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Heavy breathing in Heavy Rain

Recently I played Heavy Rain demo and was blown away with the artistic realism presented here. I walked as Shelby, passed the trash container and he had his asthma attack. I had to shake my sixaxis as I would shake a real inhaler and then to breathe in the medicine by pressing R1 with the respective finger. Then I bought the game and again was walking as Shelby, only now in the premises where the slvtty and broken girl was living. And he had his asthma attack again. I felt sorry for him and I gave him the medicine he needed. Then he commented something like: I cannot breathe normally in this goddamn weather! And I understood the man. I competed the game and this caracter sure is appealing and with a charm. Well done, Quantic!

This week there is a foul weather in my home country Latvia. Its raining a week in a row. It?s beautifull and depressing at the same time, considering that I have the same exact health condition as Shelby does. So, today I rode my bicycle to work and had an asthma attack. I stopped. Reached for the inhaler in my pocket, shook the inhaler and took the medicine by pressing down the container with the same R1 finger. And I remembered of Scott Shelby and smiled. My man! I exaled and drove further.

Yup, when theres a Heavy Rain going on - it's certainly not a nice place for asthmatic like Scott and me.

Trophies and achievements

I like the idea of achievements and trophies. Sure it is a nice way to expand game and create some added replayability value. But what I don't like is the current implementation of this.

Like trophies given for making a simple progress, resulting in a pointless "achievement" flood just because I happened to play the fvcking game. I'd rather see trophies that has to be earned for things like racing first, second or third in a racing game championship; stalking unnoticed in a hard MGS level; finding a totally secret room; completing game on Hard; performing an optional hard task. Sure, there is already some trophies dealing with this, but I really dislike the flood of bronze trophies, given for simply playing the game. Takes all the fun away from trophies and kiks the balls of immersion factor.