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if you are true hardcore madden fan you know that madden on all-madden is almost impossbile to beath even if you have great d it my be the d that wins the game. some of the mini caps are just unneed in real game play.

some the plus it the formation of choice of plays to pick from but that all from the great thing from madden.

usually when you think of madden you think of perfect ten but come ea lets face fact when need better gamer not a ai that control gamer rather then the player and this is coming straight from the street.

Computer Games VS PS3

Some or all the computer games or lack the ability to just function right.

How can you play any of the game swith most of the time the controller output is joke this is a serious probably with pc games.

On the other hand you console game very reliable and up to speed.

I have to say not all games are mint for the pc.

One The Best Gamer in History

Just test my skill my protofiol speak for it self.

Im be playing since 2 1/2 to 22 it hard believe .

I might not be the youngest pro because i didnt get discover but the experience is there.

Im a college student and i play metal gear to ninja gaiden to final fanastay to halo to mario to mortal kombat back to madden... And it all been a Honor I call it rest and legendary never knew about "speak easY"....