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I want to try 7, but again i do not, its a beta, so that means i am removing it later, and im already sick of reformatting my hard drive so much,and my drive is already partitioned with Mandriva (which the KDE4 version i love soo much im starting to get to a point where i use it more then windows) and plus i doubt it is soo good as the net says, im sure cnet got payed by M$ to advertise and promote their os, so gamespot is having articles on it as well. I personally prefer linux, but i don't really have anything really against any os.Vista isn't as bad as the stubborn XP users say, it just can get annoying at times for me and i simply just prefer KDE4 GUI over windows.Mac OS X is a great os too, my mom who has a mac doesn't have problems with it and loves her mac, the only problem with mac is a mac is not just an os, a mac is promoted to be a alternative type of a "computer" not just an os.It is supposed to be different, so that's why it has its own hardware and os.Im sure apple would get aggressive when linux hits 1-2% (which it is at .9% right now and trending up) because linux sorta destroys apple's little plan tactic of making sure its windows computer or mac computer, and linux probable scares the hell out of apple much more the ms (ms could care less) linux can run on both systems, and is promoted as a stand alone os that can be dual booted so its not a one or the other,not a computer that you pick your side you fight for,which linux is usually free or buying special crap it could go up to maybe \$60 (and purchased stuff like mandriva powerpack for example is more so of a donation to help keep the community alive and maybe they will throw in a few extra goodies in the bag just like the goodies vista ultimate has over premium) but a free to \$60 alternative vs a 1k+ alternative that will force you to buy a new computer when the one they have is perfectly fine, linux will for sure turn out to be better in the consumer's eye. As soon as some linux company backs a marketing campaign (and no, as much as ubuntu is the leader right now of linux, ubuntu and gnome are going no where sorry, i could only see someone like fedora (redhat) novell (suse) or mandriva (if the upper management gets their crap together) to start a roll outside of 1% nutshell), apple will be scared. Back to xp vs vista, i don't know why it seems people like to stay with the old crap because it just worked, the KDE3 fans and XP fans are exactly the same, they will not move to the future (kde4 and vista) they want to stand by their outdated goodies (yes, both of them lived long good lives, and were both great but some time or another you can only beat the horse so much until your beating a dead horse) people need to let go and let technology advance.Going to pout in the corner and getting people rallied up to make sure the company or organization knows that you are upset will only slow down the advancement,if you as a person want to really change something file a bug report for the problem you are having and maybe you will help microsoft or kde.