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10 Fav Game Characters

Well, i havent done a blog for a while and figured i should do this after watching a few other people do it. So this is it.

10) Nathan Hale- Resistance series

9) Yoshi- Whole bunch of Nintendo games

8) Sonic the Hedgehog- Sonic Series

7) Ratchet- R&C series

6) Nathan Drake-Uncharted series

5) Rikku- Final Fantasy X/X-2

4) Cloud- Final Fantasy VII/Dissidia/Kingdom Hearts(i think)

3) Crash Bandicoot- Crash series

2) Sphinx- Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy

1) Tidus-Final Fantasy X/X-2/Dissidia

I started gaming in the year 2000, i think, so my list has mostlylast gen to current gen characters.

Hey everyone

I just have 1 quick question for people, i hope i dont sound like an idiot:
HOW DO YOU PUT UP ICONS, is it just like myspace?

L3v3L 10!!!

I know i am new to Gamespot but i turned level 10 today :D. I dont usually blog but this is a quite an achievemnet lol. I would like to thank Nathan Drake, Nathan Hale, Snake, and Sackboy for always being there to support me. I use to come to gamespot just for news but now im into the console wars. I love reading dumb comments by both 360 and PS3 fanboys, but it seems that 360 fanboys are more stupid.Well that being said, i have a question for the very few people that might actually read my blog. Its the holiday season again and i dont have enough $ to spend on everything i want. I decided that i am definately getting a laptop, an new PS3 slim or a 360, and 3 of the 5following games:

1) Modern Warfare 2(PC, 360, PS3)

2) Uncharted 2(PS3)

3) Borderlands(PC, 360, PS3)

4) Assassins Creed 2(PC, 360, PS3, DS)

5) Ratchet and Clank Futre: A Crack in Time(PS3)

Which ones should i get???

Xbox Price Cut!!!

I never got a chance to own a 360 and with the Elite now at $299, i think i met get that chance. Personally i think Ps3 exclusives are better but why be a fanboy and just follow one company. Im gonna start saving up now and hopefully get one by Christmas. Im also thinking about selling my 40 gig ps3 and going for a slim but thats a maybe. Cant wait for the holiday sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!