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Thank you Super Joe!

After 20 seasons in the NHL, Avs captain Joe Sakic has decided to retire. Not only did he display an amazing amount of talent, perseverance and leadership, but he was one of the classiest players to ever play the game. I can still remember when we won the Stanley Cup back in 2001 and the first thing he did was hand the cup off to Ray Bourque. One thing I admired about his play was he never needed to do anything fancy or flashy; he would rely on a good eye, fast wrist shot, and great positioning, ultimately ending up with 625 goals, 1,016 assists, and 1,641 points. With the retirement of Joe Sakic, the Avs are left without a true captain, something we've relied upon in all his years here as well as in Quebec. Thank you Super Joe, it has been a real honor to watch you play.

Violent Video Games lead to Increased Aggression

Basically for my writing and rhetoric class we have to do a research paper; the topic I chose was violent video games in relation to increased aggression. My focusing question surrounding the paper is, Do violent video games lead to increased aggression? I found that there are arguments for and against it. It would be great to here some feedback from some users; your point of view, anything you feel on the subject. I won't put you in my paper without your permission.

Folie a Deux

ATTENTION: If you don't like FOB, please don't bother posting in this blog, I don't expected everyone to enjoy them, but don't bash them here.

I picked up Fall Out Boy's new album Folie à Deux yesterday at Target. The album is totally awesome, I already like it better than Infinity On High, which was a disappointment to me. Honestly it feels like FOB went back to its From Under The Cork Tree roots. I have only listened to it once, but I can already say, I don't hate any songs on the album, it all just sounds amazing. This cd will be on repeat for the next couple of weeks, well this and some punk goes christmas songs. Anyway, I recommend this album to anyone, especially FOB fans, you won't be disappointed.

The Killers-Day and Age

I purchased Day and Age today at Target, I heard there was a 3.99$ sale on Amazon but I would much rather have the cd itself. Anyway I have given it a few listens through, honestly I have semi-mixed reactions, there are two songs that jump out to me, and they are their 2 singles Human and Spaceman, both of which have very catchy lyrics. It is definately an album that is going to have to grow on me, which I don't mind; believe it or not I didn't like Sam's Town the first few listens through, but eventually I just liked it more and more, now it's one of my favorite albums. Can I recommend it? For now, I would say to fans of The Killers, it is worth a purchase. Anyone looking to get into them, I would start with one of the first 2 albums, then slowly ease your way to this one. I would like to say I am not at all disappointed, but I have to listen to it a lot more, before I can give an honest opinion.

5-2 Win, Go Avs!

Tonight was freakin awesome! Went to the Avs game with one of my friends, who is also a die-hard Avs fan. We had row 15 seats behind Raycroft! My favorite player besides THE CAPTAIN(Had an Amazing night as well), Svatos got a goal today. I got a new Avs beanie which is totally sick. We have tixs to the Sens game sometime in January, more row 15 seats, although we may end up getting some cheaper tixs soon. Avs offense looked great, there D as well, not so sure about Raycroft. In fact we definately need to do something about the goalie situation, whether it be bringing someone with a future up from the AHL or trading for one.

Anyway GO AVS and not to mention the Broncos on Monday!

Paper Trail, T.I.

I have been so freakin excited to get this album for months, ever since i first saw the music video of "No Matter What" on my friends tv back in July. It has so far lived up to my expectations. There is a mix of these up-beat/dance songs and a combination of meaningful raps, talking about his prison sentence, regrets, corruption in rap, staying on top, perseverance, and other heart-felt messages. Honestly there is not one "crap" song on this album other than "Swing Ya Rag" which i can't stand at all. My favorite songs would be, "No Matter What," "What Up, What's Haapnin'," "Whatever You Like," "Live Your Life," and "Ready For Whatever." I have this album on loop and will in-evitably end up being addicted to just about every song.

Just to give some incite about my music taste, my itunes library consists of about 75% alt/rock/punk, followed by like 20% rap/hip-hop, and about 5% other. Rap is my new genre, my library is constantly growing, honestly I really like rap/hip-hop. Thus to conclude this blog entry, i would recommend this album to anybody, whether you're a fan of metal, alt, rock, whatever.