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Ultra Gaming Computer - The Home Version

CPU: Dual P4 - 4GHz
RAM: 2GB DDR (Add more as needed!)
HGA: GeForce 5700
Cooling: Water & Fan Cooling (Fan cooling with LEDs since they look awsome.)
Power: The more juice the better on this puppy.
Casing: Custom modded case made from two cases.
Storage: 4 DriveZillas (Equal to just over 1TB of storage space or 1,000GB.)
Input/Output Drives: 2 Sony VIAO DVD/CD Burners (For archival purposes without havign to use disc space.)
Internet: WiFi
Controls: Wireless optical mouse and keyboard. (Add game controller for convienience. As well as 4 frontside USB2 ports for even more!)

Total Cost: Astonomical, but fun to build until you explode or electricute yourself...
Can play: PS2, XBox, GameCube, XBox 2, and PC games all flawlessly as the emulators become avaliable.