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Racist Rebellion & Music

Earlier yesterday I was on the GTA: San Andreas board and I came upon this really hypocritical racist topic and I was already upset about something and REALLY let loose on the guy. Just wondering... Has this ever happened to you? What did you do with the situation? My journal is open for comments by everybody so feel free to drop one on me.

Without music, you can't make a game right? Something a lot of people on here don't know about me is that I also play guitar and mix music like an expert. I even have a DriveZilla (300GB) dedicated to my music. My music is basically for my own enjoyment and release I also plan on putting my own stuff into my earlier game creations. (Incase you're wondering my PC cost a little over $1,000, but I have 1.2TB of storage space on this puppy.)

(Living) Guitar Heros:
- Dave Navarro
- Slash
- Zakk Wylde

EDIT: I meant to say this before, but I forgot to put it in. If you're an anime fan check out Samurai Champloo... It's GREAT and just knocked DB(Z/GT) off my top list.