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My Top Ten of 2010-Movies & Games

2010 has been a truly great year in both films and games. There have been numerous chart topping sales with some of the releases this year, and 2010 really goes out in a bang. Here I would like to present MY top ten films and games of 2010. Granted I was only able to play a couple of the new releases that came out this year, actually about half on my games list. The other 5 were top picks made by me that received critical acclaim. I have seen all ten movies on the films list, so that's not a problem. Just keep in mind that I was only able to play half of the games on the gaming list. I would like to present the top ten films list first:


10. The Book of Eli

"This taut and superb post-apocalyptic thriller houses both great acting and one MAJOR twist that you'll unlikely see to come."

9. The Crazies

"This film is one of the better remakes that I have yet to see, and is one of the better modern horror flicks of this day."

8. Shutter Island

"A truly creepy thriller that involved its own little mysteries for the audience to solve and its superb twist."

7. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1

"The first part in the final installment of the Harry Potter franchise sets down the events to be experienced in the upcoming second part, and it involved even more amazing character development."

6. True Grit

"The Coen brothers manage again to make an incredibly amazing film, it is also their first western film and it works flawlessly."

5. A Prophet

"A splendid French film that delves into the making of a monster in a monstrous environment."

4. The Town

"Ben Affleck's best work behind and in front of the camera, and involves numerous shootouts and heists that top even bigger bank robbery films."

3. Toy Story 3

"The final installment in the always amazing Toy Story trilogy that brings both laughs and tears to the table, and delivers one heck of an animated experience. It was well worth the 11 year wait, by the way."

2. Inception

"Never has a film made me think as much as Inception has, never has a film made the trip and experience that delves well into dreams inside of dreams, never has a film made this much of an impact that I still think about the journey and the ending 5 months later and I try to decipher what it all means still to this day. A very well done film."

1. 127 Hours

"A completely flawless film. Danny Boyle has brought us from London to Mumbai and now to the darkest depths of a man's will and need to survive. James Franco is downright perfect, his performance nearly brought a tear to my eye. Many have claimed that the amputation is graphic, and it is but it shows just the actions a single man would perform in order to survive the ungodly inevitable. This Oscar worthy film is one for the ages and it SHOULDN'T be missed by anyone.


10. Super Mario Galaxy 2

"A stellar sequel to the original Super Mario Galaxy that adds new planets, characters, and a heck of a fun time."

9. Fable III

Fable 3 Demo Hands On

"Another improved sequel that adds a whole new storyline that actually ties into your own character from Fable II that involves in a revolution."

8. Heavy Rain

"A fresh and unique experience into video gaming that brings new ideas to the table that make a game that truly blows you away."

7. Fallout New Vegas

"Almost considered a clone of Fallout 3, New Vegas really isn't. It adds Hardcore mode, the ability to look down the sights of the guns, mods, and much more in a truly amazing package."

6. Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

"Another great sequel to Assassin's Creed II that leaves off right at the end of its predecessor. It involves Ezio once again as he tries to track down more people to kill, but he has some extra help to guide him along the way."

5. Halo Reach

"The last Halo game developed by Bungie introduces a whole new campaign that involves the downfall of Reach, newly improved Firefight mode, Forge world, and a whole lot of other goodies."

4. Call of Duty Black Ops

"Treyarch has finally managed to outshine the Modern Warfare series and has brought their own telling of the Call of Duty franchise to light. Its multiplayer is highly improved and so is its campaign that brings a whole new take on the word 'conspiracy'."

3. God of War III

"Kratos returns in the highly anticipated conclusion of the God of War trilogy. It is a true and stellar conclusion with improved combat and amazing graphics that make this game as special as it is.

2. Red Dead Redemption

"This western themed game is one of the best I have ever played hands down. It has a great protagonist and an amazing and flawless story that ends in a depressing manner, but its really all worth the while."

1. Mass Effect 2

"This is most likely the best game I have ever played. Never have I ever been attached to a band of likable characters such as this squad, and to see some of them die in the suicide mission really brings a truly amazing experience to play. The story is fresh and exciting, the characters have their flaws, but they almost all seem flawless at the same time. Play this game and you'll be experiencing one for the books."

Those are both of my lists. I know I wasn't able to see every big movie or play ever big game, but these are the two tops lists I could come up with and I hope you enjoyed them.

Have a great final day of 2010, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! :D


Reviewing this film without giving too much away is like walking on eggshells here, so if you don't want to see the film, or have seen it already then feel free to read on, but if you are eager to see it then please read on with caution.


So many films these days present the audience with the story, going into full detail about it without having the audiences' brains to go into work detailing all that is going on. This is completely different in Christopher Nolan's 'Inception', which instead presents you with a story and leaves you dangling, making you think what goes on both during the run time, and long after the film ends. The movie focuses on the main character Dom Cobb (DiCaprio) a professional thief and 'extractor' who enters the dreams of others and steals or extracts information from their minds as they sleep. He is framed for a murder he did or did not commit, and is in foreign countries most of the film due to being wanted in the US. He has been trying his best to get home to his 2 children, and finally finds a way to do such that. Saito (Watanabe) is a very powerful businessman. His terminally ill corporate rival Maurice Fisher is literally on his deathbed. His son Robert (Murphy) is about to inherit his father's energy company, and in doing so will create Saito's corporation to fall into ruins. Saito gives Cobb a deal, that if he can go into the dreams of Robert and plant an idea into his brain (known as Inception) to get Robert to dismantle his father's business, that Saito will clear Cobb's name and help him get home to his children. Cobb then assembles a team. The Point Man Arthur (Levitt), The Architect Ariadne (Page), The Forger Eames (Hardy), and The Chemist Yusuf (Rao). With their help he tries his best to create the Inception. Cobb also has to deal with the visual recreation of his deceased wife Mal (Cotillard) who enters the dream world and sometimes ruins what is going on. Okay, the story is a big piece of work, and is the highlight of the film. While it seemed confusing at first, the more I thought about it the more that the story came together and started to make more sense. There is a lot of talk about the ending, but I think Nolan wanted to leave it open to the audience whether or not it was reality or a dream, including the events that did lead up to that point and the final scene was great. Personally I found Inception to be the best film I have seen this year. It's completely flawless, and at times I actually forced myself out of the story to find these faults and I simply couldn't find any. The casting is perfect, and I really got to like and enjoy all of these fine characters whenever they were on screen, especially Joseph Gordon Levitt's Arthur, who was simply awesome. The music by Hans Zimmer was great, and the theater I was in had the volume cranked up a lot (a good thing) and the first opening score was so loud it shook the entire theater and I was dazzled about how cool it was. No scenes seem out of place and it seems as if Nolan has already mastered this technique with his previous films. Inception also housed some incredibly jaw dropping scenes, with the city of Paris folding over itself and countless others. Though the one that I really loved was the zero gravity fight sequence between Arthur and some bad guys, which was incredibly cool and is one of my all time favorite fight scenes, and is worth the admission price alone. Overall Inception is indeed the best film I have seen in a long time. It made me think constantly without any slow downs of the story, it was dazzling and mindbending (especially when it turned into a dream within a dream within a dream), it had some great action scenes that didn't seem too long, too cheesy, hardly any CGI and not constant. The casting was perfect as I did enjoy each character, and the directing was flawless. A film has never made me think this much ever since my first viewing off Memento (also by Nolan), and it feels both completely original and fresh. It still has me thinking about the plot, the ending, and the characters a day later, and that is the true sign of a flawless and superb film. Do yourself a favor and see this movie, you won't be disappointed.

4/4 stars

My Top 50 Favorite Video Game Characters - #50-#46

This is my list of my favorite 50 video game characters. It's not a list of who I think are the best, or anything along those lines. It is strictly my list and my list only. If you don't agree with something then just take your complaints somewhere else. Thank you.

50. Russell Northrop (Bully)

49. Packie McReary (Grand Theft Auto IV)

48. Vamp (Metal Gear Solid)

47. Dr. Kleiner (Half-Life 2)

46. Lawrence (Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal)

45-41 soon.

A next 'Top' list...

In the meantime of myself putting together my top 300 films, please let me know below another kind of 'top list' you guys would like to see before the big one comes out, so that I can still keep your attention. Thanks!

The French Connection, City of God, and Boyz N The Hood - Reviews


The French Connection stars Gene Hackman as James "Popeye" Doyle, a loudmouthed, foulmouthed, and violent New York detective. His partner Buddy "Cloudy" Russo, played by Roy Scheider patrols the New York streets with Doyle. They are both after a drug kingpin they suspect is also an owner of a newstand and a diner. It's a pretty simple plotline and Doyle and Russo are mostly shown tailing people, investigating people, or chasing the living hell out of people. Connection is strictly one of the best cop/police movie I have ever seen. It has subtle acting from Hackman, one of his best, and some of the true levels of suspense are so great. It also has one of the more legendary and more gripping chase sequences I have ever seen. It involves both a car, and a train. The ending, on a whole, really didn't bring closure for me and it felt rushed and very abrupt. Overall, The French Connection is a very, very good cop/action film that indeed inspired many of the films that have tried to live up to its hype.

3½/4 stars


City of God, both a gripping and epic tale of survival takes place in the wretched city of the Cidade de Deus (City of God). At the start of the film a young man named Rocket comes face to face with a vile gang lead by a brutal gangster named Li'l Ze. The cops are to Rocket's back and he says that if he runs he will be killed, or if he stays we would also be killed. This then prompts Rocket to go into flashbacks to show how he got to that position. Spanning nearly 2 decades, City of God delves very deep into the gangster world with Rocket at the center of everything. It starts in the late 1960's where the main central characters are all teenagers, to the 70's where they all emerge as young adults, then finally into the 80's where the war over power in the city between Li'l Ze and a drug cartel named Carrot still rages on. The story here is top notch, both in quality and originality. It immediately sucked me in from the start until it's conclusion, my eyes glued to the screen the entire time. I was rarely aware of the outside world since this movie left such a big impact on me on my first viewing. The characters are amazing flawless creations that help carry out the story, and it's really hard to hate any, since development going into these characters is perfect it just leaves you willing to figure out if they are for good or bad. The acting is superb and the character that was Benny, who was both incredibly cool and actually discovered the corruption and the evil behind some of the city's inhabitants. The content of the violence is brutal, no doubt, but it shows the realism behind what the film is trying to prove. The film's shots are truly unique and awesome and the scene of the apartment room that traffics drugs is shown going from the 60's to the 80's through its various owners all from one camera angle and it's interesting how the furniture is rearranged and how everyone reacts in that shot. Overall City of God is purely a flawless film, it combines both realistic, gripping, brutal, and epic storytelling with some of the best characters and their developments that I have ever seen in a film. It has been compared to both 'Slumdog Millionaire' and 'Goodfellas', but this is more superior in many different ways. This one is a true and perfect gem.

4/4 stars


Boyz N The Hood opens in the year 1984. A young teenager named Tre $tyles is suspended from school after getting into an argument with another student and is sent to live with his father, Furious (Laurence Fishburne). Tre's mother, Reva (Angela Bassett) thinks that his fathers teachings and discipline will teach Tre to remain responsible throughout his life and to ultimately teach him life lessons. Furious lives in the vile city of Crenshaw, which is in the L.A. county. When Tre arrives he reconciles his friendship with some of the other kids in Crenshaw he had known previously, notably Darrin (who is despised by his mother) and his half brother Ricky (who is loved by his mother). The 3 eventually grow into adults, Tre (Cuba Gooding Jr.) by the help of his supporting father, Darrin (Ice Cube) by just trying his best to survive in the ghetto, and Ricky (Morris Chestnut) who dreams of receiving a scholarship and playing football for USC. 'Boyz' gravely and graphically depicts the harsh and dangerous life of living in the 'Hood', and the film brings it to such realistic terms that it feels as if the movie has come to life right before your eyes. This is really due in part to Ice Cube, in his best performance, as Darrin the adult who has been in and out of juvy and takes the life of drinking and shooting people and takes it full notch to be a real gangster. His performance was phenomenal, in my opinion, as well as Gooding's, and this film really helped jumpstart both of their film careers. The story is gripping, and will bring you to emotional ties with the characters and the tragedies they may face later on. The directing is great and really no scenes felt out of place, except for a few slow ones in particular. Overall Boyz N The Hood is a spectacular and realistic look into the ways of living like a gangster, and in the end teaches a lesson for nearly all of the people involved.

3½/4 stars

Transsiberian, Gosford Park, and Child's Play 2 - Reviews


Transsiberian stars Woody Harrelson and Emily Mortimer as Roy and Jessie, respectively. Returning home from a mission in China, Roy and Jessie take the Transsiberian railway branch, which runs from China to Moscow. After befriending their two cabin mates, Carlos and Abby, both Roy and Jessie discover that looks can be deceiving. Ben Kingsley also stars as a detective that is hot on the trail of a serial killer that is roaming through that same territory. First off, the acting is great from all 5 main cast members. Harrelson reminds me of the first guy you would like to meet you would shake your hand and pat you on the back first meeting him, and seems like the all around nice guy. And of course Kingsley is great, he always is. The scenery in 'Transsiberian' is beautiful, very beautiful. From the snow covered mountains, to Moscow, to the snow covered trees and snowy ground, it is all quite beautiful, and is a sight to see and to look at. The story is pretty good actually, and the momentum of the suspense continuously builds and builds until the climax, though it did start to spiral a little out of its weave by the very last scene. Overall, Transsiberian is a very beautiful and decent film to watch and admire, and with it great scenes of suspense, truly reflects that of the great master that is Hitchcock.

3/4 stars


Gosford Park, the name of a small estate in the English countryside, a place where dozens of the rich and spoiled gather for a shooting trip weekend. The 'upstairs' part of the estate, housing the rich and famous, and the 'downstairs part of the estate, which houses their valets, the estate's servants, maids, and of the like. What all of these guests and servants don't know is that a murder is about to occur that makes each and every single one of them an equal suspect. Gosford Park is a truly great film. It has some awesome performances from dozens of well known actors, i.e. Clive Owen, Michael Gambon, Maggie Smith, Bob Balaban, Helen Mirren, Ryan Phillippe, and Emily Watson, just to name a few. Character development is superb without resorting to flashbacks or anything cheesy like that, and you learn about them instead through the many conversations they have with the other household residents. Since the film introduces the audience to so many big budget and well known actors, it makes you feel as if you think that all of them are the prime suspect in the murder, since they actually all seem so, so guilty. While it is a movie you'll have to watch more than once, no doubt, the resolution is always great, as is with the rest of the film. Gosford Park also houses some dark humor that is constant, and always feels fresh. A superb murder mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

3/4 stars


Child's Play 2 stars Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay, the 8 year old hero from the first Child's Play. In the sequel, he is put under foster care due to his mother being put through psychiatric evaluation, while Andy sees a therapist to help him out with dreams he is having about Chucky, the serial killer doll. Andy is taken in by 2 foster parents, Phil and Joanne, who both welcome him into their home with open arms. Phil and Joanne also have another foster child, a teenage girl named Kyle, who looks like she just stepped out of a 50's film. The Chucky Good Guy doll that was burned in the first one is re-created into another Good Guy doll in this film, still inhabiting the soul of Charles Lee Ray. And you guessed it, Chucky is off to kill people again to try and get the soul of Andy, and blah blah blah. It's really the same as the first, with a '2' intact in its title. The first is much, much better though. The main problems I had with Child's Play 2 is that it was too cheesy, too familiar, and just too boring. I enjoyed the first one because there was plenty of suspense to carry it, and it was actually creepy. '2' seems more comedic than the first and Chucky loves to laugh. I did enjoy Kyle in this film, and felt that she was one of the only great actors in the movie. While it isn't even close to the first, Child's Play 2 did have some okay scenes and kills that I will give it some praise for, at least.

2/4 stars

Death Race (2008) and Antichrist - Reviews

DEATH RACE (2008 )

Death Race stars Jason Statham as Jensen Ames, a man who is framed for the murder of his wife and is sent away to a federal prison called Terminal Island Penitentiary. The prison hosts a 'Death Race', where 'lucky' prisoners are able to drive their own custom created vehicles, plowing down, shooting, burning, and otherwise killing each other. The 'lucky' prisoner that is able to win 5 of these death races is able to gain their freedom and leave the prison. Donning the nickname 'Frankenstein', for certain reasons, Ames tries to gain his freedom, but has competition with 'Machine Gun' Joe (Tyrese) who is hot on Ames tail to make his way out as well. Okay, the story isn't the film's highpoint, at all. The races are. The races are what helps the film going even through it's slow pacing of a story, and brings it to it's high climatic (sort of) ending. The violence was decent, not too gratuitous, and not too brutal at times. The races were interesting, that's really about it. The characters were boring, and Ian McShane always had the 'What am I doing here?' look on his face, and Statham always had the 'If you look at me I am going to hit you' look. The characters were cheesy, the plot was cheesy, the names were even cheesy, 'Lists' for a guy that makes lists, and Machine Gun Joe for a guy that likes to shoot machine guns, and the whole rest of the film was just a cliche-fest. and Joan Allen is just weird and different as the warden. The problem that I did have with the car races was that the camera would shake so much that it looked as if the cameraman was having a seizure while filming, and I still don't get why action films these days always have to require a shaky cam for. I did enjoy the ending a little bit as it did bring some closure, but broke the fourth dimension wall with the audience, which is always interesting. Overall Death Race is mediocre, but has some nice gore and racing scenes that make up for the slow pacing and bad storyline.

2/4 stars


'Antichrist', a film that is hard to chew, hard to swallow, and hard to not think about long after viewing, at least for me in this case. It stars Willem Dafoe as 'He' and Charlotte Gainsbourg as 'She'. While He and She are making love in their home, their infant son Nick manages to climb out of his crib and walks out of an open window, falling to his death. The couple is severely grief stricken, He just mainly mopes around while She collapses at the funeral and is put into the hospital for a month. He is a therapist and tries to use some of his own therapy to coax her out of her incredibly deep depression. She replies by trying to deal with the constant pain through vast amounts of sex. He disagrees with her and decides to treat her to exposure therapy. He discovers that her greatest fear lies at their remote cabin in a small place called Eden, where She had spent time with Nick the previous summer writing a thesis on gynocide. When He and She arrive there, however, strange happenings begin to occur, and She's depression state begins to worsen and take a tragic turn for the worse. I was told about this film from a friend of mine, but I was warned at how graphic the content was. I didn't take that part of the recommendation, and I managed to finally settle in to watch this movie. I definitely should have followed that advice about the content. First off I would like to say that the opening sequence is quite beautiful and stunning, though the death of Nick is tragic, and the love making between He and She is fairly graphic, fairly. It's black and white, takes place in slow motion with bottles falling off of cabinets, etc. and the love making sort of reflects a rebirth of death of Nick. The rest of the film is presented in a very creative sort of way. It is full of tons of imagery, symbolism, art, and incredibly coherent surrealism, which was well crafted and brought some inventive pieces to the film. Now, the content, the part I don't really like to reflect back on while writing this review, but I must since it may help pull the screamish far, far away from it. Mentioned in the plotline, She is incredibly sexual oriented since the death of Nick, and those scenes that she does share with He are fairly and often graphic in both what is shown and what is implied. While most of the violence doesn't happen until the last 30 minutes, the climax, it is shown as incredibly realistic around all of the surrealism. Some parts, surprisingly, had even me cringing a few times in my seat which rarely, rarely happens. There is one bit of torture, and some self mutilation. I don't want to say where, or get into the details since it might get this review kick off of my blog, it is that graphic. With all of these warnings and details, it seems pretty obvious to not, NOT let minors view this film as it just may disturb their little mind, and they would also be too young for the content as well. The real problem I had with 'Antichrist' was that it dragged on slowly, but was helped back up in a few spots with some interesting details and scenery, though it was also incredibly confusing and I really wasn't sure what was going on or what was supposed to happen, but that is where the surrealism comes in. Overall Antichrist is one truly beautiful film, though it is incredibly graphic, the outcome is great and the more I think about the film afterwards, the more it becomes clear and better to me. If you can stomach the content and the plotline then you may just enjoy this film. It's a bit hard to recommend this film because of what is entangled inside, alas it is also difficult finding a score to give this film since my ratings and views of it change almost constantly. This movie makes you think long and hard afterwards about what was just seen, and it may just shake you up a bit like it did with me. I am still thinking about it, but here is the score I felt it should receive after my first viewing of it.

3/4 stars

Funny People - Review


Written, Produced, and Directed by Judd Apatow, 'Funny People' isn't like the typical Apatow film we have all come to terms with. He steps out of his comfort from raunchy humor (although there is plenty of it here) and steps more into a more serious tone with 'Funny People'. Adam Sandler stars as George Simmons, a very famous and successful actor and comedian. After being diagnosed with leukemia, George starts to spiral into a depression, and eventually returns to being a stand up comedian. After providing a dark routine at a club, George attracts the attention of Ira Wright (Rogen), who later ends up mocking George's act. Simmons finds Ira's jokes about him rather comedic, and later asks Ira to write jokes for him, and eventually Ira becomes George's personal assistant, sparking a friendship between the two. Along the way George becomes reconciled with his ex-girlfriend (Mann) who he had cheated on excessively, and without giving too much away, learns that life really isn't about the power and riches you have in your own life. Personally, I quite enjoyed this film. I like how Apatow flows in and out of being a sad movie, then switching to comedy, back to being sad, in a gracious pattern. It doesn't fully rely on the comedy, a good thing, and we're finally treated to a serious film by Apatow. The film does stay true to its name, and there are quite a few funny people. Sandler is still doing great, as well as Rogen, Mann is sweet, but not really funny. Jonah Hill and Jason Schwartzman are both hilarious as Rogen's roommates. The one that really stood out though was Eric Bana, since I am so used to seeing him in much more serious roles. He was funny, loving, and a mean SOB, and the confrontation in the end was hysterical. The few problems that I had were that Mann's character was a bit flawed and her character really wasn't funny at all. There were also way too many jokes about male genitalia, although I really shouldn't be complaining after seeing so many other films with raunchy comedy, it was just that they overused them way passed the halfway mark. I also found the length of the film to be pushing an extra 30-45 minutes, as a lot of scenes were unneeded. Overall 'Funny People' is a great serious approach to films for Apatow. It is both charming and hilarious, and the cast members really helped make it enjoyable until the very last scene.

3/4 stars

My Return

Wow, oh wow. I haven't been on Gamespot in nearly 3 months now. For that I apologize to my followers, or to those that I am following. This year, both with school and personal matters, has just been way too hectic for me, and I really didn't have all the spare time I could use to say hello to you guys. So don't take it personally, as I was just too buried in work and school. Anyways, I plan on starting on another list, and instead of a top 200, I will create a possible favorite 300 film list to fill in for my absence. I will also continue to write various movie reviews as well. Thanks though for your time in reading this blog, and I hope my return is welcomed with open arms.

Movie Quote Trivia - #7

Congratulations to JunglemanchiId as the winner of the last Quote, and here is the next one:







"Where are you going with my plane?!"

"We're going to Disneyland!"

Good luck!