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I just subscribed on Deviantart.com!

http://ispaure.deviantart.com/ Ok I don't have the best material but that's only the start. I'm pretty good at drawing faces, but I still need to perfect myself. Same thing for wallpapers. I should draw cartoons too. Like half anime and half normal style. I.e. Martin Mystery Characters. http://www.realtvnews.com.ar/img/especial/Martin%20Mystery__8979150.jpg Man I sure loved/love that show a lot :P. *Sorry I can't put the pictures in the page right now. I think that's because I haven't written enough blogs on my new account.

I tried the new 3D HDTVs at a store

I must say that I'm not very impressed. Sure it looks 3D, but I think it looks TOO MUCH 3D. I mean, it's too clear whether an object is close or far away on the screen. The Toy Story 3 movie (which you should watch by the way it's very good) at Imax had less depth and I like it more like that. Anyway that's my opinion.

I'm back my friends :)

And I got six new games: Fear, Red Dead Redemption, The Chronicles of Riddick 2, NFS Carbon, Red Faction Guerrilla, etc. all for the PS3.