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Hello everyone, I'm currently recruiting for a realistic roleplay community called E.R.O.L.E ( Emergency Responders Of Law Enforcement). We're a community that takes great pride in our members and roleplay as we enjoy to do so as realistically as possible. Currently we have alot to offer as far as Departments and Sub Divisions So you won't be disappointed. A little about the Community, we use teamspeak for all activity's within the clan from general communication and chat to the realistic Patrols. We are very active when it comes to patrols we have atleast 2 serious patrols a day and semi-non serious patrols also, Each department has their own SOP's and Guidelines in which the members of that department must adhere to. Currently we Offer our own Vehicle and Ped packs to use while patrolling. We have Multiple Departments Under the EROLE Umbrella First would be the LCPD (Liberty City police Department) You can be a regular police officer or join one of the many Sub Divisions they have to offer such as Investigations, Canine Unit and SRU (Special Response Unit). Then we have the LSP (Liberty State Police) Which you may become a state trooper or Join a sub Division Such as:

LSP Multidisciplinary Accident Investigation Team (M.A.I.T)- The objective of the MAIT Program is to provide LSP with the means to conduct in-depth investigations and analyses of major traffic collisions throughout the state. Investigations include the reconstruction of an incident and a study of the factors that may have contributed to the incident. The factors include environmental, human and mechanical and are associated with the three phases of a collision which are pre-collision, at-collision and post-collision. The ultimate objective of the program is the utilization of these identified causation factors to prevent collisions of a similar nature from recurring.

LSP Air Operations Division-The Liberty State Police Air Operations Division takes pride in high quality airman-ship and highly skilled pilotry. The Liberty State Police (AOD) is made up of the best and most high performance pilots within the Liberty State Police. The Air Operations Division strives to be the most policed division within the LSP. Air Support helps every division of the LSP,LCPD,LSD like dropping S.W.A.T on to buildings, Helping Units with High speed pursuits, helping investigations track down suspects, and so much more.

LSP Auto Theft Task Force (A.T.T.F)- Was established to provide statewide expertise in the investigation of property crimes involving stolen vehicles, related components and insurance fraud. The task force is run by the LSP that participate in a concerted effort to identify, apprehend, and prosecute individuals and criminal organizations that profit from the theft of motor vehicles and related crimes. The ATTF also provides subject matter expertise, training and investigative support to law enforcement agencies targeting vehicle theft and related crimes.

Liberty State Police Gang Task Force (G.T.F) - The Liberty State Gang Task Force is the most stealth division within the State Police they focus on gang activity within the state of liberty Also they are paired with The Liberty State Police K-9 Unit K-9 is a professional and highly trained unit within the State Police that focuses on Drug Interdiction and the prevention of drug trafficking. Although the K-9 unit focuses on Narcotics they are highly trained in special tactics like Suspect take down, Searching, and Property Recovery.

Liberty State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement- The Commercial Vehicle Enforcement focuses on 18 wheeler enforcement therefore stopping trucks and making sure they are hauling what they are supposed to be hauling, making sure that truckers logs are in order and all equipment is in order. CVE will conduct Truck Certification Checkpoints Occasionally.

The Community also Offers a Sheriffs Department and The Fire department for liberty city, All in all its a great place to meet new people, have a great time and enjoy yourself online in the game that we all love. Feel free to check out the website at the following link: http://erolegamingcommunity.enjin.com/home Generally Applications are looked over within 24 hours so if you decide to join it wont take you long before you're in on the action.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we in the Emergency Responders Of Law Enforcement Community Wish you the best of luck in your Searches for a Great Roleplay Community Ether it be with us or not.