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First Time For Everything

I think we all agree that there's a "first time for everything", I mean you always hear some guy say this is my first time having this meal or I just had my first surgery but you get to forget some of them over the years unless it was important or made a huge impact on your life, now I don't think the gaming world would apply as "huge impact" but I still remember a few "First Time" moments in gaming which made me change the way I look to games in general, I mean I never liked multiplayer or any online mode in any game but when I first tried it turned out to be so much fun and additive, so here is a list about some of these moments that stuck with me:

  • The first time I played online was when I tried Killzone 2 on the PS3, oh and I only did it because a friend asked me to show him how to play online.
  • The first shooter game I played was Wolfenstein 3D on the PC, it wasn't as much fun as the games that were around like Prince of Persia but it had its moments oh and I was a little bit psyched when I heard about the remake.
  • My first RPG was Final Fantasy VIII and from there I started playing more RPG's which eventually became my favorite genre.
  • The first game I got to finish was Contra on the NES, I played it with my cousin and we had so much fun.

So I've been playing a lot lately since I graduated from the university mainly because I want to take a break and catch up, I played Demon's Souls for more than a month now because I didn't want to leave it until I get the platinum trophy and that I did, it was worth the time.


Since my last blog 'which was a long time ago' I finished a lot of games and right now I'm playing Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and MAG.


I finished a lot of anime since my last blog also, check my profile on MAL, right now I'm watching Canaan, I watched a couple of episodes.


The last movie I saw was Hangover, I don't know about you all but it seems a lot of the movies lately are crap so I haven't seen much.

Here & There

 It's been a while since I played a good game on any platform I played like 2 games which took about two months, Gears of War on the PC and Disgaea 3 on the PS3 and those games didn't meet my expectations, let me explain:

1 - Gears of War:

I think the game is good but not that great I mean I only played the single mode so my opinion is based on that, 70% of the game is about guard&shoot, guard&shoot but it did a good job presenting that style but still the time will come when you get board of that that's why I'm saying it's a good game but not that great.

1 - Disgaea 3:

Ok, the main thing I look for in an RPG or SRPG is the story, even if the game's graphic is awful or the sounds are horrible still if the story is decent I'll probably like the game which is why I did not consider this game a great one, the story is so childish but the gameplay is great which is why I continued playing the game for some time.

 Now, to talk about The Witcher, this game has to be one of the greatest Action/RPG games I've ever played along side Vagrant Story and Oblivion I mean the story is so twisted which has more than one ending, I had a great time playing that game even though I stopped playing it in the middle because of my PC but still anyone who likes Action/RPG genre and enjoy a great story should play this game.

It's been a while

God it's been a while since I wrote something on Gamespot, anyway I'll be watching TGS on Gamespot I hope it'll be a good show, it's gonna be my 2nd show on Gamespot the 1st was "ok", been playing Crysis for a while now, that game was worth the wait, I'm playing it @ 1920x1080 with the 'High' setting, it's really great, I'll be playing Gears of War next on my PC.

No Updates

Man this sucks, how come it's been about 10 days since I got an update from gamespot???? I think there is something wrong with the website or something and I'm starting to hate this website but I hope the staff of gamespot will make some good effort on finding some exiting news or new movies about video games.


I'm finished, my Midterms are over and I'm sick like hell but that won't stop me from Executing "my plan" although it may change it because I will be playing Chrono Cross instead, I know it's a huge step down for the graphic and pretty much everything from gaming perspective, BUT not for the gameplay because I'm playing it for the first time so I'm happy about this game.

Midterm Exams

In about two days I'm gonna be done with my Midterm Exams, I will set the world on fire ' my world of course ' I will play the elder scroll oblivion AGAIN and I will watch as much anime as I can and I might fly to India ' and I'm not joking ' so people you better have your firemen ready to work cause I'm ready with my matches.