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CaLL TO DutY MY AsS!!!!!!!!!

I dont know if I'm the only one out there or not but the latest announcement of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 infuriates me. All COD continually does is rape 9 year olds wallets to the point where every single person has a copy. I'm not going to lie I have a copy of World at War that I bought from a friend for about five bucks, beat the campaign and about every month or two I'll play a round of Nazi Zombies, but back to the point Infinity Ward needs to develop some respect for the gamers they are raping everytime a new one comes out every year. They would be justified if they came up with new modes and a good campaign but every year its the same old four hour campaign and the rest spent trying to play online(if you can afford it) listening to 11 year old boys who havn't hit puberty yet screaming and popping their pimples into their mics. So please Infinity Ward and Treyarch stop making Call of Duty please. Users please feel free o comment.