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Ratchet And Clank Fanatic

My favorite series of all time is deffenitly Ratchet And Clank I may only own one but I've played them all. Up Your Arsenal is the best one but I did love when you have to rescue Clank in Cammando. I am Totally a Ratchet and Clank fanatic.:wink:

Now who agrees with me.

makes me sick

Hi im the human simolian  ya there are many good games in the world but yet some people just dont know how to use them propoly like i know a kid who stepped on his ipod nano for fun What an idiot kindom hearts in sonys dumpster and it was in perfect condition so i got it for free and theres are mounds of cool things out there just look in the right places free stuff mistreat your stuff and your ipod nano will get crushed

You may wonder

you may wonder why i have all these awesome games its because i have a very rich grandpa:D and he died:cry: so he gave me a million bucks half goes for coledge the other half i can spend i may only be sixteen but its fun to be rich let me tell you