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6000 Posts

Har Har Har

Finally got 6000 posts, and im only 61% through level 20.

I got my 5k on the 31st of March and we are now on the 3rd of May. so 1000/33 = 30, so i managed an average of 30 posts per day.

If im going to get 10000 i need 4000 more, and if i continue at 30 a day it will take me:

30*7 = 210posts per week

210*4 = 840posts per month

4000/840 = 4.76months until i reach 10k, wow thats ages.


Anyway during these 33 days ive picked up some pretty funny screenshots, check them out:

First post in a rollcall 8)

2 Years since last post

Wow its been 2 years since my last blog post, anyway

just reached 5000posts and level 20.

only took me 5 years, but im aiming for 10k within the next few months so wish me luck

new avatar

its kinda mockin tha new gamespot but yah woteva


the incredible irony of it all,

its doesnt work waaaaahahahaa

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