crazy.Most of you guys probably hate naruto but i loved first one and now with online modes,bigger world to explore,bigger character roster,new moves,ultra moves.....................

I am tired.Story will feature 250 episodes of series.Awesome.Cant wait to kick some asses online.Suck this rasengan.......


Why i always need to say suck something.:lol:

Now killzone 3.Killzone 2 was like the most realistic fps ever for me.Pure strategy and talent.You cant win just shooting like mother.......Killzone 3 just needs to work on some minor things.They added on-rails missions because they fans want it.Bunch of good people they are.:P.I just want little more interesting story.Suck this bullet from helgast.........................


I need to stop.Seriously:|

Other games i am interested in:Bulletstorm,Rage,Twisted metal and some other games.

Fourth platinum

Yea i got platinum from uncharted2:among thieves and it was awesome.It was awesome to get it.Iam close to plat some other games but thats it for now.Kick ass.


MY life

I am choosing school.Finalist are economic,techical and and nature science.I am fighting with my sister.Wait wtf.Thats not what i meant.You probably arent interested in that.I got new games.

Super street fighter 4 and Red dead redemption.Both awesome games.I love em.I ordered B:bc2.Damn awesome.

Ps1 ****cs

With my neighbour i started playing some ps1 clasics like crash nitro cart.tekken 3 and some others.That brings some meories back.


what awesome graphics:P.

The end words

So now i am back and ive been missing you guys.But one important thing happened.I fixed online.I had my first game night thanks to Mr_fujiv1.Guys add me to psn.CRO_Ivan10

Infamous13579 out.I fell satisfied.See ya around:D


guys i am not on gamespot because these days i am choosing which school i will go in.I only have 4 days.

And i would like to participate in medal of honor beta.Anyone knows a way to get key.

Not all of people are nice


Not all of people are nice.Pure true.Some guys are really evil.I will not mention them now.But i wanted say this.I go to sleep and wake up.I go to Gamespot and see new blogs.Because i track too much people:P i must comment to 60 blogs.But i dont have to comment.I comment on 60 blogs at once.And what i get.5 of that people comment on my blog.And i do that half of year.I comment to everyone's blog.I think that is really good from me:oops:.I think i am good.But why dont that people comment on my blog.Probably they don't like me.It will be mystery till the end.Lets go to some more happy stuff..........:).


On demon's souls i beaten some bosses.First lets start with old monk.A guy who killed his own wife and demon's are in his heart which hold's two towers with chain.He is easy boss with interesting story.Now look at him.His look is very weak............

old monkHe doesn't really have axe.:P

But that's not him.Thats the demon you fight.He summon's tthis demon to fight you.He looks really old..................:P


This is him.Old granpa who barely lives.He survived only because of his heart.But when you destroy heart with his last strengh he summons that yellow demon.

Now second demon i beaten.He is big,strong and cool-looking(others are not9.His name is penetrator.Why penetrator......


Because when you hide he penetrates through wall and slash your guts out:lol:.

Thats all from me today guy's.


Big change in my blogs

First lets start with this.My last blogs obviously suc...They were so bad.I realised that now.With some time here on gamespot you just grow up in writing blogs and you became smarter.OK.Enough of shi.... myself.:P.My new blogs will be like this.My gaming progress part,new games part and my thoughts(and a lot of other things).It is better for me and for you this way.;)


Not extacly new game but game is ordered so....My super street fighter 4 is coming in like 5 days or so.I am really pumped for game.I will put a lot of time in it.I just hope it doesn't dissapoint me.For the end of this part i say suck this....................




This weak i was playing just Demons souls.In it i beaten some bosses.But only one was really hard.Thats maneater.........


Thats him.He is not so hard but when you kill him another maneater spawn's:shock::evil::roll:.But i beaten him.Realief:P.

You must admit he is ugly.:P.His face is from some granpa.:?:cry:.But he was awesome fight.


Empty wall's by Serj Tankian,He is awesome but really this song is.......Lyrics are just fenomenal and his voice is just increnidble.Melody is great too.Great job Serj.


Dont be suprised.I really love it:D:P


I hope you enjoyed change.I think it was more interesting to read it now.;)