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I NEED YOUR HELP [Please Comment]

I really need your help for christmas shopping. i need to find a game like simpsons hit and run. [not like a game]. but more like a game were you can do missions when you want actually a game exactly like The Simpsons:Hit and Run And it has to be rated T cuz I know Grand Theft Auto is like that. heres the games that he has that are like it The Simpsons:Hit and Run, Driver 2, Spider-man 2, and Destroy All Humans! so could you please help me

What to get

I'm not sure should i get Need for Speed: Most Wanted normal or Need for Speed: Most Wanted Black Edition or get something else i need guidence

Galaxy Raiders Attack pt.1

 Darth Vader and the Emperor have died. The Empire has fallen. Luke has become the Jedi Master. Every surviving jedi is working to rebuild the Jedi Temple. And yet peace is still not restored to the galaxy. On Tatooine a huge group of Bounty hunters have formed together to make the Galaxy Raiders. Like the Sith, these are dangerous men. They may not have any lightsabers or the force. but they have stollen enough money to place an order for a new clone army with intentions of destroying the Jedi.

       This group has Conquered three planets already. Luke Skywalker does not know the power of the Galaxy Raiders. Boba Fett has been remaid as a clones, how? Jango left DNA so when Boba dies he can come back to life.Themen Anora [a Jedi Master] has gone to visit The Galaxy Raiders but was killed instantly. In that single second the Jedi knew they were in trouble.

       Luke called on the spirit of Yoda to teach younglings, to build the jedi army. Many of them became jedis but some were captured by the Galaxy Raiders  knowing the powers of a Jedi, The Galaxy Raiders Waited until the clone army was ready. This time the person whose DNA came from was one of the Galaxy Raiders hostages, Husan Ajaser, was forced to do this and at the end they killed him minute the clone army was done. Now The Galaxy Raiders headed towards the jedi temple.....

                      To Be Continued......