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Keeping it real in Forza Horizon 4

The Peel P50 is by any means the slowest car in FH4. A 0.048L engine produces 4bhp and a total of 8Nm (6lb ft) of torque. Gives it a top speed at about 42mph.

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It's possible to upgrade it to a 1.4L engine, about 300 bhp, all wheel drive, from rear wheel drive. And have it reach about 180-190 mph.

First Platinum

Got my first ever Platinum trophy today. Horizon Zero Dawn.

The main original game is all finished. However due to update and DLC, I got two trophies left. Finish the game on New Game + and Ultra Hard difficulty on New Game +.

Off to start New Game + on Ultra Hard of course.

Unity is free on uPlay

Probably only interesting if you like Assassin's Creed somewhat and haven't played it yet. I'm currently DL it.

Decided to replay Horizon Zero Dawn after a small break after finishing Far Cry 5. I got the DLC for it, that being the main reason for wanting to replay it. I also see that New Game + mode has been added through updates. Not much use for me though since somehow my current save file isn't giving me the option of new game plus. I like those NG+ modes, but I have forgotten the controls completely so I might as well start over from a regular new game anyway.

If only I could get 60fps or more on it though.

Far Cry 5 completed

Entertaining game. I liked the atmosphere a lot. Gameplay was decent. The graphics above average.

I don't remember which game I had lined up next though. Maybe Gears of War 4. Dunno. Or AC Odyssey... Or Yakuza 0. I don't remember. I'm getting a new monitor soon. 144Hz. Perhaps I should have a faster paced FPS lined up as first game to test on it. Or Skyrim.

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Recently began this game... I've only had it sitting untouched on my steam account for 2 years now :P

Damn I didn't know graphics had advanced as much as they have. Maybe I should jump straight to Shadow of the Tomb Raider after this game. Initially planned for SpiderMan after I finish RotTR.

New GPU... RTX 2080

I've been running GTX 980Ti SLI for a couple of years now. I think. Decided it was time for an upgrade.

I must say, I really wanted the RTX 2080Ti, but nVidia priced that one out of my range. Honestly the price is ridiculous. Seems like what used to be Titan, is now just their top tier. Both in performance and price point.

Anyway the RTX 2080 equals 1080Ti I think, which again matched 980Ti SLI I believe. More or less. For me it means I get quite a lot more performance in most games, except those that had nearly perfect scaling with SLI. At less than half the previous power consumption, equaling much less heat to get rid off. :D

Bats isn't scared at all

Finished the main story in Batman Arkham Knight now.

As for side missions, only got The Riddler left to capture.

Why on earth did Batman had to reveal himself in the end? Honestly the only thing I disliked about it now. But alas I guess it was the way it was going with The Joker dying in Arkham City, and Poison Ivy dying in this one. Scarecrow isn't really on the same level as The Joker imo.