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My thoughts of E3 2007

Lets start off with my thoughts on Nintendo: Wow, what a terrible press conference... I couldn't stand it. Basically Nintendo "We're really rich and you're poor." They're whole press conference was basking in their success, there's no problem to be proud but not at E3. There were so many numbers, how boring... They didn't show enough of their hit games, like MP3, Mario, and mario kart Wii. They're biggest annoucnements were th3 W11 z4pp3r (z0mg just w4ht 1 w4n7ed!), the Wii wheel (ummm hello there are already wii wheels availible...... omg....) AND THEY'RE FINALLY AWESOME UB3R GAME, WII FIT!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG SW337!!!

NOTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why would they end e3 with a stupid game like wii fit?!!!!!!!!! WTF! Thats my rant on Nintendo's disgraceful garbage terrible E3.

Microsoft: Well not the best conference but a hell of a lot better than Nintendo's. Halo 3 looks hella sweet and will be awesome, and Mass effect, wow it's be so aw3s0m3. The intro and ending were absolutely pheonaminal (spelling error). Started with Halo ended with Halo, classic. The Halo edition Xbox 360 is well...UGLY!!!! Cool none t3h less but the color looked like diareha. Like Nintendo M$ had too many numbers.... We want to entertained! Not look at NUMB3R5!

Sony: Awesome comeback sony!!! Congtratulations. I used to not everwant the PS3 but Sony's fantastice press conference changed my mind, I don't feel like typing anymore so goodbye.

My E3 predictions.

Sony - They need to drop the price of their console, no questions about it. Sony is obviously in "last place in the system wars" so a price drop would bring them into the range of the Xbox 360. They should bring back the 20gig model too. I'm not really sure what Sony is gonna pull outta the hat this year but for their sake it better be something revolutionary! (That'd be interesting if they annouced a PSP 2! But i HIGHLY doubt it).

Nintendo - I LOOVVVEEEE playing online and they need to change their online portion of their console. I have the most perfect idea for them that keeps the Wii family friendly and still appeals the hardercorer online gamers. They should make a setting that you download (via Wi-Fi system update) that lets parents either have the online FRIENDS ONLY or have it PUBLIC. I would really like them to do something like that.

Microsoft - If Sony does indeed issue a price drop of $100.00 I think Microsoft might follow, maybe, maybe not. That should be interesting to see what they do if there a PS3 price drop. The 3 year warranty is awesome so there's no need to improve there. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft entered the handheld section either, but I don't think they'd do something like that until E3 '08. I know this won't happen until a few years have passed, But it's obvious Microsoft will be making another console, and I've always wondered. WHAT will they call it? Can't be the Xbox 720, that'd be soooo stupid. If you're reading this I'm very interested in your ideas, Pleash share them :D


A few days ago i had the emblem "Hella Old-School" but it's back to the "Old-School" emblem, wtf!?

R.i.p. :'(

I set up my PS2 in the bonus room in my house so i could play on the big screen and i had a lot of fun. I played ratchet deadlocked, Spyro Ripto's rage, and after that i decided to give spyro enter the dragonfly a chance again, i hadn't played it in a while, but that only lasted around 30 minutes because that game is total garbage. Then I dug out my favorite game of alllll time, Psychonauts!!!! w00t. I started a new game, as soon as i heardcoach oleanders voice iknewthis would keep me busy for a while =P. Well i was wrong. My Psychonauts isso severly glitched that it is UNPLAYABLE. I'm very dissapointed right now. I loved that game andnow its glitchedbeyond repair. Loadingtimes are about 1minute extra than usual,I see the action and animationbut it takesat least 40 seconds until i hearthe audio, the music doesn't play, animations glitch. I'm very sad. O wellI guess i'll throw down $30 on Ebay for a new copy,It's worth it.

Mario Party 8

Sucks, it got 6.5, i'm not even gonna bother renting that game, so now i'm just gonna wait for pokemon battle revolution. and in the mean time i'll race some noobs, and own some noobs, on forza 2, and gears