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@Hekteur said:

@holifeet: probably because the dev himself said countless of time the game WAS inspired by the fundations of Sim City. And also probably because both games share many similarities (UI, sounds, etc...).

/captain obvious mode = off.

I believe they actually said they were already discussing a city game, or they had even started making it, when SimCity came out.

I don't know where it was, but I definitely recall a video where they said they asked themselves if it was even possible to do a city builder once they realised EA were doing one.

I just think it's disrepectful to mention Sim City everytime they do an article on Skylines. That's all.

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Why do Gamespot insist on calling Skylines a SimCity-like or SimCity-inspired? They're city builders, of course they're similar, but this fondness for wording it like this makes it seem like they think SimCity was copied.

We should be speaking of Skylines in it's own right as a quality city building game...not a follow on from one of gamings biggest let downs.

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@kyphe said:

@Reichmaster01: To anyone having issues! When a page goes blank, click on add block, open blockable items, at the top in red text you will see an item called skin add, it's the new big full page add they are using, click the X on that line to stop blocking that add only. Refresh page, Fixed!


I notice adblock and gamespot are working better together this morning; I've only had to do what you suggested once so far. I have decided, though, that I'd like to make an effort to turn adblock off and support gamespot. I'd just like assurances that I can trust the ads on gamespot and that I won't be bombarded with the likes of the Dark Souls ad I witnessed.

We'll see. I'd rather have some sort of subscription that allows me to turn ads off.

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@edgework said:

@holifeet: It looks like you're in Europe and our ad networks in Europe have lost their minds. We're having lots of problems there and are doing all we can to fix this. Sorry. I'll forward this to the ad team.

@edgework: Ahh, ok. Thanks for that.

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@edgework said:

@holifeet: Which full page ad are you referring to? Can you send me a screenshot?

I posted details earlier today (28/06) in the ad problems thread - it's stickied at the top of the bugs sub forum - here

I think yourself or another staff member referred to them as skins in another thread.

But, here's another screenshot showing just how many times the video is shown on one page. Imagine if you're watching an article video too.

The article is at the top of today's news so you can test it for yourself. It's just too much. I'm sure you can agree that's overboard. It's that or the page just goes blank when adblock blocks all of it. I guess because the ad is the page, if it's a skin.

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My region is England, UK.

Fullscreen ads for Dark Souls. I've been reading the forums on this issue, because I've expereinced problems using the site with adblock plus. I know you're going to say 'don't use adblock because we need the revenue from ads', but, believe me, I'd happily turn off adblock on gamespot if I wasn't met by such intrusive ads as the fullscreen dark souls one.

In my reading around I saw a post from a gamespot staff member or moderator, I can't recall whom, that said these are not ads but skins. Whatever they are, remove them and I'll turn off adblock on gamespot. I can stomach the small ads I see around the screen; they';re not intrusive and I can ignore them. I can't ignore a brightly coloured, full-paged 'skin' that plays a video. This is most notably so when I'm watching a video on Gamespot.

It's ridiculous and you'll lose an awful lot more users than you gain with practices like this.

Here's a screenshot of the add/skin. Bear in mind the video panel you see next to the dark souls 3 banner is not even the only video. There's another smaller video panel right below it.

With this in place I can not stomach to use gamespot without adblock, therefore I won't. I've disabled adblock on pcgamer without problems, so I'll use that site until this one improves. I thought your E3 coverage was really good (I wasn't having problems then) and I'd like to support the site, but this is intrusive in the worst possible way.

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@verbtex: It's one thing when ads are small and non-invasive. It's another thing entirely when they take up the whole page, run videos and glare at you like and angry clown out to steal your children.

I'd happily fund the good work Gamespot do, but not to be blinded with ads like I witnessed. Let's have an option.

It's the full page ads that are causing problems...though both the user running adblock and gamespot are going to see problems differently. This is not to mention that when you're watching a video in the regular window it's beyond annoying to have a video advertising Dark Souls running just below it.

Put ads down the side of the page, put links to ads before each page I want to view. Just get rid of those horrendous full page ads with videos. They cause a detriment to the site.

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I hadn't really encountered this problem before today, and I've run adblock for as long as I can recall. But...

I was trying to view the gamespot 50 for PC and the page just goes grey after a short time. The same is true for articles and game pages, but the front page remains untouched.

I still have ads on my front page that adblock doesn't remove. These are google ads tailored to me. Whether they do actually counbt as ads, I don't know. It's links to stories around the web.

I've been doing some fiddling around and I turned adblock off at gamespot only to find that they run full page ads with videos included. It makes the page horrendous to load and I'm not willing to turn adblock off if that's the case. I'd rather pay a subscription to use gamespot ad-free.

I use ghostery too, but I've had gamespot whitelisted becuase it was messing with the loading of videos. I just turned the whitelist off and, hey presto, the site works just fine. Ads are blocked (well except for the google ads...but they're not so invasive). I'm mostly blocking advertising with ghostery, but if videos fail to load I'll have to tinker.

I've not used Gamespot as much lately, anyway. I don't like the changes to the comments. I think voting up posts is a nice touch, and that apepars to be gone.

I understand ads are needed to gain revenue with which to improve gamespot, but the full page ads are seriously aggressive and detrimental to site stability. There needs to be options. I'd pay a subscription if I knew it would help gamespot to improve. I'd like to see less intensive focus on consoles and North America first though. The PC section is just horrendous and every single sale article for Americans. Hello Europe!

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Ok, so the journalists don't like it so much...or at least that's the impression I'm getting. But how about discussing it for its merits rather than what you thought the game was going to be?

To be fair though, they're not the only ones. I liked Hello Games standpoint for No Man's Sky. They basically said 'we're making a game, but judge it when it's done'. The internet needs to realise that a game that's not finished might change, and stop bitching about it.

I think this game looks great, and I'm looking forward to it more now than I was before. It just seems to have something more than the run-of-the-mill shooters that are so abundant.

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I'm certainly looking forward to November...just gonna need more hours in the day!