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Hunter's back! for a day or two...

WARNING: Strong Language, reader disgresion is advi.... eh, whatever, since when does anyone even listen to that message?. -_-

Stuff. Lots and lots of stuff. This week, I'm amped for the next Starcraft II game, Heart of the Swarm. However, I'll need my PC back first. Right now, its getting repaired. The charger's **** up. Yeah. Beat a few games. Picked up Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon again, finished a level I was stuck on and then found out the next level was the final level. So I was so close and didn't even know it. Been playing Resident Evil 4 for Gamecube. I see why it won Spike's VGA Game of the Year award in 2005. Complete pissoff when the guys get behind you and there is NO WAY they could have. Got my ass lit on fire, literally, he was behind me and Leon Kennedy's rear was torched.

What else? School's going alright. We had to euthanize one of our older reptiles, Markus the Bearded dragon. He's been fighting weight loss and old age for a while now, refused to eat, gave him a fighting chance but it was just his time to go. All my classes are going well, still pretty easy, would do better in them if I actually did homework and classwork. I still get A's and B's.

In addition to RE 4, been playing Metroid Prime.

Quick update on life, universe, everything in between

OK. Schools started. whoop de do. I have honors chemistry, honors Algebra 2, Honors World History, and intermediate World Literature( just 'cause me suck at I's Englishes :P ). So I'm kinda in a pissed off mood over Algebra II because right now its just Algebra I review, which was also Pre-algebra review. So I'm basically suck doing stuff so mind numbingly simple, a monkey with its brain leaking out its ear could do it. Not the kind of work I want to be doing. Especially when I've grasped the concept of graphing linear and exponential (parabolas) on a three dimensional plain, since the 8th. freaking. GRADE!-_-. Chem is starting off far too slowly to even hold my attention for a microsecond. This far into the year, and all we've done is review the metric system, something we've all known since the 6th grade, at least, "learn"(which really means review for me) most of the elements in the periodic table, and "learn" poly atomic ions. And of course we don't get to even study the fun ones on the sheet like cyanide... I understand why she wouldn't want us to learn it though, let alone work with it.

I wanted to smack some freshmen who were slamming the Republican Party with liberal extremist propaganda. Why does everyone fail to see the point of tax breaks to the upper class? to make it as simple as possible, they create jobs i they have the money to do so. If they have more money, they can expand their company, making a need for more employees across all spectrums of education. Lower class income families can lessen the dependency on government programs, such as food stamps and unemployment checks. An American should feel shameful for receiving their monthly cut from the government instead of working for it. Once we start to raise our lower class, we can slowly cut spending on food stamp programs(which are used for way more than just food nowadays) and maybe unemployment compensation. Picturing the upper class America as evil is liberal Occupy Wall Street hogwash. Bill Gates, upon making Microsoft a public company on the stock trade made every employee, from next in kin for the CEO position to the janitors, their own share in the company. As the company skyrocketed in the stocks, those employees, even the lowly janitors, became considerably wealthy. These large corporations like to treat their employees right. These substance abusing college students that made up the Occupy Wall street who are depicted as heroes by some complained that the rich were living better while they swam in debt. Now, the rich to have it somewhat easier once they reach the top, but there was a lot of hard work, not with just one person, but usually spanning multiple generations, to get there and it'll continue to take perseverance and a strong work ethic to keep rising. Hard work pays off in America. If you disagree, continue to ask Obama, Biden, Hilary Clinton, and the rest of the democratic party for handouts. See if welfare makes your life better than if you worked day in and day out, making enough to keep food on the table, heat in your home, gas in your car, clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, power to your house, a doctor of your choice, money to put away for a rainy day(or that monsoon called retirement) and just enough to indulge yourself with material goods. Feel free to leave comments below. I'll respond and debate with people who can leave inteligent responses.

Next off, sports. Kinda pissed that the NHL went into a lockout. Why? Why this year? I have the stress of college planning, school, one of my best friends is going through a rough time and I'm trying to help her out, and all the other things we stress about on a daily basis, AND I DON'T HAVE MY HOCKEY!!! >:( My best stress reliever, out the freaking window. Nothing takes the tension of a long day away like siting in front of the tv, hot chocolate in one hand, remote in the other, watching canada's attempt at boxing. on ice. with improvised knives stuck to the bottom of their feet. OK, theres a bit more to it than that. My other sport options suck: Football, sometimes its not even a big hit, more like he just hangs on until the ball carrier falls. Soccer, a serious injury is a bad hair day. Baseball: "Hey, we can make a quality sport without violence." "NO!!!" and Basketball: "He breathed on him, call a foul and have him suspended for 5 games."

So, thats it for this time. Peace.


I'm so sorry everybody!

So, I completely forgot about Gamespot all last year. I was kinda busy with school and all that. I had almost forgotten my login its been so long. I doubt too many people read this blog, but what the heck, I'll post it anyways. Chat me up on videogames, life, and just about anything else.

time for a new review

I'm gonna be putting out some reviews on some games, feel free top check them out. I plan on doing pokemon white, Empire: total War, and my long planned review on some Fire emblem games.


Theres no NHL game this year coming out of 2k sports. So no new hockey game on wii. One would think what about EA sports and their series. EA sports isn't releasing any hockey game this year on wii. Not NHL 12 or a followup for NHL slapshot, which I wouldn't buy do to the fact that it was a childish gameplay style with its effects(come on, really? a smoke trail behind a slapshot with the puck on fire?)So anyways, I'm bummed that I won't have the bruins right there as the home team in quick play, the boosted stats for everyone, ect. And since EA messed up again and didn't put a Bruin like thomas or chara on the cover, I refuse to buy EA sports NHL 12 even if I had PS3 or Xbox 360.

Can someone tell me why they use stamkos, ho isn't so great:

instead of these: the real winners last season.

Tim Thomas

Zedeno Chara

Patriece Bergeron

Really EA? You want that instead of a star with the Holy Grail of Hockey?

Stupid things of life #1

Ever think of those stupid things in life? they're so simple, but piss the living s*** out of you. Here's a small list of my personal faves, or are they hates?:question:

Not all of these have happened to me, but I've seen them happen, or I've heard about it happening.

Side steping:
Ah. school. the days of raging hormones and rumors. With narrow hallways and streams of students going from ****to **** you'll find your self on a collision course with another student sometimes. You try to be polite by steping to one side. The other student also being generous, or just trying not to get hit, steps to the same side. You both end up colliding anyways. Life is stupid sometimes, and school makes it worse because who knows what weird rumors may float around if something unpredictable happened in the bump in, I've seen it, and experienced that before.


There are a few flaws in texting. This first one is miscommunication of feelings and is more common in girls. To be fair, almost no men have a full fledged bromance like the movies and very few guys express serious emotion to one another. Your texting your friend. She asks if your going to the dance. You Text "IDK". You want to, but no one has asked you out yet. She replies, "OMG, no need to be mean about it : (" You are confused, she thinks you were angry at her because she mentioned the dance. You then texted, "Why do you think I was mean" she See's this as another harsh remark, and now your not as good friends as you were because of miscomunication.

This happens to everyone. Auto-correct. Do I need to explain, or have you already faced the doom of and awkward sentence at the wrong time? :P

That perverted kid:

Don't lie, we all no one. Statistics(my random guessing) says that every person knows at least one. If you don't it's you. His jokes aren't funny, and you try to give the most real fake laugh you can just so you don't bring his self esteem any lower.

What you do:

What you really want to do:

Anyways, moving on.


Man';s greatest invention, but causes the most pissed off people. 1000s of channels, but nothing wporth watching. The worlds in turmiol when these dickweeds rule TV:

All I can say is "people enjoy this s***!?" I'd rather get shoved into a garbage disposal, get mostly consumed by maggots, and burned that watch any of these fools. The circus has people like these, just better. Their called clowns, and they make people laugh through humor, not through pity.


Ever read those weird state laws. Their fun to read and make you think what the h***. Well, I'm not talking about those. Im talking about an inconsistancy in laws. Some should be standard, like drinking age. US, its 21. Canada gave themselves a little stereotype for being beer drinkers by making the Drinking age 19. In some African country that I don't remember off the top of my head, you only need to be taller than the bar and you can drink.

If you have some, leave them in the comments section.

Recent times... life blog #???

So lets kick off with sports:

Major leauge:

Cangrats to the Boston Bruins on their Stanley Cup victory. Tim Thomas took home the Vezina for the second time in three years. It is awarded to the best goalie in the league. Tim also won the Con Smythe, stanley Cup MVP. Chara has his mini him. Its cup love with the Tallest man in hockey history and thetallest trophy in sportsdom. Chara, the team captian, is so protective of his trophy, he walked it down the street, in a baby stroller. How I know? newspapers. So moving onto our next sport.

NFL lockout still on, and my mom's annoyed. She wants to see the Patriots play.

MLB is looking good. Still haven't been to a Sox game this season, but oh well.

Minor league: N/A

College: Alright so it isn't sports that Im taking about directly. My cousin, Sara, reported to the Navel Acadamy to start training. My aunts all worked up over nothing, and the drill sargents are harsh. They were given list of supplies they may bring. The drill sargent took her tampons, said, wait no, yelled, "do you think you need these!?" She tried to keep a stait face and yelled, "Yes Sir!!" Andyways heres where the sports part is. She was given a schollarship for thier womens Lacrosse Team. She holds her school's All time Career scoring record.

High school: My school ____________ is finally getting an ice hockey team. There were enough petitions this year to convince the Athletic Director thaty a team is wanted. I plan on trying out for Goalie, as that is the only position I'm good at. I can't skate, puck handle, or even check. I can shoot, thats about it for offence/defense. A few years ago, I found out something though, in a street hockey game, I tried goalie, I was good. Real good. All I need to do is get better at skating and get gear, which is up to $1200 just for the leg pads. I'll then need blocker, catcher, mask, cup and jock, pants, skates(I need goalie skates),and a new stick, because my current wooden stick is far too old for use.


My cat, pip ran away one saturday.He's an outdoor cat, so he should have made it home. Hes gone, not coming back because it happened at least three weeks ago. We adopted a new cat. Her new name is Twiggy.


Just got pokemon White on the fourth. Beat pokemon Emerald, Fire Emblem: path of Radience, and Fire Emblem (the forst one) still trying to find FE: Radient Dawn. Bet its on, but I don't have a credit card or Amazon GC.

Next blog: the stupid things of life.


Get well soon, Horton

Tonight, Boston Bruin's Foward Nathan Horton was a victim of a blindside head hit from Rome. Horton, who is also a key player I did not mention in the previous blog, was hit by an forearm, shoulder, elbow, or somwhere in that area of the arm to the head. It was obviously a late hit. He is right now at Mass General and is able to move all limbs without assistance. It is three ...... make that FOUR TO ZIP!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO BRUINS!! So, I hope rthe leage makes the right call on this, throw Rome out. The hit

Rule 48 of the NHL

Rule 48 - Illegal Check to the Head

48.1 Illegal Check to the Head – A lateral or blind side hit to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact is not permitted.

Video explanation

Once again, I know you probably aren't reading this, nor will you ever read it, Horton, but get well soon, and if the beys win the cup, its for you, Savard, and everyone that can't be there.

Stanley Cup finals 2011.

Its time again for the last two teams to fight it out for Sports largest trophy, Lord Stanley's Cup. The two teams this year Boston Bruins from the East and Vancouver Canucks from the West.

Boston: A mix of rookies and graybeards(term for older players), but 100% scrappy. The Bruins never shy away from physical play. Led by a talented offence and possibly the leages top goalie, Tim Thomas, the Bruins hope to touch the Stanley Cup for the first time since 1972, when they had one of the best defenders to lace the skates, Bobby Orr.

Key players:

Mark Recchi: He may be old, but he can play with the best of them. He has two Stanley Cup appearances with two different teams, and won the Cup both times. Watch this tallented man in what may be his last Cup run before he retires.

Zedeno Chara: The 6'9" defenceman is the biggest man in the leauge and captain of the Bruins. He will throw all of his 255lbs. around at any opponent and he can drive a slapshot at 105.9 MPH. If thayt were a car, it would be pulled over unless it were on the autobaun. Watch is monster of a man crash his way through the stanley Cup Finals.

Tyler Segin: a rookie this year, picked in the first round, 2nd overall. He scored 3 goals in his forst 2 career playoff games. He has gone beyond my expectations.

Brad Marchand: Another rookie, but should not be overlooked. He has a tendency to get under the opponent's skin. The little man has an explosive temper, but never shows it. Hes like that little kid at the zoo, he grabs a stick and pokes the loin every few seconds and hopes to get it in trouble. Marchand is also a talented skater, too. He is a force to fear.

Tim Thomas: This man means business. Nothing gets in his way of stopping the puck. He will give you a spot to shoot and take it away just as easily. There is no way to describe his game besides WOW! He will stand on his head to get that puck. Just look at this. He is just one of those goalies that will have you saying, "How did he do that!?"He deserves the vezina this year and should win it.

Vancouver: This team is all about finesse. They will deke, shoot and score their way to victory rather than take the body. With a powerplay that seems unstopable, and a strong penaty kill, they are a force to be reconed with. Roberto Louongo, Vancouver's goalie, is also a Vezina finalist.They are in search of their first cup in their 40 year history.

Key players:

Ryan Kesler:You can't deny this man's offesive tallent. He will pass, shoot, and skate. He is one of Vancouver's top three skaters.

Henrick/Daniel Sedin: This man is amazing alone. But he isn't the only one. He has his lifetime teammate and twin brother, Daniel for backup. These two are inseperable. The only time they were seperated was for the 2011 All Star Break, where team Staal and Team Lidstrom had each taken one sedin twin. There is no word to describe the twin's bonds. No sibling rivalry, they share the points. They are a two man team.

Roberto Louongo: this man is great. He was the olimpic gold medal winning goalie for team Canada in Vancouver. He is a well rounded player and former captain. His captain run showed his weakness, his moral. He can't support the team by himself. He will fold under the pressure, as seen in Game 1 and throughout the playoffs. The more pressure applied, the more rebounds he gives up. Its simple.

My prediction: Boston in 7.The Bruins need to hit them on every chance. If they play their game, Vancouver can't play theirs.

human Monopoly FTW!!!!!!!!1



complete Monopoly set(you don't need the place holders though)

A whole crapload of chalk

A large area(street works well as long as you won't get hit)


Road cones and/or something else to replace hotels/houses(not needed)

Large fuzy dice with the attachment string cut (you need a way to move)

(if you don't want to be the game pieces, Use a large item, like a baseball cap, that is unique to you for your space. a frisbee works good since the chances of you and your neighbor or friend wouldn't have the same frisbee as you and you probably have more than one frisbee for your brother/sister, cousin, uncle/aunt, mother/father, anyone else.)

How to set up:

Use the board as a map, use the chalk to draw the board, Make adjustments to names as wanted to personalize your game.

sort out the money, determin your banker(make sure s/he has deep, deep pokets because the banker must hold the deeds, cash, their deeds, and their cash all seperately), and roll for order of play

State the number of laps and terms of victory(most cash, most valuable property, Most Valuable Investor, which is money and the morgage value of property added up) or just terms of victory(elimination, which gets rid of anyone who goes bankrupt, Hotel, first to build a hotel wins, Public Master, control the four railroads and the two utilities.)

Extra rules:

Railroad rule: Going in the direction of travel, If you land on a railroad and the next railroad is yours, you may transport to that railroad for free and miss your next turn, or pay $5 and get to play your next turn.


At the cost of your movement and $100, you can sabtage the competition with a "bomb". You roll, and that's the number of spaces your bomb went. It needs to land on a space where your enemy's buildings are. You destroy all the buildings onb the lot. If you miss, nothing happens. If the "bomb" lands on where your buildings are they're destroyed. This con only be done once. pick your battle's wisely.

Have fun.