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I don't have a Next Gen yet I'm thinking about getting one a year later because,

Notice the Playstation 40 GB upgrade to the 80 GB and so on. So maybe there will be some more cooler Playstation 4's .

But what I'm looking forward to is Metal Gear for one going on the 25 anniversary and FFX 15.... It's hard to found games with those type of long history of development and deep story line.

So yeah those would be the ones I would be on the look out for.

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I'm trying to raise my Level on GameSpot but I don't know how points are giving. I have review a game as well as comment and made a thread. Is GameSpot still doing GameFuse Where you upload your trophies to up your score? I have seen people go from level 20 to level 42 since the upgrade but how?

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I think I heard about this and also in i think the NSA was not allowed to come to a hacker convention or was it was a gamers convention?

I think I need to get into some more of this topics discussion, good stuff .