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My NFL Playoff Wildcard predictions.

I am happy and sad that the playoffs are here, sad because it means football is almost over and happy because this is the most exciting part.

Now the first game of the wildcard round is the Bengals vs the Texans, now i am picking the Bengals here, the main reason being is that the Texans are beat to hell right now. There D is missing Mario Williams and no one is really 100% at this point, also Andre Johnson may or may not play and even if he does he will not be going full speed with that lingering hamestring injury, 24-14 Bengals.

The second game is the Lions vs the Saints, obviously i gotta take the Saints here Drew Brees is hot and most of the Superbowl Saints are still there so they have experience on there side. Also the Lions are a very young and emotional team and will not stand up to the pressure in the Super Dome. 41- 31 Saints

Third is the Falcons at the Giants, now right now i am scarred of the Giants they are looking like the 08 Giants they just got hot and are going into the playoffs with a full head of steam. With Eli Manning playing like a boss and with that D i see some rough waters ahead for the Falcons. 35-14 Giants

And the last Wildcard game will most likely be not much of a game with the Steelers heading to Denver to take on Tebow and the Broncos. The only way this does not turn into a blowout is if Denvers D shows up and Tebow plays like he did when they were on that 6 game winning streak. Now saying all that happens the Steelers will still win 20-10

Desirable Weapons Setups in BF3

So for you BF3 gamers like myself its always nice to learn new weapons setups for your killing pleasure. So here are some weapons tips and setups for you to try out. First we will start with the SKS pretty much useless has a sniper rifle so just take the sniper part out of it, slap a 4x scope or the 3.4 and your in buisness, to help with some close encounters put the grip on it aswell has a silencer it may take a extra bullet to kill someone, but it reduces recoil and best of all you won't show up on the enemys map, which you really don't want 3-5 guys on you at once especially with this setup. Almost forgot with the SKS DO NOT move around why you shoot stay put otherwise your bullets will practaclly spin around and shoot you in the head.

And what should always be your best friend with any setup the G18 suppressed, this bad boy packs a hell of a punch at close range so don't be afraid to whip it out and embarrass some people with your pistol why the come at you with a LMG. Speaking of LMG's the M249 Saw is a fantastic gun, if you have the right setup. To make this gun your favorite LMG all you gotta do is put a holo sight on it along with a grip, and the extended mag, fire in bursts like your playing BFBC2 and it is a force to be reckon with.

Thats all the weapon setups i have for you guys and girls right now but i will give you a few movment tips before i go. The best rule of thumb i can offer is flank flank flank, stick to the edges make sure you kill anyone before taking a objective. Never ever go around a corner without your gun up i have killed so many people because they run around a corner with there gun down this is a good rule for any shooter game not just BF3. And finally if you keep coming up short on your close encounters all you gotta do is one thing gurranted to help you win more of those, are your ready don't be scared it is a very complex thing to do, ready? Ok here it is.........crouch, yup thats it just crouch if they are just an avearage player more that half of there bullets will go right above your head i do this all the time and will get away with 100% of my health. And if your wondering why does this guy quailfy to give me advice well my k/d on PC is 2.9 and on the 360 its 3.2, my w/l is over 1.80.

Well thats it i will post another tips and tricks blog for BF3 until then go kill some mofos.


Assassins Creed Revelations Trailer

Again made by me this time with " Assassins Creed Revelations " with " Three Days Grace " and there song " Your Goin Down " link is to my channel so go ahead and check out my other videos if you want and above all else enjoy!



Yet another EPIC youtube video

Yes another, this one is a Star Wars the Old Republic one, with some Disturbed and there song Industructible. Like the last this one took me 2 almost 3 hours to make and i enjoyed every second of it and i hope you enjoy watching it! Again if you have a youtube account drop a comment letting me know you were there, enjoy!



Another Youtube Video

This one is freaking EPIC though its a BF3 " trailer " with Five Finger Death Punch, the song is War Is The Answer. Let me know what ya think, drop a comment if you have a youtube account and enjoy!



Youtube Video

Just something i whipped up in about 10 minutes thought it would be good for a few " lols " if you have a youtube account drop a comment letting me know you were there, enjoy!



What we want for Red Dead Redemption 2

What we want from Red Dead Redemption 2, i know that is probably not what its going to be called but thats what im calling it for now. And no you did not miss anything they have not announced it but when they do here are a few things i think we all want from it.

This first one is a not what we want more like what we don't want ok ready, NO JACK MARSTON for the love of God do not make Jack the main character honestly does anyone like him?

An economy, kinda like Assassins Creed Brotherhood you buy shops and earn income from them, also when you buy shops in a town that town gets fixed up a bit and is not all trashy anymore.

A reason to get money, this is also a problem in the GTA series there is no reason to get money, buying shops would help but like getting better gear and ammo even upgrading weapons you know something to work towards rather than just the next cutscene.

Factions, in which you can befriend or make them your enemys such has you can be friends with the lawmen and you can do missions against the thieves and vice versa, with each having there own benefits and downfalls.

Now this has also been a problem in the GTA series, in multiplayer it seems like you can never get in a match where someone is not hacking, please get some better security even do dedicated servers we know it can be done because
Battlefield 3 is doing it for consoles. Now for those of you wondering how dedicated servers would help with hackers its
more than dedicated servers its needing a server list so you can pick your server if you have played almost any multiplayer game on PC you know what im talking about, it helps because you can put security systems in the servers
plus admins that see if someone is hacking and they can kick you. ( so happy BF3 is doing this mainly because it will
show other devs that it can be done )

Well thats mainly it there really is not a whole lot you can improve on a game that was GOTY on most major gaming websites, thats all for
today good gaming everyone!


What we want from Assassins Creed Revalations

First off i don't know what happend to all my blog posts since like 10 of them are gone just in case you were wondering.

So these are things i think that most of us want from Assassins Creed Revalations first

More purpose for recruting assassins rather than just calling on them to do your dirty work they should have quests of there own such has they may come to you to ask for your help in an assassination or random events where your low level assassinsare getting beat up by guards.

The abliltity to see your assassin guild without having to find a piggion coop, such has being able to see them from a tab in the start menu.

Different shops sell differnet things not all the exact same.

A quest journal so you can see all active quests and set it rather than having to find them on the busy map.

Being able to take off limbs off, when your in a fight and you slice a guys arm it should come off it would make for more of those o s*** momments.

Looooonger not just a 15 hour game how about a 25+ game but with about only a year in dev i highly doubt that it will be

More multiplayer modes which this one is actually going to happen for sure since they already addresed this and told us of some new modes

So let me know what you want from Assassins Creed Revalations, later guys and gals.