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Also, buy a 360 controller for you PC to see if it makes a difference. I get a lot less strain now I use the controller. Lots of PC games make you stay in uncomfortable position, close to the screen. It could just be that you're getting older, you will notice staying in same position for hours on end hunched up, close to the screen will mess you up if you do it for hours each day. I used to be able to raid and PvP in WoW for hours on end, now I can't; same pc, same screen, same game, the only thing that's changed is me.

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I miss feeling like a ninja, even Halo did it well and that is a console game.

Half walls are all about making the game easier, and slowing it down. No more "jump, jump, aim down on head, stab guy next to him"

I understand that moving an cursor around is a pain on the consoles, but is the solution to just create tiny fields of necessary movement (for the cursor) ala half walls and corridors?


I think people got bored of, "jump, jump, aim down on head, stab guy next to him". This was basically Unreal Tournament 99 and Quake. UT was fun, but they re-released it with updated graphics, ala Jump Jump aim on head.....the sales were not stellar.

BTW were you a Flak Monkey in UT99?

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Dirving games...doing laps...woohoo!

Cash in on Afgan/Iraq War games like COD.

Anything with the phrase "Special Forces" in the name.

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You are basically right. However, DA2 is not really an improvement. For everything they improved, they made something else worse.

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Nice, looks ten times better than I thought it would, smooth animations too, not just pretty stills. Is the developer German/Asian/USA?

For some reason I thought it was Asian, but the animation smoothness makes me think its Western. Most Asion MMO I plaid had nice marketing bull shot stills, but when you play the game, there are few animations and missing frames.

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It's obvious that their new Star Wars MMO seems to be sucking in a lot of resources. The "rush" factor in DA2 is obvious for example. The Star Wars MMO is due to launch this year I think, I doubt EA is gonna give then another "pass" for more delays.

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I have a 360 and PS3 and love them both, but I buy all FPS games on the PS3 because the 360 controller sucks for FPS games due to its dead zone.

The dead zone is related to the sensitively of the left stick. With the left stick on controllers in FPS games, if you move it a tiny bit, nothing happens (this is the dead zone) and if you move it a little more, it only creates a little movement (and progressively more as you move it further). This is done so that your character doesn't swing around like crazy with just a small movement of the stick.

The problem is that the dead zone on the 360 is way too large, so that you can't make quick, fine movements and are limited to much bigger broad movements.

The PS3 dead zone is much smaller, allowing very quick and fine movements.

The result is that on the 360, FPS games play really noobish for everyone, whereas on the PS3, if you are good, you can really dominate and play well.

The playing field basically gets really levelled out on the 360 as no one can make quick fine movements and be really good compared to others, while on the PS3, if you are really good, you can make quick, fine movements and dominate.

For example, zooming in on a scope attachment, you can precisly get a head shot at a long distance (if you have stable hands and good focus) to an extent that is simply not possible on the 360.

I bet if you take any really good FPS player and have him play online on the 360 and then on the PS3, he/she will do way better on the PS3.

Before anyone gets too upset at this opinion, try playing the same FPS on both systems.

I think this should be getting more attention and reviewers should mention it when reviewing a FPS that is avaialble on both system.


YOu Sir, deserve a big Cigar. I've been thinking of this for months. I used to play PC FPS, and the lame dead zone on the 360 has been driving me nuts!

Imagine a mouse where it lags out for a whole square inch in between moving up/down/left/right; you'd throw said mouse in the bin.

The "dead zone" on the 360 controller is HUGE. Funny though I notice I can't seem to miss on Halo Reach, auto-aim FTL!

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Looks great fun, looking forward to this.

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Check out the music to a game called BattelForge. YOu can DL the basic game for free I think. Also the Battleforge album is available in i-tunes.

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Universe at War on the 360 is really good; it's the only console RTS I play, has a decent control scheme too.


You need to up the speed to "fast", for some reason they shipped it with "normal", i.e it looks slow and broken. IMO UaW is a much more innovative game than SC2, you can pick it up on PC too.