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Well, I'm back.

To anybody who's still looking at this, today is my first day back on Gamespot after a VERY long absence. I'll try to get back on the job of contributing and enjoying this site, as well as GameFAQs. As I said, I've been gone a long time, so I might need help with any new features that have been added while I was gone.

Also, I lost my DSi last Thanksgiving. Feels bad man.

Post christmas roundup (very, very late)

Formerly "Tis the season to be gaming", this is a post very late in the making. Also, I'm finally back from my post-christmas hibernation.

What (gaming related) stuff I got for christmas

A DSi (awesome)

Mario Party DS (it came with the above system)

The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Kirby's Epic Yarn

Metroid: Other M

Warioware: D.I.Y

Wow. This'll probably keep me occupied for a good long while. Happy New Year everybody!

Quite possibly the best flash-based game ever!

Hello dear readers. Today I want to share with you a little flash-based online game. The name of the game is Epic Battle Fantasy 3. This game, made entirely in flash and submitted to by a user named matt-likes-swords, is a full-fledged RPG with tons of monsters, items, NPCs, and everything you would expect from the best RPGs. And best of all, it's completely free.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 allows you to explore a huge world, taking control of Matt the swordsman, Natalie the healer, and Lance the gunner as they fight their way through lush forests, icy wastelands, and the depths of outer space on their way to defeat an evil diety that shamed them, beat them up, and stole most of their abilities and equipment. As Matt, Natalie, and Lance level up and regain what is rightfully theirs, they do so with a wicked sense of humor, frequently commenting on the game, inside and outside of battle. The game has so much content, it could easily be mistaken for an RPG on Xbox LIVE Arcade.

Don't hesitate. Play this game now and find out why it is voted the best game on newgrounds.

Wooh, haven't been on in a while!

Hey, sorry that I haven't been on in a while, school and crap is taking up my life. :P

Anyway, I've been getting some pretty good games lately, I got Dragon Quest IX a few weeks ago and I got Black Ops for the Wii on Friday. Say what you will, I think the wii version is pretty kick-ass. But does anybody here know how to unlock more nazi zombie levels? I'm sick of the default one already.

On the direction video games are going.

Sad, but true. Video games are going slowly downhill.

Not the games themselves, of course, but the people that the gaming industry LISTENS to seem to be purposelytrying to put terrible design ideas into their heads, causing sequel after sequel of er... CERTAIN franchises *coughcoughcallofdutycoughcough* to just become more nonsensical, colorless crapola, and then proceed to sell over 9000 copies. Excuse me if I'm wrong, but aren't games about GAMEPLAY? You know, the part where you control stuff and make it talk to/interact with/blow up other stuff? Now, all we have are these people that go on multiplayer modern warfare 2 or halo 3 and tick me off with their whines about "Oh, this game is OK, but it really needs less color and more backstory, more cutscenes, and then the whole thing should be scrapped entirely and replaced with half-life 3: the return of freeman" I could just ignore them and blast the living daylights out of their noob @$$E$, but they tend to hate on anybody that doesn't share their nazi-ish view of how games should be. YOU IDIOTS, IF YOU WANT TO HAVE A GOOD STORY, READ A BLOODY BOOK! AND IF YOU JUST WANT TO SIT THROUGH AN INTERACTIVE MOVIE THAT COSTS $60 A POP, (not pointing fingers, but... SINGLE PLAYER CALL OF DUTY!) WHY NOT JUST RENT ONE FROM REDBOX FOR $1 A NIGHT? OR, BETTER YET, MAKE A FU#$@#* NETFLIX ACCOUNT! *deep breathing*

OK, I'm almost done. The next thing that gets me steamed are the idiots that think they can beat me in The Conduit, or other such game if they play as much as I do. (Which isn't that much to begin with, but whatever.) There is a thing called "Talent" in gaming. Look it up, Noobert. Your parents and teachers had their fingers crossed behind their backs when they told you that you can do anything you want if you just try. I wanted to become an NFL player. I'm as thin as a twig, and not exactly interested in showering with other dudes whose are probably as pumped up with steroids as the rest of their bodies. So now, I'm a basement dwelling gamer with nothing better to do than play assassin's creed with a pen sticking out from under my shirt sleeve to make it feel like I'm Alehandro.

Also, the real problem I have with these guys is that they are the only ones the industry listens to when they make sequels, causing so many bad$&it Call of Duty sequels to be blasted out Activision's inner depths that it's almost impossible to find one that's halfway decent. You would think the industry would listen to what actual GAMERS want, not what idiotic little nerds that sing in the soprano section of their church choir, and who thinks they are "hardcore gamers" because they can beat a game who's difficulty would allow a fourth grader to complete easily (gears of war, I'm looking at you.) with only 4 cheat codes.

Final Note: The people that review games they've never played. Heck, maybe they never even saw one trailer for it in their entire lives. I'm as guilty of it as anyone, rating E.T. as low as it could go only based off of other people's reviews. But really, enough about me. Let's talk about you. Yes you, James. I hear you rated Half-Life pretty high. So let's check your 5-paragraph long review about it. Looks nice, but also familiar.... AHA! If we google up the Half-Life fan club's database, morganfreeman6666666OMGUBERGAME

has the exact same review. You should be ashamed, Jim. Did you even play the game? OK, let's see it. Ohh... you RENTED it, and brought it back to Gamespot a long time ago? Well that's OK. Just tell me a little what the story's about, and I'll belive you've played enough that you can fairly review it. Oh, you had never played it in the first place? Then why did you review it? Oh I see, by rating a 3 hour long gaming experience higher than almost everything imaginable, and then repeating in your copypasta review that it is the best game you ever played past present and future, you got three more people to follow you! Isn't that nice?

You get the general idea. In short, the industry needs to learn to listen to the actual gamers, the "movers and shakers", if you will, of the success of video games. Do you need backstory to play Pac-Man? Dig Dug? THE BEST GAME OF THE 1900s, SUPER MARIO BROS.?!?!?!


Top 5 items and powerups

Ah, items. Where would video gaming be without them? Items are as important to video games as coffee runs are to office drones. Items give you that little boost you need to get past that one stupid damn enemy, plus it renews your faith that the game is possible to complete. These following 5 items are the best of the best, the cream of the crop, the wheat of the.... ok, you get the idea. The best items.

Item # 5: Power Pellet

Game of interest: PAC-Man series

Ah, PAC-Man. An arcade game kept alive by "retro game collections" and cell phone time wasters. Don't you remember how good it felt when you finally ate all the PAC-Dots and cleared level 1? Or finally ate a piece of that disappearing fruit, just to discover that the points you earn for eating it are hardly worth the trouble?

Good times, indeed. However, PAC-Man is also a very hard game to play. Why? Those annoying ghosts, that's why! While struggling to eat all the PAC-Dots and (in some versions) juggling a time limit as well, you constantly have to watch your back or get killed by an enemy with surprisingly good AI for the year the game came out in. But not when you eat a Power Pellet! This miracle drug increases PAC-Man's power, allowing him to EAT the ghosts that were giving him so much trouble. Mmm... ectoplasmy! The most satisfying thing about power pellets, though, is watching the ghosts flee for their lives from little PAC-Man. LOL!

Yes, run! RUN! Run and hide like the cowardly ghost you are!

Fun fact: PAC-Man was originally to be called "Puck-Man", but the people at Namco were afraid vandals would change the first letter into "F", making a word that I just can't say here.

Item #4: Rare candy

Game of interest: Pokemon series

I love Pokemon. Everyone, at one point or another, has been intrigued by the "Catch, raise, and battle monsters" premise of the series everyone originally wrote off as a "passing fad". One item at the top of every player's shopping list (or not, as this item is so rare it cannot be bought in any store. It must be found in out-of-the-way locations.) is Rare Candy. This amazing little treat sugar-shocks raises a Pokemon up 1 level when you feed it one. Rare Candy makes it easy to beat tough gym battles or just earn bragging rights with your friends. Just don't spoil your appetite!

Fun fact: In the card game version of Pokemon, Rare Candy makes a pokemon evolve.

Item #3: Stars

Game of interest: Punch-Out!! series

Punch-Out!! is not a boxing game. Despite what your first glance at the game or box art tells you, it is a puzzle game more than anything else. Trust me, play the game and you'll understand. However, when you punch an oppenent at a certain time (while they taunt you, or right before they attack), you'll earn a star. That's where things get a bit pugilistic. By pressing a certain button, you can unleash a Star Punch, a blazingly powerful uppercut that takes off a huge chunk of your opponent's health. Think of it as payback for the time you were THAT CLOSE to beating Mr. Dream, and then he did that special attack, and oh.. it's just too painful to think about. You can hoard up to three stars, and the number that you have stocked when you finally Star Punch increases the power of the punch. It's even more awesome than it sounds.

Fun fact: Not all of the entries here will have a fun fact.

Item #2: Smash Ball

Game of interest: Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Items are awesome in Super Smash bros. Brawl. They're so awesome, tournaments won't let you use them. The most awesome of them all is the Smash Ball. This multicolored orb, engraved with the super smash bros.symbol, unlocks each character's strongest ability (or in the case of Peach... ugh..). Unlike other items, the Smash Ball can't be obtained by simply touching it. You need to break it to gain the power. This causes some laugh out loud moments where a buddy softens it up, but then accidentally knocks it too far away to continue bashing on it, allowing you to swoop in and deal the final blow. Your enemy swears softly, and closes his eyes so he won't have to see the carnage onscreen pounding their fighter. You feel a little guilty, but all's fair in love and war!

Gimme Gimme.

Item #1: Starman

Game of interest: Mario Series

You smart gamers probably saw this one coming a mile away. Good for you, have a cookie.

For those poor souls who have no idea what a Starman is, read on.

Mario. The mascot of Nintendo, and the definitive symbol of gaming everywhere. He's almost 30 years old as of this time of writing, and he hasn't lost his touch yet. One thing that's kept him going are the Starmen. Sometimes known as "Rainbow Stars", Starmen make mario temporarily invincible. You can run straight through spinies, koopas, and everything else with absolutely NO CONSEQUENCES! Plus, you can do it all while listening to that great "invincible" background music. Love is Starman.

Behold, my children, the holy grail of gaming

Fun fact: Like most Mario items, Starmen have eyes that stare right into your soul.

Well, that's all for now guys, see you next time!