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Melted like ice cream

The X-Box 360 is here and has a huge fault. Microsoft worked so hard on the graphics of the game that they forgot about overheating. so now when you play your X-Box 360 you'll have a melted disk which costed you $70 for and I say. RIP OFF.

                       Thank you and goodnight.

So Close

I I I almost won an X-Box 360 this morning I called in the radio I was on the line and suddenly my phoneline gets cut off. I almost won an X-Box 360 and I will get my X-Box 360 Hee Hee Hee

yah uh uh not beleivin ya

O.K. theres this kid in our class who said he got an X-Box 360. We don't beleive him because he said his dad was first inline and  he only waited one hour and this is the bissiest Best Buy in the City and I really don't think so. And everywhere else they had to wait at least twenty-four hours so i highly disbeleive him.

HAPppy sorta

The X-Box 360 is here and its not that impressive you know what its even horrible i am so waiting for the PS3 i am and always will be a giant PlayStation fan forever and always 8)

Its Unberable

How much longer until the PS3 comes out its making me grazy aahhh...

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

All work and no play makes jack a very dull boy.

O.K. my insanity level is back

Reveiw Reveiws Reveiws

Hi its me again and im wondering am i like the only person who does the reveiws my friend is a level 12 he has four im a level two been on here for a week and i have nine reveiws let us see now

You Got Questions I got Answers

O.K. I have some inside info on the PS3 and here it is

When will PS3 come out?
At the end of a promotional video played during the PlayStation 3 launch event, the words “Spring 2006” were displayed on the screen – thus implying the console will be released sometime during this period. When exactly, and to which countries, is currently unknown. The rumors, however, point to a worldwide launch in March 2006.

What features will it have?
All of the features it was expected to have, and more! We have put up the full list of technical specifications so you can see a detailled list of everything. Arn't we nice?

How much will it cost?
Typically the last two generations of the PlayStation have been priced at around $300 at launch. Both have continuously decreased in price year on year into their life, its quite likely PS3 will do the same. It's not known how much it will cost but around $300 is probably a fair guess, as this is the maximum price most gamers would be willing to pay. There are some unexpected extra features, such as the 2 HDMI outputs and 3 Gigabit RJ45 LAN connections, that will likely drive the price tag up a fair amount!

Will PS3 play PS2 and PS1 games?
Yes! They will! Sony Computer Entertainment boss Ken Kutaragi has confirmed that the PlayStation 3 will feature backwards compatibility with the PS2 and PSone, ensuring continued support for older software formats in the new hardware. Later it was confirmed again at the Sony’s E3 conference that the PS3 will be fully backwards compatible with PS1 and PS2 games. There hasn’t been any confirmation though if the PS3 will make PS2 games look better when playing like the PS2 did with PS1 games.

What will PS3 look like?
The PS3 design was unveiled at Sony’s E3 conference. It has an “outward feel” compared to the Xbox360’s “inward feel”. The console is approximately 13.5 inches in length and 3.5 inches wide as reported by IGN. This in contrast to the PS2 design is much larger and is closer in size to the original Xbox in size. The console’s “outward” design gives it a larger footprint for the console to stand vertically on its own without an add-on stand. The drive bay sits on the right side like the PS2 but instead of using a tray the discs slide into the drive much like a car CD player. Also the drive sits slightly back in the design giving the console a reminiscent look to the original Nintendo Entertainment System. Finally the console has the words “Playstation3” across the side in a font that is very close to the font used in Sony Pictures’ Spiderman movie

How powerful will the PS3 be?
On paper, the PS3 is 2x more powerful than the Xbox 360 and 15x more powerful than the Nintendo Revolution. It has a processing capacity of 2.18 TFLOPS, which is put into context when you realise the FASTEST computers in existence can only do 36 Terraflops. It is said to be 35x more powerful than the PlayStation 2 is.

Will PS3 games be playable online?
Yes, at Sony’s E3 conference they confirmed that Sony will have an online service very comparable to Microsoft’s Xbox Live service.

The Same but Different

Its me again yah i was wondering Jak and Ratchet are the PS2s Spyro and Crash. Has any one else had this feeling that they will come out with horrible games for the GBA or is that just a dillusion i sure hope so. Oh and were does sly fit in i mean he is one of the big guns so the whole point of this story is what charaters will be for the PS3 I think they should hold a contest and people send in drawings and a story and the ones that get picked the people who drew them should get to voice the character and if Sony is reading this i think that it is a great idea and you  should do it you know why i made it up .

Its christmas

O.K. its time  for Christmas and i was wondering what to get for  my brother and what should people get me and i was wondering if you guys could help me out cuz theres a million good games out there and you never know what i should get i was thinking of the rest of the Ratchet and clank series for my own and Jak 2 and 3 for my brother i dont know but if you have any ideas let me know