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Graphics do they really matter?

I keep seeing people complaining about the graphics in Fallout 4. What I think a lot of people forget is that a game should have good gameplay and performance over fancy visuals.

There's also very good reason for the visuals being like they are. I'll quote the PC Master Race Wiki for this.

They're not here to build a game so demanding that you can't play it, and anyone who says so isn't telling you the whole truth. Game developers want sales, and if their game only run on the aforementioned minority enthusiast sector of PCs, they're going to get minority sales to go along with it.

If the visuals are less fancy it means that on PC Fallout 4 gets more sales. If you want better graphics then (assuming you have a decent rig) can download mods which make the game look better. You don't need the graphics mods to play the game and you certainly don't need to run the game at the highest of settings to enjoy it either.

Also as you'd expect sacrifce had to be made for the console versions too which sadly to say only run at 30fps but 30fps games are not that bad, but I wish it would be 60fps.

One other thing that needs to be taken into account. There's a lot in open world games like Fallout 4 that goes on behind the scenes. Calculating things like Player Positon, Ammuntion, NPC's, Quests, Random events, store inventories, armour counter, health counter, tracking statisitcs, running scripts, running dialouge, and much more.

I think the real question on my mind at least is what kind of mods can we expect on the console version? I'm getting the game on PS4 first to play it completly vanilla, and then on PC to play it fully modded.

Too Long and didn't read?

Bascially Fancy visuals are nice but they mean nothing if the game is boring to play and suffers from bad performance.

Thoughts on Microsoft buying Mojang

Well I guess it could be appropirate to say that Minecraft will be dead in the next few years. It means that Microsoft could make Minecraft 2.0 exclusive to Xbox, and Xbox Only. Meaning that the once crowning PC version will be nothing but a mere memory.

Even if you played the PC version you may need to pay a subscription fee to play the game online resulting in more money being spent, and even when you do pay be ready for the Moutain Dew, Lynx and Doritos Advers slapped all over the place.

They'll start charging you to use Texture Packs like on the console versions, they'll disguise mods as "DLC" and force you to pay a large ammount of money for it.

To cut it short, they may say that other versions of Minecraft will be unaffected, but give it time. We'll slowly see the other versions being abandoned for the Xbox version. DLC and Updates will be Xbox first, and the others will have to wait months or even years.

There is no reason for MS to buy Minecraft, if you ask me I think its because they fucked up with the Xbox One launch, their getting desprate, buying as many IP's as they can to milk.

Keep playing Minecraft while you can, for it will see the last of its life today.

R.I.P. Minecraft

May 17th 2009 - Septermber 15th 2014

An obvious easter egg that no one has seen.... LA Noire.

This is stupid how could anyone not notice the reference to the game "Bully" which was also made by R*. The character "Galloway" who you work with on Homicide on LA Noire is A REFRENCE TO THE ENGLISH TEACHER ON BULLY! Galloway on LA Noire has trouble with Alcohol (Listen to the dialog while in the car) , well the English teacher Galloway on Bully is also troubled by alcohol, even drinking it during his classes. (See the Bully mission "Hatrick vs Galloway") and the teacher that Galloway confides in about his trouble is called Mrs PHELPS ..................... You are called Phelps on LA Noire! How can you not notice the correlation..... I am shocked and disgusted no one has seen this so far. I've searched the internet and I seem to be the only person to notice this.

Top Video game easter eggs, and video game memes, back story items/quotes etc.

1. Oracle Turret - Portal 2 The above easter egg also for-shadows future events in the game. It also provides back ground history on GlaDOS which will come into play later on in the game. It also provides an answer to the way out of the turret redemption room. "The Answer lies beneath us". You rescue that Turret for an Achievement. This turret is also encountered early in the game where Wheatly is talking to it. 2. Singing Turrets - Portal 2 These turrets seem to be lead by a larger turret which in fact does look like an Egg. 3. 10mm Pistol - Brink If you look at the Ritchie revolver from the right angle, it looks the same as the 10mm Pistol from Fallout 3, even more so if put a silencer on it. 4. Cave Johnson Lemon Rant - Portal 2 A random rant about Lemons from Apeature's CEO/Founder 5. Caroline - Portal 2 During the part where you first learn about Cave Johnson there is a picture of him with a Woman called "Caroline" whose personality is transplanted into GlaDOS. The name "Caroline" was also mentioned by the Oracle Turret. Looking at this picture also unlocks an Achievement.

Quit complaing about video games.

Stop these annoying complaints about video games. I will list some of the ones I have heard of. 1. Panorama - Video games cause addiction. I am not going to say video games are not addictive, but why did Panorama pick on video games? Smoking is addictive once started Drugs can be addicitive. 2. Video Games make people Violent I can only think of one occasion that a video game has lead to violence, and that got Manhunt banned in the UK. One incident..... and suddenly all games cause violence. Yes I raise my voice when some **** cheats on CoD. However I never resort to hurting anyone because of it. 3. An airport attack in russia was blamed on MW2. The attack could have been planned months in advance, although similar to the controversial level in MW2. The two are unrelated. 4. (The latest) Angry Father at Portal 2's depecition of adoption. WHAT THE **** Get your head out of your arse, it's a ****ing game, stop taking it seriously and just enjoy the game for what it is, if you don't like it don't get it simple as that. 5. Resident evil 5 was racist HOW THE **** IS THIS SO? So killing spanish people in resident evil 4 was right, but killing mutated Africans is wrong?

UK PSN - Down again.

Last night PSN came back on for the UK... so I instantly signed in and changed my password. I mamnaged to get some games on CoD MW2 and then managed to link my steam and PSN accounts. However at around 9:45pm (GMT) PSN went offline again.

I was angry at this because I and many others were waiting for a long time for PSN to come back. As far as I am aware PSN is still down for the UK. This was due to the ammount of people changing passwords, whether PSN is down for days or months remains to be seen.

Funnily enough around the time it went down my friends were able to get onto PSN .... which I found odd considering they live next door, and our PSN is still down.

Sorry to bring this sad news to the UK PSN users, but you must be made aware of this.

Why I will never own another Xbox again.

Xbox Live

It's stupid to have to pay to play online when I can play most Xbox games on PC online for free. Why do we have to pay? Where/who/what does that money go to?

Also doesn't anyone notice that Xbox live will keep charging your card when your live account ends?

PSN is free and the subscription service is 100% optional.


When I got my first Xbox I had to shell out abother £70 for the wirless adapter, on top of the £200 price tag of the console it's self combined with the £40 for Xbox live, and £40 each for the games. The PS3 and the Wii come with a wirless adaoater built in.

The play and charge kit cost me around £35, when the PS3 controllers have this functionality bulit in.

With the Xbox you could only use microphones/headsets that are made specifically for the Xbox. They cost a fortune, with the PS3 you can hook up ANY Blue Tooth headset you want, whether it be offical or not.

HDD Space

The PS3 came with over 80GB's of storage, when compared to the **** 20GB's on the Xbox.

The Xbox live Market Place

The market place on Xbox live is one of the biggest rip off's in gaming hisotry. You're paying double the ammount of money for DLC, becuse of the MS Points system.

Where as on the PS3 you're dealing in real currency, PS Plus users ger FREE games and DLC. Also the PS Store also has some good bargins as well.

Well done Sony.

This post is not sarcastic.

I am thanking Sony for rolloing out PSN regioin by region. Although this will take more time, it stops the servers from being overloaded and preventing more PSN downtime.

One thing that is annoying me, is that everyone seems to think that PSN should have been back up on Tuesday? Where did they get this information?

The official Sony Blog said it will be back sometime this week, they never mentioned a specifc day. Hopefully it will all be back soon and I can finally link my Portal 2 and Steam accounts.

My opinion on the PSN outage.

We all know about the PSN outage by now so I won't go into a story about it. I have not yet made a blog post in the seven days PSN has been down, and I figured I would now.

  • To "Do something better" comments.
    The argument is about PSN not being back up, yes I agree its a tad sad that people are missing PSN, take into account that people do have the right to complain. Telling people to do something better isn't helping. You usually make this comment to insult people. If you don't have anything useful or helpful to say on the subject, don't say anything.

  • To the Xbots.
    The situation is not about which console is better, its about PSN being down. Now in America its not much of an issue, however in the EU and the rest of the world where the PS3 is OUTSELLING the Xbox, you can see why people are complaining. Xbox live is not better, it is only a matter of time before Xbox live is hacked again, yes again. Also didn't Xbox live go down for a whole week in 2007? Around Xmas time ....

  • To "Hurry up and fix it" comments.
    Sony have to re-build the entire PSN network with better security. Its not something that will happen over night. Luckilly they had backups, otherwise it might take months for PSN to come back online. Sony are trying to fix it.

  • To "I want a refund"
    A refund for what? If your a PS+ subscriber then you have the right for a refund or at least an extension on the subscription, however those who don't pay for PS+ Sony shouldn't give you anything, because you didn't pay for anything. Any DLC is stored on the console so you haven't lost anything (Unless you were downloading DLC when PSN went down) If Sony feels they should give you all a refund or something for free then you'll get it.

  • To "bad timing comments"
    Sadly I have to agree, it is poor timing for PSN to be down over the bank holiday, and over the week Portal 2 and MK9 are released. Remember when Xbox live was down for a week over Xmas back in 2007, when people all got Xboxes for Xmas (myself included). It is possible that the hacker targeted PSN over the bank holidays, because they knew people were off work then. Why would the hacker wait?

  • To those scared about personal information being stolen.
    Yes it is a real bad issue, however I have not yet had any suspicious activity on my bank account, nor have I recieved any scam E-mails, phone calls or Scam Post. Nothing bad has happend yet, and Sony do not have sufficent evidence to suggest that credit card information has been stolen. If you recieve any E-mails that are from Sony, then ignore them and send PSN an E-mail asking if they sent it. Scam Phone calls and E-mails are very easy to avoid.

In my personal opinion, it is chaos. The US Playstation blog says some PSN services will be up and running within a week, the Metro newspaper said it would be back on tonight (27/4/2011) and the UK PSN FAQ doesn't give a date. It seems no one 100% knows for sure when PSN will be back up. It is nice to see a time frame now, and hopefully Sony will keep to it.

Some services doesn't mean all services, while PSN might be back up you might not be able to play online, so keep that in mind.

Also when PSN is back up, don't all log in at the same time as that is a very bad idea, and could cause more downtime for PSN. Wait a day or two before trying to log in!

A good way around this problem is for Sony to bring PSN back online one region at a time. That way people can sign on without having the server cause chaos.

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